RE4 Remake: Separate Ways – Search for Luis in Abandoned Factory

RE4 Remake: Separate Ways Search for Luis in Abandoned Factory: The Resident Evil 4 “Separate Ways” DLC for players to see what Ada Wong was up to during the main story. Separate Ways, like all Resident Evil games, has its fair share of puzzles, secrets, and unique mechanics to solve.

Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways Chapter 3 begins with some detective work, as Luis has been kidnapped and you must discover where he is being held. You will need to find a clue in the Village Chief’s Manor to accomplish this.

In this article, we will talk about Separate Ways DLC and how to search for Luis in the Abandoned Factory. So read on to find out more and how to solve the puzzle that awaits you there.

RE4 Remake: Separate Ways – Search for Luis in Abandoned Factory

Ada leaves the chief’s manor in Chapter 3 of Separate Ways to find Luis after learning that prisoners are kept in the basement of the Abandoned Factory. When you get to the basement, you will find a dead zombie, a dead end, and no Luis.

RE4 Remake: Separate Ways Search for Luis in Abandoned Factory

To proceed, you must examine the blue footprint next to the dead body by pressing the X or A button. Ada’s IRIS will be able to identify all of Luis’ footprints in the area as a result of this. Follow the footprints back through the room you just came from to find a pack of cigarettes on the shelf that you can interact with.

Rotate the pack to find a frequency on the back, and Ada will automatically contact Luis via radio, allowing you to continue the story.

About RE4 Remake: Separate Ways DLC

For the duration of the game, the player assumes control of Ada Wong. The only gameplay differences between Ada and Leon are that Ada has a slightly faster movement speed, uses different melee attacks, and can use the hookshot to reach areas that Leon could not. The player starts the game with the default size attache case and 5 health bars.

The game is divided into five chapters (two for the village, one for the castle, and two for the island), is significantly longer and more complex than Assignment: Ada, and includes save points and the Weapon Merchant. However, the Merchant’s weapon upgrade option is disabled in this mode.

Completing the game and saving leaves the file in a “New Round” state, allowing the player to start over with all of their equipment and money. By completing Assignment: Ada, you can unlock the Chicago Typewriter for the mode.


The Sperate Ways DLC, though very short gives us another perspective into the epic events that transpired in Resident Evil 4 game. In the While searching for Luis in the Abandoned Factory, while we may not immediately find him, there is an important clue hidden for players to find. It contains a piece of vital information for our search for Luis.

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