Street Fighter 6 Titles List

Street Fighter 6 Titles List: Welcome to the world of Street Fighter 6, where players can not only engage in thrilling battles but also personalize their profiles with a range of achievements. One of the key features in Street Fighter 6 is the ability to unlock and showcase titles that reflect your accomplishments and skills in the game. These titles serve as a symbol of your dedication and prowess, allowing you to leave a lasting impression on the fighting community.

Street Fighter 6 Titles List

Prepare for a voyage full of violent fights, strategic movements, and the excitement of unlocking new titles. Whether you want to be the Champion of the Ring, a Combo Master, or a Legendary Fighter, the Street Fighter 6 titles list has something for everyone. Learn the techniques of obtaining these titles and see how they give a new level of pride and recognition to your games.

In this Street Fighter 6 Titles List, we present a comprehensive Street Fighter 6 titles list, offering players the chance to make their mark and stand out in the fighting community.

Street Fighter 6 Titles List: Personalize Your Profile with Achievements

Unlocking Titles

In Street Fighter 6, titles are earned through different feats and tasks. By completing challenges, winning matches, reaching specific ranks in online play, or conquering the World Tour mode, players can unlock a variety of titles. These titles reflect their dedication, skill, and perseverance in the game.

Title Customization

Customizing your profile in Street Fighter 6 lets you show off your personality and style. After earning titles, you can choose and display them in your profile. The game provides options to personalize your profile, like changing the “Here Comes a New Challenger” screen and adjusting your fighter’s appearance.

Street Fighter 6 Titles List

Here is a some of the titles available in Street Fighter 6

  • Champion of the Ring: Awarded to players who achieve victory in online tournaments or a high online ranking.
  • Combo Master: Given to those who flawlessly execute complex combos and showcase exceptional technique.
  • Legendary Fighter: Earned by seasoned players with a wealth of experience and an impressive win record.
  • Master of Martial Arts: Bestowed upon those who demonstrate mastery of multiple characters and fighting styles.
  • Rising Star: Awarded to up-and-coming players who rapidly climb the online ranks.
  • King of the World Tour: Conferred to those who conquer the World Tour mode and emerge as the ultimate champion.
  • Style Icon: Given to players who possess a unique and distinctive fighting style.
  • Ultimate Strategist: Awarded to players who devise and execute ingenious battle strategies, leading to consistent victories.

How to Change Titles in Street Fighter 6

Changing titles in Street Fighter 6 allows you to personalize your profile and showcase your achievements. Here’s a simple guide on how to change titles in the game:

  1. To enter the Battle Settings menu, navigate to the main menu and hit the “Options” button.
  1. Navigate to Profile: Within the Battle Settings menu, locate and select the “Profile” section. This will lead you to your profile settings.
  1. Update Character Settings: Once you’re in the Profile section, choose “Update Character Settings” to modify various aspects of your profile, including titles.
  1. Choose Title Settings: Look for the option labeled “Title Settings” within the Update Character Settings menu. Selecting this option will display the titles you have unlocked.
  1. Select a Title: Browse through the available titles and choose the one you want to use. Confirm your selection to make it your new profile title.
Street Fighter 6 Titles List


Changing titles in Street Fighter 6 offers players the chance to personalize their profiles and showcase their accomplishments and playstyle to the world. By accessing the Battle Settings menu and exploring the available options, you can easily select a new title, customize your profile’s appearance, and unlock additional titles as you progress through the game. 

Let your profile reflect your unique journey and achievements within the world of Street Fighter 6. So, embrace the challenge, dive into the game, and let your titles speak volumes about your fighting prowess and dedication. Personalize your profile and make a lasting impression in the fighting community. For more such articles, follow Gameophobic.

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