What Are Remnants in Redfall: Explained

What Are Remnants in Redfall: Explained: It’s highly possible that you’ll want a power boost to finish the task when you take on the armies of vampires occupying Redfall. Thank goodness, this is where the Blood Remnants come in.

What Are Remnants in Redfall: Explained

The items the vampires were carrying when the psychic incident occurred and their ascension took place are known as Remnants in Redfall. You can equip these mystical talismans on your character. You can improve your gaming in a variety of ways using these products. For instance, every time you consume a medical supply, you might stun the enemy nearby.

This blog, What are Remnants in Redfall: Explained will tell provide you with all sorts of details on what are Blood Remnants. Therefore, let’s get started straight now.

What Are Remnants in Redfall

Vampires drop special goods called Blood Remnants, or just “Remnants” as they are known in the game. In canon, these things are referred to be the possessions vampires had with them at the time of the psychic event when they turned into vampires.

When you collect Blood Remnants, which some vampires drop, you’ll receive a particular stat boost or buff.

These goods are now dropped by specific vampires, and obtaining them grants the player enormous benefits. You receive a special bonus or ability from each of these Remnants that improve your play style.

One Remnant might, for instance, allow you to heal while staggering, or it might even increase your maximum health permanently. One that gives you extra health will be handy for tank-style players, etc., as the variety enables you to select the ideal one for your build.

How to Unlock Remnants in Redfall?

As soon as the main mission “A Grave Situation” is over, you have access to Blood Remnants. You must deliver Dr. Hunt’s father’s watch to his mother’s grave. Place the watch in the Sedgewick cemetery before stealing it.

How to Get Remnants in Redfall?

Remains can be acquired randomly by killing vampires, but if you want the strongest remnants, you must infiltrate a vampire nest.

The vampires experience psychosis in communal psychic realms called nests. Because these places do not adhere to conventional laws, you can see a movie theater change into a wilderness.

With the use of these mystical entrances, you can reach nests. Due to the way that the different chambers are put together, these locations are both repayable and somewhat procedural. Each Nest has a huge heart in the middle of it. That is where your potent psychic Remnant comes from.

What Are The Types of Remnants in Redfall: Explained

What Are Remnants in Redfall: Explained

The rarity of the Blood Remnant affects how powerful these bonuses are. The effect is amplified more when the rarity is higher.

  • Increase movement speed by 10/20% when health is at critical levels
  • Increase this Blood Remnant’s Maximum Health value by 10%
  • Increase Emergency Healing health threshold by 6%
  • Heal with Medical Supplies for an additional 9%
  • Heal for 5/8% of maximum health when you kill a human.
  • Heal for 10% of maximum health when you kill a vampire.
  • Trigger Emergency Healing to 30/50% faster.
  • Improve Emergency Healing rate to 60% faster
  • Reduce Bullet Damage by 9%
  • Reduce Melee Damage by 9%
  • Reduce Death Mist damage by 15%
  • Reduce Pschic and Blood Drain Damage by 15%
  • Reduce Explosion Damage by 15/25%
  • Reduce Fire Damage by 15/25%
  • Reduce Fall Damage by 30/50%
  • Reduce the channel time of your Medical Supplies by 0.5 seconds
  • Consume a Medical Supply to regenerate an additional 20/30% health over 8 seconds.
  • Consume a Medical Supply to increase movement speed by 45/75% for 5 seconds
  • Consume a Medical Supply to stagger enemies within 8/15 meters.
  • Consume a Medical Supply to generate 20% of your maximum Psychic Residue.
  • Consume a Medical Supply to reduce all combat damage by 10% for 8 seconds.

Note that some of these Remnants can easily be stacked multiply their effects.

What are the Vampire Blood Remnants in Redfall: Explained

The loadout screen will be presented to you when Redfall first launches. Here, you can change the appearance of your character, equip and organize your weapons, and decide which Remnant to employ. One more spot, nevertheless, cannot be filled when you initially start. The Vampire God Remnants slot is a crucial component of your character in Redfall.

The item is unfortunately not available to you until much later in the game. Furthermore, neither their identity nor their work are ever described. We shall describe exactly what Vampire God Remnants are and how they function in this tutorial. There are some spoilers in the explanation, so be forewarned.

How to Unlock the Vampire Blood Remnant in Redfall?

Redfall’s key boss, Vampire Gods, must be eliminated in order to unleash the Vampire God Remnant. The Hollow Man, who you have been pursuing for the majority of the game’s first half, is the first significant boss you will face.

You can take the Hollow Man’s Vampire God Remnant, which you previously acquired, once you have defeated him. After eliminating each boss, you can only equip one of the four Vampire God Remnants.

What are the Vampire Blood Remnants Used for in Redfall: Explained

You only need to go to your loadout screen and select the Vampire God Remnant box in the top left to equip a Vampire God Remnant. You can choose one Vampire God Remnant to have active here.

Feel free to modify your character however you see appropriate because each Remnant delivers a different boost from the others.

However, do not worry about which ones to choose as you can mix and combine the active remnants as much as you want and experiment with combinations.

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