Street Fighter 6 World Tour Walkthrough

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Walkthrough: Welcome to the exciting world of Street Fighter 6! One of the standout features of this game is the brand-new World Tour mode, which offers players an immersive RPG adventure with a semi-open world experience. In this mode, you have the opportunity to create your own avatar and embark on an epic journey alongside legendary fighters from the Street Fighter franchise.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Walkthrough

The World Tour mode in Street Fighter 6 is divided into 15 chapters, each unveiling a piece of the captivating story. Alongside the main storyline, you’ll also encounter a wide range of side missions and engaging minigames, adding depth and variety to your gameplay experience.

In this Street Fighter 6 World Tour Walkthrough, we aim to guide you through every step of this remarkable adventure. We’ll provide you with detailed instructions, tips, and strategies to help you conquer each chapter and overcome the challenges that await you. 

Walkthrough of Street Fighter 6 World Tour

Chapter 1: New Kid on the Block

Chapter 1 of Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode acts as an extension of the tutorial, teaching players how to initiate fights, restore health, and interact with non-playable characters (NPCs). It consists of one main story mission called “New Kid on the Block.”

To start the mission, players need to talk to Alice, who can be found near the main road. She will ask players to land ten assisted combos using the modern control scheme. After completing this task, players must defeat two random NPCs by challenging them to a fight.

Players should then speak to Alice again, triggering a text message from Luke. He directs them to a nearby food truck to buy healing items. In the nearby alley, players encounter two Level 1 goons with cardboard boxes on their heads, whom they must defeat.

Next, players visit a clothing store and buy a cap. This prompts a message from Luke, who awaits nearby. Talking to Luke leads to a two-on-one sparring match, after which Luke becomes the player’s first master.

Lastly, players return to Alice, who asks if they are understanding Luke’s lessons. Players can choose to respond with a yes or no.

Chapter 2: Kung Fu Lessons in Chinatown

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Walkthrough

To begin Street Fighter 6 World Tour Walkthrough Chapter 2, players need to go to Hong Hu Lu Chinatown, west of the main hub area. They can activate the bus stop near the subway entrance for fast travel. In Chinatown, a short cutscene introduces Chun-Li as the player’s second master. They must interact with Chun-Li’s students and fight one of them using Chun-Li’s style. Speaking with Chun-Li and Li-Fen progresses to the next mission.

Canary Crate Crackdown

In this mission, players need to defeat three members of the Canary Crate Gang in an alleyway. If they face difficulty, they can level up by fighting NPCs near Chun-Li. Once the gang members are defeated, players climb onto the roof and confront the gang’s leader, Boluo.

To reach the roof, players climb a nearby ladder and use a master action to destroy a sign blocking their path. Master Actions can also initiate fights. Boluo, a Level 4 fighter, serves as the gang boss. Defeating him in two rounds completes the mission, and players receive rewards such as Bosch’s ID card, 1,000 miles, and Boston glasses for their avatar.

Chapter 3: The Nightlife of Metro City

Players are instructed to return to the Mad Gear Gang’s hangout at night. They can fast travel to Metro City’s main hub area and find the quest marker near a corner door. Entering the door and selecting the “Night” option will change the time of day.

Bosch’s Whereabouts

After heading outside, players receive a text about equipping gear. They should ignore it and go to the Downtown – Center area, where they’ll trigger an encounter with the Mad Gear Gang and reunite with Bosch.

The Search for the Bag

Players should rest until daytime and speak with the police officers outside the hangout. Officer Tyrone Reid suggests going back to Chinatown and talking to Boluo. Boluo mentions a counterfeiter named Leonardo in Skywalk Lane.

To reach Skywalk Lane, players can take the walkway opposite the scaffolding or go through the alleyways. Leonardo asks for two pieces of leather, which players can obtain by defeating the heavyset thugs.

With the leather in hand, players can travel to Colosseo on the World Map. They will encounter Marisa and engage in a fight. Regardless of the outcome, Marisa gives them the clasp needed for the counterfeit bag.

Players can speak with Marisa again to make her their third Street Fighter 6 Master. Return to Metro City, then give the items to Leonardo.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Walkthrough: Chapter 4: The Mad Gear Gang of Metro City

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Walkthrough

The chapter begins with players returning a counterfeit handbag to Elissa in the Downtown – Center area. However, things take a turn when Elissa realizes that what she wanted was inside the bag and attacks the player.

After defeating Elissa and her goons, the players meet Thrasher Damnd, who asks for their help. They need to speak with two nearby goons and then talk to the police, requiring a switch in the time of day.

