Mobile Data Usage of Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Mobile Data Usage/Consumption: Genshin Impact has been one of the most popular mobile games Since its launch back in 2020. It has made its way right to the top of the table in terms of average active players and likeability. Since its release in 2020, the game has even surpassed BGMI and CoD Mobile in popularity.

Mobile Data Usage of Genshin Impact

Genshin Impat offers its players vast open-world maps and interactive characters and has something in store for every gamer. The daily quests and a gripping story is what keep the users stuck to the game. The popularity of the game keeps the devs releasing new updates at regular intervals.  The updates fix the bugs and add new content to the game. This unfortunately means that the size of the game is also increased with every new update.

We will cover everything you need to know about the mobile data usage of Genshin Impact in detail. But before that, let us have a look at the key features of the game itself.

Key features of Genshin Impact Mobile –

  • Open-world RPG.
  • Adjustable graphic settings to optimise the game’s performance on every device
  • smaller file size compared to the pc version
  • easier to grind for materials
  • the mobile version adds portability to the game

With so many amazing features embedded in a mobile game, Genshin Impact storage requirements are little demanding. After the latest Update 2.7, the game requires about 20GB of free storage space on the device. Futhermore, additional storage space may be required for downloading skins and voice-over packs. So make sure to free up your device’s storage before installing the game.

Does Genshin Impact require mobile data to play?

Genshin Impact has a Main Story mode and a Multiplayer mode too.  Both the modes require a stable internet connection to play. Note that there is no way Genshin Impact can be played offline. If you have an unlimited data pack, you can seamlessly play the game without thinking of the Data usage. However, even if you are on a metered connection or limited data pack its a different story. The game will most certainly interfere with your day to day activities that require internet.

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How much mobile data does Genshin Impact use?

Genshin Impact was an already established title on platforms like PC, Xbox and PlayStation since arrival. Additionally, with its release on mobile, the game’s popularity increased multiple folds. Since the game requires a stable internet connection over a mobile phone, every gamer would be concerned over mobile data usage as mobile data doesn’t come cheap these days.

Mobile Data Usage of Genshin Impact

The download size of Genshin Impact after the latest update is 175MB this size increases after every update. After the download, there is also an internal download which needs to be completed before actually playing the game the additional download size is around 7GB.

Normally the game takes about 25MB to 30MB of data per hour given a player plays both the storyline and the co-op. If only the storyline is considered the data usage will be reduced by about 10MB as the co-op mode requires in-game communication between players. So if a player plays Genshin Impact One hour every day his monthly data usage would be around nine hundred Megabytes. If a player invests more time like two to three hours then the data usage for a month would be around two to three GigaBytes. The data usage also varies according to the server on which the game is being played, a player in India will play the game on a Southeast Asia server but if the server is changed to Europe the mobile data usage will increase and the player might even get a higher ping.

Here is Table for Your Detailed Reference

Playtime per dayData usage per dayData usage per weekData usage per month
1 hour27 MB189 MB810 MB
2 hours54 MB378 MB1.58 GB
3 hours81 MB567 MB2.37 GB
4 hours108 MB756 MB3.16 GB
5 hours135 MB945 MB3.95 GB
6 hours162 MB1.1 GB4.74 GB
7 hours189 MB1.29 GB5.53 GB

It is always advised to play on your regional server as it gives a better experience of the game. Some more factors influence the data usage of Genshin Impact like the graphic quality and the voice packs on which the game is played.

Additional factors that determine data usage

If the game will run on the highest graphic settings the data usage will increase slightly as more bytes will be required to process better images and animation with a decrease in graphics the mobile data usage is also reduced. The players can play on recommended settings for optimum performance and low data usage.

Sometimes minor updates are automatically downloaded so additional data may be required but these updates are less than 100MB, however, major updates are up to 1 or 2GB but these updates are not so frequent.

So to put it all together Genshin Impact mobile data usage is nominal in fact less than the data that will be used if you stream youtube for one hour. So gamers can play long hours of quest and interactive co-op without thinking about running low on their mobile data.

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