Street Fighter 6 World Tour Best Gear

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Best Gear: The world of Street Fighter 6 is vast and immersive, offering players the exhilarating World Tour mode to embark on an unforgettable journey. As you create your own Avatar and train alongside legendary characters, the importance of equipping the best gear becomes apparent. In this guide, we delve into the realm of Street Fighter 6 World Tour’s best gear, unveiling the key pieces that will elevate your performance and make you an unstoppable force in combat.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Best Gear 

Within the depths of the World Tour mode, you’ll encounter various challenges and opponents, testing your skills to the limit. To conquer these trials, it is crucial to equip your Avatar with gear that not only enhances their abilities but also ensures their survival. 

From defense-focused pieces that provide unrivaled protection to offensive gear that amplifies your strength, we have compiled Street Fighter 6 World Tour Best Gear to help you become a top fighter.

The Best Gear in Street Fighter 6 World Tour

Street Fighter 6 offers an immersive World Tour mode that allows players to embark on an exciting journey, creating their own avatar and training with legendary characters to become formidable fighters. A crucial aspect of this mode is equipping your Avatar with the best gear to enhance their abilities and optimize performance in combat encounters

Fighter’s Hoody

The Fighter’s Hoody stands as one of the most powerful gear pieces available, offering a staggering +104 defense along with the coveted Peak Performance trait. This gear becomes essential for late-game activities, providing significant protection and boosting your overall performance.

Fighter’s Sweatpants

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Best Gear 

With a remarkable +106 defense, the Fighter’s Sweatpants offer unparalleled protection to your avatar. Although it lacks additional traits or buffs, the sheer amount of defense it provides makes it a must-have gear, particularly for challenging online battles and complex Metro City challenges.

Full Face Helmet

The Full helmet combines offense and defense with +67 punch strength, +27 defense, and the Peak Performance trait. While it requires progression in the World Tour mode and a significant investment, its impact on your outgoing damage and vitality thresholds make it a worthwhile addition to your gear collection.

Officer’s Watch

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Best Gear 

The Officer’s Watch may not offer substantial stat boosts, but its Quick Draw trait grants a substantial advantage. Landing the first strike in an encounter rewards you with a large boost to your outgoing damage, giving you an edge over opponents. Though the risk of your opponent gaining the buff exists, the potential benefits outweigh the cons.

Blanka-Chan Costume

Inspired by the character Blanka, the Blanka-Chan Costume delivers a versatile set of stat boosts. With +40 punch strength, +40 kick strength, +20 unique attack strength, and an impressive +110 defense, this legendary gear caters to various playstyles. Additionally, it grants the High Voltage trait, which increases your Super Art Gauge gain if your Vitality is 70% or greater.

Basketball Shoes

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Best Gear 

The basketball shoes provide a solid combination of offense and defense. With +60 kick strength and +20 defense, they excel at amplifying your kicking abilities while offering a respectable level of protection. Perfect for characters like Juri, who rely heavily on kicking moves, these shoes can significantly enhance your combat effectiveness.

Apocalypse Mask

For those specializing in punching-based movesets, the Apocalypse Mask is a valuable gear piece. Offering +59 punch strength and +24 defense, it empowers your punching power while maintaining a decent defense. Ideal for characters whose fighting styles revolve around dealing damage with their fists, the Apocalypse Mask becomes a formidable asset.

Boxing Shoes

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Best Gear 

The boxing shoes combine a +48 kick strength boost with a +19 defense increase, making them an excellent choice for characters emphasizing kicking maneuvers. When coupled with the right movesets, these shoes can amplify your kicking damage output while providing a moderate level of defense.


In Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode, equipping your avatar with the best gear is essential to maximizing their potential in combat encounters. The Fighter’s Hoody and Fighter’s

Sweatpants offer unparalleled defense, ensuring survival in intense battles. 

Meanwhile, the Full helmet and officer’s watch provide offensive advantages and strategic opportunities. The Blanka-Chan Costume, Basketball Shoes, Apocalypse Mask, and Boxing Shoes cater to different playstyles and enhance specific combat techniques. For more such guides, check out our other articles on Gameophobic.

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