How to Sprint in Final Fantasy 16?

How to Sprint in Final Fantasy 16? In the enchanting world of Final Fantasy 16, traversing vast landscapes and uncovering the mysteries of Valisthea is a grand adventure. As you embark on this epic journey with Clive Rosfield, the ability to sprint swiftly becomes a valuable skill. Unlike traditional action games, sprinting in Final Fantasy 16 requires a unique approach, making it crucial to understand the mechanics to move with speed and agility.

Whether you seek to cover ground efficiently, avoid enemies during your adventures, or complete quests with time constraints, sprinting will prove to be a valuable asset in your arsenal. Embrace the exhilaration of swift movement and embark on a legendary expedition through Final Fantasy 16’s captivating world. So, gear up and get ready to sprint your way to new heights of exploration!

In this article, we will walk you through How to Sprint in Final Fantasy 16? and share useful tips to maximize your sprinting experience.

How to Sprint in Final Fantasy 16?

Sprinting in Final Fantasy 16 is not as straightforward as pressing a dedicated button. Instead, it relies on the movement of the left stick. When you push the left stick forward fully, Clive will sprint after about 5 seconds. You can identify when he’s sprinting by the appearance of wind lines around him.

How to Sprint in Final Fantasy 16?

Sprinting Limitations

Keep in mind that sprinting is exclusive to open areas like Three Reeds and certain linear dungeons. Clive won’t sprint in cities, settlements, and certain story-focused segments. Additionally, encountering enemies during sprinting will cause him to stop running.

Maximizing Sprint Duration

To sprint for longer periods, it’s crucial to manage Clive’s stamina. Sprinting consumes stamina, and once it’s depleted, he’ll revert to normal walking speed. You can restore stamina by either walking or standing still. Efficiently using sprint and conserving stamina will aid your exploration and questing endeavors.

Obtaining a Chocobo Mount

While sprinting is a valuable skill, riding a Chocobo can offer even faster travel across the world. To acquire your Chocobo mount, complete “The White-Winged Wonder” side quest, where you’ll save Ambrosia, Clive’s childhood Chocobo, from bandits. Once obtained, press and hold the right stick to summon the Chocobo, and press the X button to ride it.

Mastering Chocobo Drift Dashing

When riding a Chocobo, you can perform drift dashes to make sharp turns. While galloping, hold the PS4 – R2 Button and tilt the PS4 – Left Stick left or right while holding down the PS4 – L2 Button. Upon facing left or right, release the PS4 – L2 Button to execute the drift dash.

How to Sprint in Final Fantasy 16- Tips and Tricks

  • Utilize sprint to quickly navigate the expansive world of Final Fantasy 16.
  • Sprint away from enemies or hazardous areas to avoid confrontations.
  • Employ sprint to reach destinations with limited time constraints, such as timed quests.
  • During battles, reposition Clive swiftly using sprint to gain tactical advantages.

Sprinting Glitches

As of our knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, there were no reported official sprinting glitches in Final Fantasy 16. It is essential to play the game as intended by the developers to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience.


Mastering the art of sprinting in Final Fantasy 16 can significantly enhance your adventure. By understanding the mechanics, managing stamina, and riding Chocobos wisely, you’ll be sprinting through Valisthea with ease. Embrace the exhilaration of sprinting and revel in the epic journey that awaits you in this mesmerising JRPG saga. For more gaming insights and helpful guides, be sure to visit Gameophobic. Happy sprinting, and may your exploits in Final Fantasy 16 be legendary!

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