Redfall Grave Lock Locations in Order of Difficulty

Redfall Grave Lock Locations in Order of Difficulty: Enter the captivating world of Redfall, an exciting open-world vampire shooting game in which players must save the island from eternal darkness. Within this mysterious setting, Grave Locks await, providing a novel system that adds complexity to the gameplay experience. These mysterious and intriguing relics are not just riches but also portals to hidden wealth and mystery.

Redfall Grave Lock Locations in Order of Difficulty

Grave Locks are scattered throughout the broad landscapes of Redfall Commons and Burial Point, beckoning players to explore perilous settings and overcome unique obstacles. Burial Point alone has 54 grave locks that are artfully hidden amid structures, caverns, sculptures, and buildings, guaranteeing intriguing discoveries at every turn. Unlocking these cryptic locks reveals a treasure trove of hidden riches, precious resources, and significant insights about the island’s intriguing past.

This article will go through the Redfall Grave Lock Locations in Order of Difficulty on both Redfall maps. So grab a drink and relax yourself for an epic trek through Redfall’s tough and intriguing Grave Locks. Prepare for an exciting adventure! 

Redfall Grave Lock Locations in Order of Difficulty: Redfall Commons

As players delve into the immersive world of Redfall, they will encounter a compelling challenge: discovering the 43 grave locks scattered throughout Redfall’s Redfall Commons. While it’s not obligatory to collect them all, there is an enticing incentive in the form of the Faith Healer achievement, which rewards those who find every grave lock in the game. To aid players in this endeavor, we present a comprehensive guide detailing the precise locations of each grave lock within Redfall’s Redfall Commons.

Basswood Grave Lock Locations

  • Atop the cargo containers, beneath the crane.
  • On a massive ship’s deck, accessible by ascending the deck of a blue cargo container projecting from the waves.
  • Inside the Shipyard Office’s adjacent warehouse, inside the hanging blue cargo container.
  • Under the deck, in a cooler with a grill and pink flamingos.
  • Inside a caravan, on the ground beside the television.
  • Under the wooden dock.
  • Inside a box atop a storage shelf on the first floor of a building.
  • The Dead Catch Records Studio Key may be found on the ground, adjacent to the kitchen.
  • Drop through the floor to find the Grave Lock on a storage shelf within the Oil Change station.
  • On a little rocky outcrop.
  • Behind a building, near a grill, on a picnic table.
  • Inside a chest with a white face painted on it on the second floor of a building.

Locations of Heritage Rock Grave Locks

Redfall Grave Lock Locations in Order of Difficulty
  • A white boat slammed into the waves at the bow.
  • The Iron & Metal Co. building’s roof.
  • West of the Heritage Rock Safehouse, on the roof of a structure.
  • Look down from a bluff above the viewfinder to discover the Grave Lock on a ledge below.
  • Fall east of the lighthouse to reach the cave entrance and continue the way to the Grave Lock on a chest.
  • At the top of the lighthouse, on the path.
  • Scale the rocky outcropping to reach the Grave Lock at the summit.
  • Inside the bottom of a ship, next to massive spools of cable.

Locations of Grave Locks in Old Town

  • On a tray in a green building’s kitchen.
  • In a chair near a white boat’s steering wheel.
  • On the lower level of the Custom House Museum, inside a file cabinet in an office.
  • Under the ductwork on the roof of the Overton Theatre, accessible by ascending the external steps.
  • In the Overton Theater’s basement, near the projector lamps.
  • On a shelf in Dr. Hunt’s garage, only accessible during the A Grave Situation: Reward main narrative objective.
  • On the second storey of a blue home, next to an easel, reachable by jumping across adjacent balconies.

Grave Lock Locations in Sedgewick

Redfall Grave Lock Locations in Order of Difficulty
  • In the driver’s seat of a yellow garage automobile.
  • The Aevum Clinic’s roof, reached by climbing the external ladder.
  • During the Giving You Tomorrow main narrative mission, in the basement of the Aevum Clinic, accessible through the lift near the Incinerator Room.
  • During the Triangulation Safehouse Mission, look for a green lamp on the rooftops; the Grave Lock is close to a body near that lantern.
  • On the second story of a blue home, on the pool table.
  • Inside the church, on top of the organ.
  • In the cemetery, inside a crypt.
  • On a bookcase in the second-floor corridor near Amelia’s chamber in Redfall.
  • In the attic of the home.

Locations of Grave Locks in Shadtree Heights

  • On a picnic table near the Island Crash Site.
  • Drop through the earth beneath the shattered bridge to land on a ledge equipped with the Grave Lock.
  • The area beneath the dock.
  • On a ledge along the Supper Club’s roof.
  • East of the Crash Site, on a rock formation.
  • To get to the Grave Lock, take the narrow cliffside route.
  • Knott Cottage’s attic, reached by leaping through a hole in the ceiling.

By following this thorough direction, you will be able to discover the mysteries buried beneath Redfall Commons and uncover all of the Grave Locks spread across the region.

Journey Through Burial Point’s Grave Locks

Burial Point is a sprawling map in Redfall that expands beyond the initial town of Redfall Commons. To access Burial Point, players must traverse a rift in reality known as a Vampire Nest, located within the treacherous Whispering Woods. 