Officer Billy Kid mentions threatening posters, and players must investigate the damaged poster near the Master’s Foundation Building. They then interact with Jacob, a security guard, who directs them to an undamaged copy of the poster on Skywalk Lane.

Players return to Thrasher with the poster at night to complete the mission and the chapter, earning Zenny and Red Dye as rewards.

Chapter 5: Bound for England

In Bound for England, players will receive a text message from Luke mentioning Bosch and England. After leaving the Skywalk Lane area, they can select the King Street destination on the World Map. A cutscene will play, and players will find themselves in a tough two-on-one fight against Juri. While winning is challenging, it is possible, though there are no rewards for doing so.

After the fight, Juri will leave with Bosch, and players will obtain a mysterious data card. The “Bound for England” mission and the “Bosch’s Whereabouts” mission from Chapter 3 will be marked as complete, and Chapter 6 will begin. As a reward, players will receive 1,500 Miles, 3,000 Zenny, and some vials of White Dye.

Additionally, Chapter 5 includes the mission “Entrusted Encryption,” but it can’t be completed until approaching the end of Chapter 7.

Chapter 6: Hard Reboot

Now players receive a message from Luke in Metro City, suggesting a change of scenery. They are asked to find funky souvenirs while traveling. Two new locations, the Ranger’s Hut in Brazil and Bathers Beach in Jamaica, are unlocked on the World Map. Players can visit them in any order they prefer.

Upon arriving in Mexico, players meet Blanka, who can become their master. Speaking with NPC Nelio is necessary for story progression and rewards players with the Blanka-Chan Doll item.

In Jamaica, at Bathers Beach, players encounter Dee Jay in a cutscene. After a one-on-one fight, they can explore the area and speak with NPC Brenna. To progress, players need to defeat Brenna in a fight and obtain the Wooden Folk Carving. Before leaving, they should speak with Dee Jay again to become his students.

Once players have visited both locations, they return to the training center in Metro City to speak with Luke. He teaches them new techniques and challenges them to a fight. Upon defeating Luke, the mission is marked as complete . Players receive rewards such as a Subway Pass, 5,000 Zenny, and the Fighter Magazine Special Issue gift item, as well as unlocking new items at the shop.

Chapter 7: Mike Haggar Memorial Stadium

Players use the Subway Pass to travel to Urban Park, where they must head to the Mike Haggar Memorial Stadium and talk to Cathy at the registration desk.

Novice League Prelims

Players defeat three low-level fighters in Urban Park, with one fighter available only at night.

Main Tournament Registration

After defeating Ernest, players switch back to daytime, return to the stadium, and register. A cutscene plays, and Li-Fen asks players to come to Chinatown.

Shot Across the Bao

Players help Li-Fen find the Bao Bao Bro mascot as part of a promotional campaign. Speaking with Li-Fen completes this section.

Bao Bao Boogie

Players visit various locations to track down the Bao Bao Bro. After defeating the mascot in a fight near the SiRN Building, players return to Li-Fen.

The Novice League Tournament

Players participate in the Novice League at the Mike Haggar Memorial Stadium, defeating three fighters, including a challenging opponent named Rewancha.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Walkthrough: Chapter 8: A Toast to Victory

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Walkthrough

Players visit the BackStreet area at night, where they encounter Jamie. After a one-on-one fight, they proceed to speak with Li-Fen.

Tracking the Mystery Code

Li-Fen provides players with images from a data card. Players find posters with numbers corresponding to a six-digit code (332951) and input it on their phones.

The Elusive Former National Champ

Players receive a message from Asterisk instructing them to infiltrate the SiRN building in pursuit of Ken. They purchase a safety helmet and engage in a fight to observe Ken.

Big in Japan

Players locate E. Honda at Chanko House Edomon and snap a photo of him. They can also speak with Honda to become his student and learn his fighting style.

Meeting at the SiRN Building

Players return to the SiRN Building, obtain a key card from the security guard, and infiltrate the building at night to acquire a SiRN Lab Coat and Name Badge.

Scraping the Sky

Players power the crane, ride shipping containers, defeat attack drones, and explore the SiRN Building. They upgrade their clearance, face Kimberly in a fight, retrieve a name card, and escape.

High Flying Man

Players return to the security guard wearing the lab coat. They proceed to Grace Marina, assist Curtis with battling robots, meet Guile, and capture his photo.

Chapter 9: Nascent Nayshall

Players should talk to Guile and then Curtis about returning to Metro City. They’ll receive text messages about Li-Fen’s whereabouts. The active mission becomes “White Hat Down,” which can be completed easily later.

