Most Realistic Cricket Games for PC

Most Realistic Cricket Games for PC: Whether you want to bowl a 150kmph ball or smash a ball out of the stadium for a six, the best cricket games for PC should allow you to do both. This list includes some of the best cricket games, both old and new, available today!

Most Realistic Cricket Games for PC

The best cricket games for PC give you the same sensation as watching your favorite batsman score a century live on the home field. It’s a one-of-a-kind sensation that’s difficult to match. Furthermore, the rigors of a fast T20 match or the slow-paced strategic work required in test cricket are difficult to replicate in a game. However, there are a few cricket games for PC players that do an excellent job of simulating these emotions.

Cricket games have been hit or miss with players. While EA produced some excellent cricket games in the early 2000s, their work following Cricket 07 was a complete disaster. Along the way, other cricket games have emerged that have attempted to recreate the authenticity provided by the older cricket games. Some have failed, while others have improved and brought us closer to a fantastic cricket experience on our PCs.

This is our complete guide for players who are looking for the best Cricket experience on a desktop. Let us begin with the Most Realistic Cricket Games for PC.

Cricket 19

Cricket 19 is unquestionably the undisputed champion of the best cricket games for PC. Big Ant Studios, which has worked on numerous sports games since its inception, created the game. They took the fans’ feedback and ideas to heart, and Cricket 19 is an excellent cricket game.

You can create your cricket team and personalized, logos, and players. Furthermore, there is a player career mode that will see you rise from the ranks of county cricket to lead your country in World Cup tournaments. There is so much to do in this game that you’ll get lost in its mechanics for hours.

EA Cricket 2004

Yup. 2004. That’s how far we are going to go to mention one of the best cricket games available today. Of course, the graphics and some gameplay mechanics have aged. However, the main gameplay, particularly the batting mechanics, is excellent. Furthermore, the bowling mechanics are quite difficult, and you never know when you’ll be able to put in a good in-swinger.

There are many aspects of the game that have improved over time. However, if you want to give it a shot, you will not be disappointed. Return to the game that started the cricket game revolution by taking a trip down memory lane.

Ashes Cricket 2009

Most Realistic Cricket Games for PC

Ashes Cricket 2009 is one of the best PC cricket games available today. Transmission Games created the game, which was published by Codemasters. Given the big names involved, you’d expect the game to perform well. If this is what you expected, you are correct. This cricket game has some complicated controls that may take some practice.

However, once you’ve mastered the game, you’ll notice how much depth and nuance it is. Of course, we can’t talk about this game without mentioning the most authentic Ashes experience available in a cricket game. Give it a shot if you haven’t already!

Brian Lara International Cricket

Would it even be a proper mention of cricket if we didn’t mention Brian Lara’s name? Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 is one of the most authentic cricket games available. Of course, it might not hold up as well today, especially 17 years later. Nonetheless, for a variety of reasons, this game was revolutionary.

You could also play different game modes, such as World Cup 2003 and the 2004 ICC Championship Trophy. Finally, there was a mode that allowed you to step onto the field in real-life match situations and play your way through history. Isn’t that thrilling?

Cricket 22

Most Realistic Cricket Games for PC

Now, we’ll look at the most recent cricket game for PC available on the market today. This is a sequel to the successful Cricket 19 entry, and it improves on its predecessor’s flaws. That’s not to say the game is without flaws; it certainly does. Regardless, Cricket 22 is a fantastic choice for a modern cricket game on your PC.

The game offers numerous customization options, particularly when it comes to building a player’s career. Instead of simply slapping on a name and customizing appearance, the developers have added a lot of depth to the career mode. The user has control over how they play, how strong they are, and how far they can advance. Aside from that, there are other modes to enjoy, such as the IPL. Overall, this is a good PC cricket game.

EA Cricket 2007

Most Realistic Cricket Games for PC

We can’t make a list of the best cricket games for PC without including EA’s iconic Cricket 07 game. This game is epic in every way, from the iconic commentary of Mark Nicholas and Richie Benaud to the hilarious names that EA provided for Indian players (remember Tendehar and Yevray Yuvraj. It has a variety of game modes to choose from, and the gameplay is simple. With the exception of Australia, England, and New Zealand, EA had lost the licensing for the majority of teams. The gameplay, on the other hand, remained enjoyable and engaging. Even today, gamers come back to this game for the sake of nostalgia.


So there you have it: our Most Realistic Cricket Games for PC. Some of these games are genre classics that should not be missed if you haven’t already. Furthermore, it’s encouraging to see that some attention is being paid to cricket as a video game, as FIFA and Madden have long dominated the sports video game scene.

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