Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Assembly Staging Collectibles

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Assembly Staging Collectibles: Embark on an extraordinary adventure in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, where Assembly Staging beckons with its enigmatic allure. As you venture through this captivating location, be prepared to uncover hidden treasures and priceless collectibles that lie in wait. With its rich tapestry of secrets, Assembly Staging presents a thrilling challenge for explorers like yourself. 

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Assembly Staging Collectibles

Whether you seek powerful data discs, valuable chests, insightful databanks, or essence that enhances your connection to the Force, this guide will serve as your indispensable companion. Let us navigate the intricacies of this immersive world, providing you with the knowledge and guidance necessary to traverse Assembly Staging with confidence.

In this guide we will explore Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Assembly Staging Collectibles and location of its each collectibles.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Assembly Staging Collectibles List

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Assembly Staging is a captivating location filled with hidden treasures and valuable collectibles. Navigating this area efficiently can be challenging, but fear not! Whether you’re searching for data discs, chests, databanks, or essence, we’ve got you covered.

Chest – Ground Pulse Music Track

Go left around the walkway from the zipline shortcut and climb up the crates to discover the chest at the end of the walkway.

Ghosts in the Machine Databank

Follow the railing from the zipline shortcut behind you to the right. The echo may be found near a table on the ground.

Treasure – Datadisc

Climb to the top of the piled crates in the same chamber as the databank to uncover the treasure.

Chest – Max Stim Increase

Before the room with the previous collectible, jump down from a ledge and grab the climbing wall. Follow it around to a platform, then use the running walls and zipline to reach the chest in a big room with glass flooring above a heater.

Treasure – Datadisc

Take the middle path, heading right past the green barrier from the zipline shortcut. Drop down in the garbage pit and turn around to find the treasure to the left of the sealed pipe.

Databank – Lifter Droid

In the garbage pit, grapple to the left lifter droid. Use it to reach the climbable wall on its left and climb to the ledge on the top left. Scan the lifter droid on a stack of cubes in a small room.

Treasure – Datadisc

Across from the Databank – Lifter Droid, you’ll find this disc.

Essence – Force Essence

Grapple to the ground on the right side of the garbage pit from the ledge. Jump to the ledge on the right to find the essence.

Treasure – Datadisc

Head through the green barrier and follow the path until you reach the electrified hallway. Jump over the electricity and make your way to the platform in the middle on the left side to find the treasure.

Databank – Destroyed Wall

At the other end of the electrified hallway, run along the yellow pipe and jump to the separated section of the building. Scan the section of the wall on the back right for the entry.

Treasure – Datadisc

Near the above databank, there will be a scraper droid running around. Destroy it quickly to claim this treasure, as it tends to flee.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully uncovered all the hidden collectibles in Assembly Staging. From pulsating music tracks and valuable data discs to powerful essence, these treasures will enhance your journey in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Use this guide as your companion to make the most of your exploration. For more such guides, check out our other articles on Gameophobic.

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