Remnant 2: Lodestone Crown

Remnant 2: Lodestone Crown Welcome to Remnant 2’s enthralling universe, where danger and intrigue exist. The Lodestone Crown stands out as a distinctive and enigmatic head armor among the countless gems uncovered in this post-apocalyptic action RPG. We will go into the mythology and location of this rare crown in this blog article and lead you on your journey to get it.

The Lodestone Crown An Ancient Relic

The Lodestone Crown is a light helmet with unique features. While providing little head protection, it is extremely resistant to Blight. However, be cautious because it reduces your Bleed and Shock resistance. The historical importance of this crown is linked to King Kolket, although its exact origins are buried in obscurity among the Pan community.

The Enigmatic Pan and Yaesha

To find the Lodestone Crown, you must venture into Yaesha, one of the four worlds in Remnant 2. Yaesha is a lush and vibrant land inhabited by the Pan, a race of horned and tailed humanoid creatures. The Pan has a complex society divided into clans and factions, and their connection to the Root adds to the intrigue of the world.

The Lament – A Perilous Dungeon In Remnant 2

The Lodestone Crown is hidden within The Lament, a perilous dungeon in the heart of Yaesha. You’ll confront a slew of difficulties in The Lament, from smart traps and sophisticated puzzles to ruthless opponents. Your adventure concludes in a fight with the fearsome Ixillis, Yaesha’s ultimate boss.

Unraveling the Secret of the Crown

The Lodestone Crown’s secret location lies in a hidden area within The Lament. After completing the dungeon and unlocking the door past the invisible walkway puzzle, turn around and walk into the wall on your right. Follow this concealed path and descend to claim the Lodestone Crown for yourself.

Unique Effects and Interactions

The Lodestone Crown holds fascinating surprises for those who wear it. Emitting a soft glow, the crown illuminates dark areas, making it a valuable asset in the depths of the unknown. Furthermore, when donning the crown, illusionary walls reveal themselves, allowing you to uncover hidden secrets and shortcuts in the game.

The Collector Bedel of the Vaunnt In Remnant 2

In Yaesha, you’ll meet Bedel of the Vaunnt, an NPC with a penchant for ancient artifacts and relics. Wearing the Lodestone Crown when speaking to Bedel will earn you the coveted Lodestone Ring. This ring grants a 5% increase in damage while wearing the crown, further enhancing your prowess in battles.

Advantages of Lodestone Crown

  • It provides high resistance against Blight, a status effect that reduces your health regeneration and increases the damage you take from enemies. Blight is common in Yaesha, especially from enemies that use poison or acid attacks.
Remnant 2: Lodestone Crown
  • It emits light, which can help you see better in dark areas. This can also make you more visible to enemies, so be careful.
  • It reveals illusionary walls, which are hidden passages that can lead to secret areas or shortcuts. You can find some useful items or encounters behind these walls.
  • It unlocks the Lodestone Ring, which increases your damage dealt by 5% when wearing the crown. This can give you an edge in combat, especially against tougher enemies or bosses.
Remnant 2: Lodestone Crown

Conclusion for Remnant 2: Lodestone Crown

The Lodestone Crown, a rare and enigmatic artifact in Remnant 2, offers both protection and vulnerability, making it a prized possession for those daring enough to find it. With its fascinating effects and interactions, this crown holds the key to discovering hidden secrets and unraveling the ancient history of Yaesha. Venture forth into The Lament, face the formidable Ixillis, and claim the Lodestone Crown to add a touch of mystery and power to your adventures in Remnant 2.

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