Starfield: Digipick [Full Guide]

Starfield: Digipick Full Guide : Digipicks are lockpicks in Starfield that allow you to access otherwise inaccessible rooms and things. Picking locks is frequently required in Starfield to accomplish quests or collect rare commodities, so there is no shame in engaging in a little robbery when the opportunity arises.

Starfield: Digipick Full Guide

Starfield is a Bethesda game through and through, which means it contains a lockpicking minigame. However, rather than following in the footsteps of Skyrim or Fallout, Starfield requires you to employ digipicks instead of lockpicks.

In this article, we will talk about Starfield Digipicks and tell you all about how to use them, how to farm them, and much more. So, keep reading to find out more.

Starfield: Where to Find Digipick – Full Guide

Finding a digipick in Starfield is generally a random occurrence. It is a good idea to become acquainted with their tiny black spyglass design, as you can generally find them lying around outposts, research labs, abandoned labs, and other repeating spots, often near the container you’re attempting to break. Activating your scanner (LB on Xbox) will additionally highlight them with a blue border on your HUD.

Starfield will toss a lot of digipicks at you in the first few hours, so keep a look out for them, especially in the Kreet Research Lab during the “One Small Step” quest, which teaches you how to use a digipick.

Starfield: Digipick Full Guide

Starfield Digipick: Where to Buy Guide

More Digipicks can be obtained in Starfield by purchasing them from certain vendors, pickpocketing people, and looting other sources.

If you want to buy Digipicks from a merchant, you should expect to pay 35 Credits in most situations. If you have access to these things at a vendor, you should stock up on them whenever possible because Digipicks have no weight and will not deplete your inventory space weight capacity. Jemison Mercantile sells them in the New Atlantis spaceport early in the game. Digipicks can be found under ‘Misc’ things after you approach the character.

Exit the New Atlantis spaceport and proceed to the Fountain Square. Jemison Mercantile is located to the left of you. Trade with the vendor and then go down to the “Misc” section. According to our tests, the number of accessible digipicks looks to be random, however you should be able to get a few for 35 credits each.

Another probable source of Digipicks is pickpocketing. You must choose the Thief talent if you want to pickpocket unsuspecting strangers. Keep in mind, though, that pickpocketing is all fun and games until you get discovered, and getting caught could result in a bounty on your head. There are many potential pickpocket victims in the game, so choose your targets carefully and, of course, avoid being caught.

Finally, there is always the tried-and-true method of obtaining Digipicks or any other form of in-game item: looting. Looting is a fundamental component of most RPGs, so loot whatever you can if you want to stock up on Digipicks and other necessary things.

How to Farm Digipicks in Starfield

There is one strategy for cultivating digipicks if you simply cannot obtain enough of them. After 24 hours of waiting in local time, Digipick sellers frequently refresh their stock. However, in our testing, the timeframe can occasionally be extended to 48 hours; your mileage may vary.

When you have depleted a vendor’s daily supply, you can return to your ship for a little snooze or find a nearby chair to spend the time. Then you simply return to the vendor, empty them out, and repeat. You will appear strange to the people of New Atlantis, but what is more valuable: your dignity or your life?


Digipicks are widely available, which is good news given how crucial they are for picking locks in Starfield. If the Theft skill is unlocked, players can pilfer them from dead bodies or pickpocket them from living ones.

Digipicks can also be purchased from most general-purpose merchants by cycling to the miscellaneous area of their inventories. The regular cost is 35 Credits, although players can save money by unlocking and upgrading the Commerce talent.

Starfield is now available on PC and the Xbox Series X|S. Also, read How To Enable HDR in Starfield?

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