Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Forest Array Collectibles Map

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Forest Array Collectibles Map: Star Wars Jedi: Survivor introduces the captivating Forest Array, an expansive and enigmatic region that captivates players with its array of riches and well-kept secrets. This captivating locale serves as a thrilling backdrop for players to embark on an exhilarating adventure, unearthing valuable treasures and gaining newfound abilities.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Forest Array Collectibles Map

Within the depths of the Forest Array, players can expect a wide array of collectibles awaiting their discovery. From data disks that unravel intriguing stories to cosmetic items and lightsaber components that enhance customization options. These treasures not only reward exploration but also enrich the game’s narrative and lore. Venturing into the Forest Array guarantees an engaging and rewarding journey. It’s abundant collectibles and well-kept surprises beckon players to delve deeper into its uncharted territories. 

In this, we will share some lights on the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Forest Array Collectibles Map and also explain how to get them in detail.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Forest Array- All Collectibles Location

To reach the Forest Array, players must first venture through the Basalt Rift, a treacherous region found beyond the gate in Swindler’s Wash. Following the left path through the Basalt Rift, players will encounter various obstacles, stormtroopers, and a sleeping bilemaw. By utilizing Force Pull and carefully navigating the terrain, players can overcome these challenges and progress further into the Forest Array.

Meditation Point and Datadisc

Upon entering the Forest Array, players will come across a Meditation Point, which serves as a respawn location and a place to heal. To the right of the meditation point lies a pit filled with suffocating Koboh dust. At the end of the pit, players can find a large gear with a data disc atop it. By maneuvering through the hazardous Koboh Dust and claiming the data disc, players can return to the starting point using the Meditation Point.

Hunter Shirt and Koboh Barrier

A Koboh Barrier blocks the passage to the left of the Meditation Point. Despite its appearance, players cannot destroy it with their lightsaber. Players can access a platform below by going through the barrier and using the grapple hook on a nearby metal grate. A chest housing prized Hunter clothing awaits on this platform. Climbing the grates returns players to their starting location.

Additional Datadisc and Progression

As players venture beyond the Koboh Barrier in the Forest Array, they will come across yet another valuable datadisk

situated atop a gear within a deep pit. To retrieve this precious item, players must descend into the pit, carefully collect the data disk, and respawn at the nearby Meditation Point if needed. By utilizing the Force Push ability to create a pathway, players can then proceed to the next set of platforms.

Utilizing Force Pull and Unlocking Shortcuts

Continuing their journey, players will encounter grates along the wall that can be traversed using the Force Pull ability. This technique allows them to navigate through these narrow passages and progress further into the forest array.

Along the way, they may come across a large trapped bird and activate a shortcut, providing easier access to the Meditation Point for future visits and quick healing.

Descending and Surviving the Koboh Dust

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Forest Array Collectibles Map

The path forward leads players to descend a treacherous route, passing beneath the imposing presence of a giant bird. However, their progress is soon impeded as they are unexpectedly knocked off their path, landing in the perilous Koboh Dust below. 

To overcome this obstacle, players must think quickly and take action. By jumping onto a nearby grate and skillfully climbing out, they can avoid suffocation and continue their exploration. In this area, scanning the surroundings will reward players with the Epic Moltings databank entry, providing them with additional lore and insights.

Wall Run and Meeting a Mogu

To proceed, players must skillfully execute a wall run across a dangerous gap, reaching the other side where Rawka corpses lie. Unlocking the nearby door leads to a large chamber inhabited by the remaining Rawka enemies and a formidable Mogu. Players must be cautious on the ledge and successfully defeat these enemies to continue.After the battle, scanning the end of the path rewards players with the Auxiliary Array Telescope databank entry.

Jumping down onto a metal beam, rappelling across a gap, and utilizing grates to traverse to the other side of the bridge concludes this section of the Forest Array.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Forest Array- All Collectibles Guide: Essence and Diligence Lightsaber Switch

The Essence

  • You will discover a powerful Essence within the treacherous Forest Array.
  • The Essence grants a Skill Point upon acquisition, fueling player growth.
  • Skill Points unlock new abilities and upgrades, enhancing combat proficiency.

Ascending the Path

  • You must return to the chamber with rawka creature remnants.
  • Ascending grates lead to a concealed chest.
  • The chest holds the coveted Diligence Lightsaber Switch.
  • The Diligence Lightsaber Switch alters the lightsaber’s aesthetic.
  • It augments functionality, bestowing additional power and versatility.
  • Equipping it symbolizes the Jedi’s progress and unwavering dedication.

A Visual Testament

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Forest Array Collectibles Map
  • The enhanced lightsaber represents the Jedi’s growth and commitment.
  • It radiates strength, determination, and resilience.
  • The visually striking lightsaber showcases the Jedi’s unwavering resolve.

Empowered for the Challenges Ahead

  • The Skill Point from the Essence enhances the Jedi’s abilities.
  • The Diligence Lightsaber Switch amplifies their might.
  • Players are prepared to face greater enemy and unravel secrets.

Leaving a Mark

  • Players harness the raw power of the Essence and the amplified might of the lightsaber.
  • They emerge as an indomitable force within the Star Wars universe.
  • The Forest Array becomes a canvas for players to shape their own destiny.

In this pivotal moment within the Forest Array, players acquire the Essence and wield the Diligence Lightsaber Switch, unlocking their full potential. 

With upgraded abilities and a visually striking lightsaber, they become a formidable presence in the Star Wars universe. The challenges that lie ahead are no match for their unwavering determination. The Forest Array serves as a testament to their growth and becomes a place where players can leave their mark and forge their own destiny.


The Forest Array within the realm of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor offers an enthralling and immersive experience to players. With its intricately designed puzzles, treacherous landscapes, and concealed treasures, it adds a layer of depth to the game’s narrative. By venturing through the Forest Array and obtaining the Essence and Diligence Lightsaber Switch, players embark on a transformative journey of personal growth and empowerment, mirroring the themes of the Star Wars universe.

While exploring the Forest Array and discovering its hidden collectibles, players not only progress their in-game character but also establish a profound connection with the expansive Star Wars universe. These moments of exploration, uncovering secrets, and unlocking powerful upgrades serve as the foundation for the captivating allure of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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