Street Fighter 6 World Tour Juri Location

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Juri Location: Street Fighter 6‘s World Tour mode immerses players in a thrilling journey where they can explore different locations around the world and engage with a diverse array of street fighters. Among the roster of playable characters, the alluring and formidable Juri Han makes her highly anticipated return to the franchise. Juri’s presence adds a captivating dynamic to the game, as players have the opportunity to learn from her and adopt her unique fighting style.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Juri Location

As players traverse the World Tour mode, they will encounter Juri and have the chance to study under her tutelage. Her character design and fierce combat abilities have made her a fan favorite, amplifying the excitement of discovering and unlocking her as a master. With her bare-footed ferocity and intricate moves, Juri brings a fresh perspective and challenges players to master her fighting techniques.

In this article, we’ll explore Street Fighter 6 World Tour Juri Location and become her disciples, unlocking her unique fighting style.

Juri Location in World Tour: Street Fighter 6

To become Juri’s disciple and practice her fighting style, you’ll need to embark on a specific quest in Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode. Follow the steps below to find Juri:

Step 1: Advance to Chapter 12-1

Progress through the main storyline until you reach Chapter 12-1. This step is crucial to unlocking the quest that leads you to Juri.

Step 2: “A Hard-Boiled Adventure” Side Quest

At the beginning of Chapter 12-1, a side quest named “A Hard-Boiled Adventure” becomes available. This quest will guide you to Juri’s location.

Step 3: The Hangout in Old National

Completing the first step of Chapter 12-1 will unlock The Hangout in Old National, a location where you can change between day and night. This will be important for the quest’s progression.

Step 4: Bazaar and Govind

During the daytime, head to the central bazaar in Old National. Look for an NPC named Govind and initiate a conversation with him. He plays a crucial role in accessing Juri.

Step 5: Night time Interviews

Govind will ask you to interview two other NPCs, Sundal and Kapana. However, you can only interact with them at night time. Return to The Hangout and sleep until the evening to proceed.

Step 6: South Alley Showdown

After completing the nighttime interviews, make your way to the South Alley location. Here, you will encounter Govind again, revealing his true nature. Engage in a battle and emerge victorious against him.

Step 7: Juri’s Appearance

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Juri Location

Once you have defeated Govind, Juri will appear at night in the South Alley location. Prepare for a fierce fight against her to prove your worth.

Step 8: Becoming Juri’s Disciple

After the intense battle, continue the conversation with Juri by selecting dialogue choices that advance the interaction. Demonstrate your passion and determination to learn from her, and she will agree to become your mentor and teach you her fighting style.


In the expansive world of Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode, finding Juri and becoming her disciple is an exciting endeavor. By following the questline and proving your skills, you can unlock Juri as a master, enabling you to learn her unique fighting style and enhance your abilities. Take this opportunity to embrace the challenge, hone your techniques, and discover the power within Juri’s bare-footed ferocity. With dedication and perseverance, you can become a formidable fighter under her guidance.

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