Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Forest Array Locked Door Puzzle Guide

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Forest Array Locked Door Puzzle Guide: Deep within the Basalt Rift region on Koboh lies the enigmatic Forest Array, a crucial destination for Cal in his quest for answers in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. This dormant tower presents a challenging journey filled with puzzles and enemies that can easily lead one astray. To reach the Forest Array, you must first unlock the Forest Gate and navigate through the treacherous Basalt Rift.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Forest Array Locked Door Puzzle Guide

Continuing their ascent, you will traverse perilous terrain, including traversing tree branches, evading hazardous Koboh dust clouds, and utilizing Force Pull to manipulate rock pillars. Wall running and leaping onto climbable vines will lead them to the Twi’lek Toa camps, where further challenges await. Eventually, players will reach the awe-inspiring Forest Array tower. Inside, they must solve intricate Force Pull puzzles to unlock its secrets and uncover vital information. 

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Locked Door Puzzle Guide will help you go through the challenge quickly. Our comprehensive step-by-step instructions will navigate you through the challenge with ease, ensuring a quick and successful resolution.

How to Solve Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Forest Array Locked Door Puzzle

The Forest Array found in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor presents an intriguing and formidable puzzle that poses a significant challenge on your path to success. In order to conquer this obstacle swiftly and effectively, we have prepared a comprehensive guide. 

By following our step-by-step instructions, you will gain the necessary knowledge and strategies to unlock the enigmatic door and progress through your quest seamlessly. 

Utilizing Force Push

Look to the left of the Forest Array and locate a metal bar. Activate Force Push to use the metal bar as a bridge to access a series of platforms.

Employing Force Pull and Grate Climbing

Use force to pull on another metal bar to reach the last platform. Jump onto the rusty grate ahead, climb it, and navigate to the right using a long metal bar.

Reaching the Giant Bird

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Forest Array Locked Door Puzzle Guide

Climb the next grate until you reach the roof, where a magnificent giant bird awaits. Activate the zipline shortcut for future convenience.

Dealing with the Brambles and Unlocking a Shortcut

Proceed until you encounter a locked door surrounded by strange brambles. Jump onto the grate on the right side, climb it, and move right to go beneath the giant bird that will knock you down. Swiftly jump onto the nearby grate, climb to the top, and continue to avoid death, as completing the Forest Array Puzzle is impossible if you are deceased.

Unlocking a Shortcut and Confronting the Beast

Upon reaching another grate, climb it to access the roof, where a shortcut door can be unlocked by turning around. Proceed until you reach a bridge, where you encounter a beast resembling a horned gorilla. Defeat it to progress.

Manipulation of the Circular Room

Climb a grate to the structure’s top and drop down into a circular room.

This chamber has two devices: a ball and a socket. Using force pull to capture the orb and force push to precisely put it in the socket, you may create a ray that clears the impediment obstructing the passage back to the Forest Array Meditation Point. Keep in mind that you should save your progress at this stage.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Forest Array Locked Door Puzzle Guide

Exploring the Newly Opened Room

Activate the newly opened room and ascend to the roof using platforms and a bar. Enable the rope shortcut and proceed to a bridge with a wide gap, opting to ascend the slope on the right instead.

Progressing with the Relter

Descend into a hole and navigate through a tight spot to the left. Discover the SW Jedi Survivor Bilemaw Den Meditation Point. Continue until you face a group of enemies and use the tree to advance.

Jump and grab the veins above, then head right.Attach yourself to the mountain wall and climb upward until you reach the top, encountering a relter (large bird).

Mounting the Relter and Returning to the Forest Array

Mount the Relter after the short cutscene and utilize it to reach a large grate. Climb the grate to access the Forest Array area, where the puzzle awaits completion.

Dealing with Stormtroopers and Reaching the Circular Room

Unlock the shortcut door to the left after climbing the grate. Proceed on the main path, defeating stormtroopers along the way, until you reach a circular room occupied by enemies.

Ascending to the Upper Level

Utilize wall-running techniques to ascend to the upper level of the circular room.Use the Relter to fly to a platform containing another orb capable of shooting rays.

Rotating the Platform and Clearing the Path

Eliminate the remaining stormtroopers and locate a handle device.

Utilize force push and force pull to rotate the platform on which you stand. The objective is to align the ray in a way that clears the gate obstructing the path of the giant bird.

Crossing the Cleared Path and Obtaining a Chest

Follow the ray through the gate and the hazardous dust to reach a grate. Climb the grate to access the other side, where one of the six Forest Array Chests can be found.

Ascending the Ramp and Finalizing the Puzzle

Find another Relter and use it to reach a nearby ramp.  Defeat any remaining enemies and unlock the shortcut door on the right side. Proceed to the cliff’s edge and utilize Force Pull to grab the ball device.

Maneuvering the Orb and Crossing the Bridge

Return to the area with cleared enemies and use Force Push to position the orb on the circular platform across the small gap.

Cross the gap and retrieve the ball once again. Ascend the stairs, place the orb in the socket using Force Push, and cross the newly formed bridge.

Utilizing Force Pull for the Final Time

Face the Forest Array and locate another socket on the opposite side. Employ forceful pushing to place the orb in the socket from a distance, utilizing precise aim.

Cross the bridge that materializes, ascend using the elevator, and celebrate your success in solving the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Puzzle.


Congratulations! By diligently following these steps and overcoming various obstacles, you have triumphantly solved the Forest Array Puzzle in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

This achievement brings you closer to uncovering the secrets of the game’s immersive world. Now continue your epic journey with newfound confidence and determination.

Remember to save your progress regularly and visit Gameophobic for more gaming content and tips to enhance your Star Wars Jedi: Survivor experience. May the Force guide you on your adventures!

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