This eerie and dangerous forest serves as the gateway to the expansive Burial Point map, where a wealth of challenges and hidden treasures await. There are 54 grave locks to discover in Burial Point alone, each hiding behind unique challenges and obstacles. With the hints to finding them written below for each grave lock in Burial Point:

Locations of Direcliff Grave Locks:

  • The inside of a partially submerged construction with an aqua exterior.
  • On the white boat’s stern, near the yellow railing.
  • Katherine’s Room Key can be found within a cave.
  • Accessible through an open window on the second floor of a blue home.
  • On top of a white camper.
  • On the roof of a metal structure.
  • Inside the Ranger Station’s basement.
  • Inside a whale, accessed by a hole on its side.
  • In the kitchen, in a metal fridge.
  • On a wooden platform atop a rock formation on the Baldewell Camp’s south side.
  • Below the Bladewell Camp sign on the ground.
  • On a ledge beneath a raised wooden platform in the main chamber of a cave south of Grave Lock #9.

Brighton Bay Grave Locks Locations

  • Following the wooden walkway towards the wave, on a ledge to the right, on top of a barrel.
  • On a table in the attic of a gray-colored home.
  • Within a dog bed on the second floor of the Keeper’s House’s bedroom.
  • At the Marina, beside a bloodied boat.
  • Climb the ladder and drop ahead from the red arch to reach a red wood platform on the left side.
  • Near the steering wheel of a boat.

Locations of Founder’s Knoll Grave Locks

  • With a lamp on a wooden platform towards the top of a big statue.
  • Located just north of the Founder’s Knoll Safehouse, within a tunnel.
  • Accessible through a door in Hester’s Room.
  • Ward’s General Store, second level, accessible by an open window.
  • In Dr. Alice Young’s office, on top of a safe.
  • In the Pharmacy Basement, in a file cabinet accessible during the “What Happened to Ms. Wayland?” side objective.
  • The Smith Orchard House’s basement.
  • A cooler on a table within a little building.

Chickering Grave Locks Location

  • On a seat in the sanctuary of Chickering Church.
  • On a storage rack at the Redfall Police Station’s basement.
  • On a table on the Midnight Whale’s second level.
  • On the second level of the Grocery, in the Coffee Bar section.
  • On the second level of Cradle’s Trinkets, on top of a box beside a window.
  • Behind the little structure in the centre of the Chickering Substation, on a raised board.
  • Just east of the Historical Marker on the ground.

Locations of Winslow Fields Grave Locks

  • On a box beneath a scarecrow.
  • Atop the first floor of the Wight Grain Elevator, atop a barrel.
  • On a mattress inside the Abandoned Barn.
  • On a sofa within the Old Bootleggers Tunnel. Take the first right to go to the tunnel.

Grave Lock Locations at Ashumet Springs

  • On the first level of the Kildere’s Residence, inside a pod in a bedroom.
  • At the base of a statue of an angel.
  • On a mattress inside a vault in the Burial Point Cemetery.

Locations of Howl’s Neck Grave Locks

  • In the diner’s basement.
  • On the bathroom sink on the second level of Wellman Seafood.
  • On the bridge’s apex, reachable by going up the curving metal beams.
  • On a large table near the blue umbrellas, accessible by climbing the building’s exterior using the awnings.
  • Climb the tower atop the Laundromat with the white truck.

Grave Lock Locations in Haven’s Lot

  • At the Metrological Annex, on the steps leading up to the enormous dome.
  • On the rocks in front of the Metrological Annex, adjacent to the fence.
  • On top of a rock formation, accessible by climbing and peering over the edge.
  • In the covered bridge, on a board beside an animal skull.
  • On a shelf at the Coast Guard Station’s detached garage.
  • At the Burial Point Lighthouse’s summit.
  • On a shelf in the Coast Guard Station’s basement.

Grave Lock Locations Near the Maritime Centre

  • In the Bait Shop, on the racks beside the sweets.
  • On the bannister near the lighting that ring the Maritime Center’s turret, accessible by climbing the outside.

These grave lock sites may be found across Redfall’s Burial Point map. Each region’s overall number of grave locks varies, giving players a unique combination of difficulties and exploring options. Players not only work towards the Faith Healer award by discovering and unlocking these grave locks, but they also receive access to upgraded skills and gameplay elements as they progress through the grave lock tiers.


As we conclude our exploration of the Redfall Grave Lock Locations in Order of Difficulty, we bid farewell to the cryptic mysteries and hidden treasures that await brave adventurers. Redfall, with its enthralling open world and captivating gameplay, offers a journey like no other. The Grave Locks, with their enigmatic nature, serve as both tantalizing collectibles and gateways to uncharted realms.

From the bustling streets of Redfall Commons to the sprawling landscapes of Burial Point, each Grave Lock tells a story, hinting at the island’s dark past and the forces that threaten its very existence. As players uncover these locks, they unlock not only physical rewards but also delve deeper into the lore that weaves this fantastical world together.

Farewell, brave adventurers, and may Gameophobic be your compass in this remarkable journey through the realm of Redfall!

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