Remnant 2: The Lament Dungeon Guide

Remnant 2: The Lament Dungeon Guide: Welcome to the thrilling and challenging world of Remnant 2: From the Ashes! Developed by Gunfire Games, this action-packed, soul-like game takes you on an epic adventure through a post-apocalyptic world filled with monstrous creatures, powerful bosses, and mysterious dungeons. In Remnant 2, you’ll face daunting odds, but with cunning strategy and sharp combat skills, you’ll overcome these obstacles and uncover the secrets of a shattered Earth.

Remnant 2: The Lament Dungeon Guide

One of the most intriguing and enigmatic dungeons in Remnant 2 is the Lament. Nestled within the verdant world of Yaesha, this optional dungeon lures brave adventurers with its head-scratching puzzles and tomb-raider ambiance. Venturing into the Lament, players find themselves navigating through a labyrinth of booby traps and eerie rooms filled with ancient corpses. However, amidst the danger lies untold riches and valuable loot, making the challenges well worth the risk.

In this article, we’ll walk you through every step, from deciphering symbols to defeating the fearsome Wither and obtaining the coveted Red Widow armor set. So, prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure as we delve into Remnant 2: the Lament Dungeon Guide.

Remnant 2: The Lament Dungeon Guide: Passing the Booby Traps

As you step foot into the Lament, you’ll encounter a series of deadly blow dart booby traps. The key to success here is speed. Dash through the traps quickly, and you’ll avoid getting skewered. If you do get hit, don’t worry; the damage isn’t fatal.

Decoding the Symbols

Inside the dungeon, you’ll find a book near a skeleton containing a symbol that holds the clue to the Lament puzzle. It’s essential to pay attention as the symbol varies for each player due to the game’s randomization. Take note of it for later reference.

Remnant 2: The Lament Dungeon Guide

Matching Layers to Symbols

In your journey, you’ll come across doors marked with different symbols. These symbols need to be matched with the layers on the dial puzzle. Stand in front of each door to observe the symbols and then adjust the dial accordingly. When the symbols are correctly aligned, the door will open, allowing you to proceed.

Confronting Wither

As you progress, you’ll encounter the formidable boss, Wither. This mighty creature boasts powerful attacks, so be prepared for an intense battle. Stay close to Wither and use melee weapons to deal damage effectively. Additionally, employing fire weapons can exploit its weakness and deal extra damage.

Remnant 2: The Lament Dungeon Guide: Obtaining the Red Widow Armor Set

After defeating Wither, you’ll gain access to the subterranean area. Here lies a chest containing the prized Red Widow armor set. Equipping this powerful armor will significantly boost your damage output, making it a valuable asset in your adventures.

Crossing the Chasm

In the subterranean area, you’ll encounter an invisible bridge over a treacherous chasm. Take caution as you step onto the platforms, and time your jumps carefully to reach the other side. The bridges vanish after a short duration, adding a layer of challenge to this section.

Remnant 2: The Lament Dungeon Guide

Transforming Kolket’s Razor into Kolket’s Key

While exploring the Lament, you’ll come across Kolket’s Razor. To proceed further, transform it into Kolket’s Key. Inspect the razor in your inventory, and with a simple interaction, it will morph into the key required to unlock the next door.

Unlocking Kolket’s Tomb in The Remnant 2: The Lament Dungeon

With Kolket’s Key in hand, reach the final area – Kolket’s Tomb. Here, you’ll find a chest containing the Kolket’s Key. This key unlocks the door leading to the heart of the tomb, revealing its hidden secrets.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully conquered the Lament dungeon in Remnant: From the Ashes. From navigating the treacherous booby traps to decoding symbols and defeating Wither, your journey has been filled with adventure and challenges. The Red Widow armor set and Kolket’s Key are now yours, further empowering you on your quest.

Remember, Remnant 2 is a game of strategy, wit, and determination. With each victory, you grow stronger, ready to face new perils in this captivating world. So, continue your explorations and delve deeper into the mysteries that await you.

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