Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Scavenger Droid Locations

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Scavenger Droid Locations: In the immersive universe of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, embark on an exciting scavenger search in which elusive Scavenger Droids contain rich treasures and valuables. These crafty droids are dispersed over several locations, vigilantly guarding their prized possessions. To find these hidden treasures, you must travel to dangerous regions and conquer tremendous obstacles.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Scavenger Droid Locations

Each location has its own mysteries, from the protected hollows to the old penitent chambers and the enormous expanse of the Arid Flats. Climb ledges, kill opponents, and explore hidden pathways to uncover hidden riches. The Scavenger Droids hold the keys to uncovering these prized rewards, whether they be the Jedha Scrolls, ancient artifacts, or other priceless antiquities.

Discover the whereabouts of Scavenger Droids and the treasures they safeguard in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Scavenger Droid Locations Guide.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: All Scavenger Droid Locations

Scavenger Droids hold valuable treasures and collectibles in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. These elusive droids can be found in various regions, guarding their precious loot. Let’s explore the locations where Scavenger Droids are hiding, along with the treasures they possess.

Sheltered Hollow

In the Veiled Hangar, a single treasure awaits, held by a Scavenger Droid. Return to the caverns where Cal and Merrin spent the night after progressing through the story to encounter the Scavenger Droid and claim its treasure.

Penitent Chambers

The Penitent chambers are brimming with artifacts, including two gems. Keep a watch out for these hidden jewels when you join forces with Merrin to defeat the Empire:

  • Climb a ledge above the beginning location and gaze up to uncover the first treasure.
  • Turn back in the same region as the nocular body chest after a wall and climbing phase. To obtain the Jedha Scroll, defeat the Scavenger Droid near a Stormtrooper.

Arid Flats

The enormous Arid Flats include an astounding 24 items, including nine treasures. Discover the following hidden treasures in this parched landscape:

  • Climb the pillars ahead and jump to a ledge to obtain the first Jedha Scroll from the Anchorite Base Meditation Point.
  • Destroy a Scavenger Droid placed near the previous prize.
  • To discover another Jedha Scroll, climb the ledges near Wayfinder’s Tomb.
  • To find the cave, use the Suteban and head left from the Arid Flats Meditation Point. Explore the area to find the Jedha Scroll.
  • Skoova Stev may be found on the ledge above the skilled fisherman. Make use of the balloon to go to a higher ledge on the right. Exploration of the corridor above the Anchorite Base Meditation Point will lead you to a Scavenger Droid.
  • Utilize the same balloon near Skoova Stev, but this time aim forward to reach another ledge with a treasure.
  • Once again, use the balloon near Skoova Stev, but this time go left to find a short path. Defeat a Skriton and use Force Lift and Slam on nearby rocks to reveal the Jedha Scroll.
  • Ascend to the top of the nearby ruin, where the anchorite is located. Utilize the balloons to reach the pillar with the treasure.
  • After reaching the top of Wayfinder’s Tomb, use the balloons to cross a broken bridge. Descend to a lower level and discover the final treasure.

Wayfinder’s Tomb

Within the Wayfinder’s Tomb in the center. Instead of ascending up high, find the low ledge at the spot with Spanels. A scavenger droid will be nearby, protecting the treasure.

Blustery Mesa

Head to the Blustery Mesa to uncover seven collectibles and three treasures. The following treasures can be found in this region:

  • After moving inside the cliff by pulling out an object, follow the path to an elevator. Cross the gap to the opposite ledge for the Jedha Scroll.
  • Near the Crypt of Uhrma, locate an elevator and a nearby climbable wall. Ascend and circle around to discover a treasure.
  • From the Meditation Point of the Crypt of Uhrma, proceed through the door to a room with Stormtroopers. Ascend the stairs and find a wall to run on. Dash across the gap to locate another Scavenger Droid and claim its treasure.

Keep your senses sharp and your lightsaber ready as you search for these scavenger droids and their valuable treasures.


As your journey through the immersive world of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor comes to a close, you have experienced the thrill of searching for Scavenger Droids and unearthing their valuable treasures. The exploration of Sheltered Hollow, Penitent Chambers, Arid Flats, Wayfinder’s Tomb, and Blustery Mesa has rewarded you with ancient artifacts, Jedha Scrolls, and other remarkable collectibles.

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