White Hat Down

Players should go to Chinatown during the day and speak with Lao Tang. He mentions Li-Fen’s disappearance and suggests finding the Bao Bao Bro from Chapter 7. The Bro can be found in Beat Square at night, and a fight can be initiated by using a Master Action.

Bao Bao Bro Fight

The Bao Bao Bro is strong, but players can overcome the challenge with good defense and consumable items. The Bro reveals Li-Fen’s location at Abigail’s Scrap Metal, where players can farm money by playing the Scrap Heap minigame.

Thrasher’s Attack

Players are apprehended by gang members and must fight them off with Li-Fen’s help. After the first battle, Li-Fen flees, and players face Thrasher Damnd and an army of Mad Gear Gang grunts. They must avoid projectiles from the crane above and be prepared for Thrasher’s powerful attacks.

Defeating Thrasher is challenging, as he is strong and attacks relentlessly. Players should be cautious, dodge or block projectiles, and use healing items wisely to survive the fight.

After defeating Thrasher and escaping the scrapyard, Li-Fen sends a message confirming her safety. Players can visit her during the day to conclude the mission. Asterisk then instructs them to find resistance leader Kalima in Nayshall.

Chapter 10: Resisting, Nayshall Style

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Walkthrough

In Street Fighter 6 World Tour Walkthrough, Players arrive in Nayshall and are tasked with finding Kalima. They meet Yua, who suggests heading to the Lowlands for information. After delivering watchwords to Resistance members, players receive the final watchword and complete the mission.

Brother and Sister

Players arrive in Nayshall and are tasked with finding Kalima. They meet Yua, who suggests heading to the Lowlands for information. After delivering watchwords to Resistance members, players receive the final watchword and complete the mission.

Outlaw Pankration Tournament

Players head to the Lowlands’ arena, meet Punch, and choose between Mad Gear or the Crows. After that, players return to Metro City and receive flight tickets

Chapter 11: Repping Metro City

In this chapter, players will explore Metro City and encounter new characters. They start by talking to Thrasher in Metro City’s Hangout at night. Thrasher offers players a chance to represent the Mad Gear gang in a tournament, but only if they deal with a rival gang first.

The Crows’ Nest

Next, players need to locate the Crows’ hideout on the west side of Metro City. They talk to an NPC named Crows Burungak to gain entrance and face an ambush inside. They meet Rudra, the leader of the Crows, who suggests a team battle between Mad Gear and the Crows to decide who represents Metro City in the tournament.

Recruitment Drive

To prepare for the team battle, players must recruit three skilled fighters. They embark on a mission called “Recruitment Drive” and encounter Bao and the Cardboard Combatant. After defeating the cardboard combatant, players receive suggestions for two more recruits and ultimately form a full team.

To Evil’s Zenith

With a complete team, players return to the Crows’ hideout for a final showdown. They ascend to the tallest rooftop, defeat or avoid the Crows’ members along the way, and finally face Rudra in a challenging one-on-one fight. Players need to find strategies to counter Rudra’s Dhalsim-inspired fighting style.

After defeating Rudra, players return to Nayshall and speak with Punch at the Lowlands arena. This completes the main story mission “To Evil’s Zenith,” and players receive rewards. They then unlock the first part of Chapter 12, “Kalima of the Resistance,” by speaking with Yua in the Central Bazaar area of Old Nayshall.

Chapter 12: Kalima of the Resistance

The chapter starts with a mission called “Kalima of the Resistance.” Players need to speak with Yua in the Central Bazaar area to unlock the chapter. They’ll receive information about the resistance and the nation of Nayshall. Completing this mission rewards players with 2,000 miles and five Fortress Caramels.

Tournament of Outlaws

The next mission is the “Tournament of Outlaws.” Players should visit Punch during the day to start the tournament. The first fight is against Sompong, who uses projectiles and aerial kicks. Constantly pressuring him is key. The following fights are against Kim, Hazel Cruz, Joy, and Gerald Golby, each with their own fighting style and weaknesses.

Completing the tournament earns players 10,000 Zenny and three medium-sized energy drinks. Additionally, there’s an optional side quest to unlock Juri as a master. Players must complete the “Hardboiled Adventure” quest by speaking with NPCs Govind, Sandal, and Capana in the Central Bazaar area during the day. Defeating Govind in the back alley at night allows players to spar with Juri and become her students.

