How To Get World’s Edge Weapon in Remnant 2?

How To Get World’s Edge Weapon in Remnant 2? In Remnant 2, you can get World’s Edge, a potent melee weapon with a special weapon mod, after successfully completing a challenging campaign.

How To Get World's Edge Weapon in Remnant 2?

This close-range weapon has a specific mod attached to it that allows your character to use a unique ability. The greatest gain from unlocking World’s Edge will go to those archetypes built for close combat.

You must complete the Apocalypse campaign before your character may access World’s Edge. The enemy’s health and damage are greatly increased compared to Veteran or Nightmare difficulties, making this Remnant 2’s hardest setting. In addition, XP payouts have been increased, enabling talented players to advance through their campaigns more quickly, especially when playing cooperatively with others.

The World’s Edge Location in Remnant 2

The World’s Edge sword can be found in Brabus’ Shop from the Ward 13 Location as soon as you complete a campaign roll on Apocalypse difficulty. At the shooting range in this main hub world, the NPC Brabus appears and gives your character the first pieces of equipment appropriate to their primary archetype. In Remnant 2, beating the game’s final boss on the toughest setting permanently unlocks World’s Edge in the Shop for all upcoming runs.

It should be noted that the Apocalypse difficulty in Remnant 2 may only be chosen after you have completed the campaign on standard modes at least once more. Only when at least one of your characters has defeated an Apocalypse run can World’s Edge be used in a campaign reroll. Because there are no built-in Mutators on this Special Melee Weapon, you have some degree of customization.

Why is World’s End So Good?

Since The World’s Edge is a melee weapon, you will note right away that it has a huge 85% stagger modifier. This implies that it can stun opponents much more quickly and with more force. This makes it an excellent choice for eliminating some difficult adversaries, especially if you want to conserve ammo.

The World’s Edge, which was made from the broken pieces of the World Stone itself, deals 101 base damage, has a critical hit chance of 6%, increased weak spot damage of 85%, and a staggering 80% stagger modifier.

But its Horizon Strike weapon mod really shines. Your charge attacks will use Horizon Strike to discharge a wide, horizontal projectile that will pierce targets. This charge move can be a lifesaver in later difficulties when you can quickly become overwhelmed by huge groups of foes with big health pools. It damages and stuns them before they can get close.


So, pull up your socks, tighten your belts, and put on your best game face if you want to have a chance at attaining this mythical weapon.

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