What is the Best Way to get Doubloons in World of Warships?

If you are one of the World of Warships enthusiasts, you are aware of the value that Doubloons hold and how they assist you in the game. 

They are recognized as the premium currency in the Ships as they serve multiple purposes, such as:

  • acquiring premium account time,
  • purchasing premium ships,
  • buying consumables,
  • getting camouflages, 
  • changing experience points to free XP,
  • dismantling ship upgrades, 
  • training ship commanders.


Most of the players get their Doubloons by selecting bundles in the World of Warships shop. It is an intuitive, simple and effective method of getting them.

Nevertheless, 250 Doubloons come at a cost of 1$. Consequently, not all players can afford to buy as much as they would like to dispose of and use in the game. 

Luckily, there are also smarter ways of getting Doubloons. 

Best ways to get Doubloons in World of Warships

The MillionPugs browser extension

As it turns out, you can get Doubloons fast when you shop online or buy food at your local grocery store.

How is that possible? 

It is all thanks to a new top-notch platform MillionPugs


What is MillionPugs? 

Millionpugs is a cashback platform that assists in getting content for the World of Warships or other games for shopping or ordering food online. The platform is fully legal and free of charge. 

How does MillionPugs work?

The smartest way to use the service is to install the MillionPugs browser extension in your Google Chrome browser. 

The plugin will notify you with a pop-up about deals available every time you visit one of the listed stores so you won’t miss any deals available. 

In exchange for making deals, you will be rewarded with points called pugs™. These pugs™ can be later redeemed for in-game content like Doubloons or other Ships content. 


MillionPugs collaborates with over 850 different brands from multiple niches:

  • accessories
  • food and beverages,
  • flowers and gifts, 
  • health and beauty,
  • business and office.


You can check them all out on the MillionPugs site. 

Nevertheless, if you use the plugin, you don’t have to make this extra effort. The browser extension will do the work for you and display a notification every time you visit any place with MillionPugs deals available. 

What are the benefits of MillionPugs?

As you can see, MillionPugs can be a beneficial platform for World of Warships gamers. Its benefits include:

  • possibility to get in-game content, like Doubloons, 
  • easiness of use,
  • user-friendly intuitive platform,
  • no costs and no strings attached,
  • no additional effort needed,
  • time-savings,
  • a robust number of affiliated stores.

Summing up, MillionPugs is a great way to quickly and effortlessly earn Doubloons.


Instead of purchasing this premium currency at the World of Warships Shop, you can acquire them simply by doing groceries or ordering pizza.

In-game ways to earn free Doubloons

Apart from the MillionPugs extension, there are also various in-game opportunities to get free Doubloons.

Super containers 

The first method is as effortless as using the MillionPugs plugin. Unfortunately, it is highly dependent on your luck. 

You can find free Doubloons in special types of containers which are called super containers. They make up only 1,5% of all containers; thus, they are quite difficult to come across. Fortunately, you can double your chances of coming across one, once you opt for the “try my luck” option. 

In a super container, you can get up to 5000 Doubloons, so it is worthwhile to search for it.

Special missions 

Another in-game method of obtaining free Doubloons is by participating in special events and completing missions. Winning comes with valuable rewards such as Doubloons, but also a Premium ship or consumables. 

Each day a new mission appears, so there are a lot of opportunities to increase your number of Doubloons or get into possession of other powerful items. 

Ranked battles

Last but not least, you can also be rewarded with Doubloons once you participate in Ranked battles.

They are seasonal events in the World of Warships. Each season is divided into a few sprints. 

Participants team up in groups of 7 players and compete against each other. You and your team members are rewarded with steel, coal, ranked tokens, camouflages or Doubloons once you

  • win battles against other teams, 
  • advance to Rank 1 (the top rank; at the beginning of the season all the participants are in the lowest rank),
  • qualify for the next league (you start in Bronze, then you can advance to Silver, and afterwards to Gold). 


All in all, it is impossible to unanimously differentiate the best way to earn Doubloons for free. It all depends on the amount of effort you are willing to make and the time you can devote. 

The sure thing is that simply purchasing them in the Store via selected bundles is not the smartest way to take. More beneficial methods of acquiring them are using the MillionPugs extension to exchange pugs™ for precious in-game items like Doubloons, participating in special missions or Ranked battles and trying your luck in searching for super containers. 

All of the above techniques are effective, then it’s up to you which way suits you and how you want to get free Doubloons in the World of Warships.

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