Chapter 13: The Suval’hal Martial Arts Tournament

In the first mission, players meet Li-Fen in Hong Hu Lu Chinatown. She shares information found on a data card and expresses concerns about the Suval’hal tournament. Completing this mission unlocks the medium difficulty version of Scrap Heap, a great spot for earning money.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Walkthrough

Where it All Began

Next, in “Where it All Began,” players receive a message leading them back to the food truck from Chapter 1. They find a photograph and a Level 3 Key Card, along with 3,000 Zenny. This mission concludes with the discovery of important clues.

A Most Beautiful Mess

In “A Most Beautiful Mess,” players reach the top of the SiRN Building, encountering SiRN Staff Grace. Solving a mathematical puzzle grants access to valuable rewards like street fiber (legs) and shoes.

Chapter 14: From One Friend to Another

Players begin by receiving a message containing a list of items to collect. They start at the Red Steel Factory in Metro City, where they find the spring and connector. The entrance can be reached by unlocking the gate or taking an alternative route from the back of the building.

The Transporter

With two items in hand, players meet Rewancha in the Central Bazaar area of Old Nayshall. They learn about the mission to climb Mount Vashal, receive rewards, and three Ultra Mighty Jawdecimators.

Mountain of History

Players fast travel to the “Vashal Foothills – Ruins” bus stop and proceed towards Mount Vashal. After a history lesson from Kalima, players are asked to return during nighttime hours.

The Mountain Hideout

Players change the time of day to night at the hangout and return to the mountain. They explore cave systems, use the spinning bird kick to progress, and encounter Rewancha in a fight.

The Clock is Ticking

Continuing through the mountain hideout, players reach the Surval’hal Arena basement. They locate the room containing the championship belt, triggering a cutscene with the main antagonist, JP. The mission concludes, marking the completion of the chapter and rewarding players with 2,000 miles.

Chapter 15: Divine Struggle

In this section, players prepare for the Suval’hal Martial Arts Tournament by stocking up on healing items and power-boosting consumables. They can earn money by playing the Scrap Heap mini-game and purchase items from Shopkeeper Udon or the merchant in the resistance’s hideout.

Punch Start

Players make their way to the Suval’hal Arena entrance, where they meet Punch. They need to speak with him to enter the tournament and start each round.

Round 1: Brois Gagarin

Players face off against Brois Gagarin, a powerful fighter trained by Zangief. They should be cautious of his throw moves and charging grabs, but can counter them with their own throw moves. Manon’s Manege Dore Special is effective in this fight.

Round 2: Carmela

Carmela, a mid-range fighter, prefers to stay at a distance and use projectiles. Players can easily defeat her by spamming Ryu’s Hadouken Special or trapping her in a corner for a close-range assault.

Round 3: Gora Ndiaye

Gora Ndiaye fights like E. Honda and possesses strong throws. Players should adopt a block-into-counter strategy, avoid rushing in, and focus on trapping him in corners to deal damage.

Round 4: Lima Bien

Lima Bien, a mid to long-range specialist, poses a challenge with her teleportation abilities. Players must close the gap, use their strongest attacks, and take advantage of opportunities when Lima teleports.

Round 5: Bosch

Bosch is the final opponent of the tournament, and while it’s not necessary to defeat him, players can try their best. They should jump over his charge attack and block the rest, utilizing throws, as Bosch often blocks regular attacks and specials.

Round 6: JP

Players face JP, a relatively easier opponent compared to Bosch. Aggressive play and corner trapping are effective strategies to neutralize JP. Players must prevent him from using special moves by countering with drive impacts or throw moves.

End of the Tournament

After defeating JP, players witness final cutscenes and receive rewards of 15,000 miles and a gold nugget. They unlock the “At Journey’s End” Trophy/Achievement. However, there is still one more main story mission to complete.

What it Means to Be Strong

Players complete this mission by speaking with the NPC in Beat Square. They affirm finding their strength by choosing the appropriate dialogue options and receive the Street Fighter 6 key art as a reward.

Note: The “Brother and Sister” mission from Chapter 10 can be completed after finishing the main story. Players need to speak with Yua in the Lowlands during the daytime to obtain Yua’s necklace and Kina’s necklace items.


Congratulations on completing the Street Fighter 6 World Tour mode! We hope that our comprehensive walkthrough and guides have helped you navigate through the challenging chapters and side missions, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in this RPG adventure.

By following our tips, strategies, and instructions, you have honed your skills as a formidable fighter and overcome the toughest opponents in the game. Your dedication and perseverance have paid off, and you can now proudly stand as a true Street Fighter champion.

Remember that being a competent Street Fighter player is a lifelong endeavor. Continue to practice, experiment with new characters, and discover the enormous diversity of gaming choices.

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