The Best Hybrid Car—Venom in Rocket League

The Best Hybrid Car—Venom in Rocket League! Venom is a battle-car that debuted alongside the game on July 7, 2015. It is categorized as a “Common” rarity. Previously, the body could be obtained by completing matches; however, this has now changed, and new players must earn the body through the new driver challenges. The hitbox and stats of a hybrid body type are used by the Venom model. This is typically used for cars that aren’t quite in the octane class but aren’t quite in the dominus class either. Venom (14). The Venom may not be the most visually appealing vehicle, but it is widely regarded as an undervalued option.

How much does the venom cost?

The deathstalker scorpion is one of the most dangerous scorpions on the planet, and its venom is the most expensive liquid on the planet, costing $39 million per gallon. But it’s not as simple as just buying a gallon — to fill a gallon, you’d have to milk one scorpion 2.64 million times.

Statistics on the Venom car

Hitbox and hybrid body type stats are used by the Venom model. This is typically used for cars that aren’t quite in the octane class but aren’t a dominus either. It has no exact match and must be classified. The following are the venom statistics.

Length – 127,02

Width – 82,19


34.242 sq. ft.

0% Boosting – 2,345

100% Boosting – 2,014

The average number of turns – 2,21

The advantage is that your octane rating is higher than the octane rating, and your ability to dribble in the air is greatly improved. While the octane number isn’t as strict as the octane number, you’ll dribble decently on the ground like an octane.

The most effective venom design

(venom painted in titanium white) = Venom XXX

The design employs contrasting red and black color schemes, as well as 20XX decals, to create a subtle dynamic flow on the body. The titanium white paint on the Sunburst wheels contrasts sharply with dark colors and is very eye-catching.

  1. (primary color: red, accent color: black) = Decal:20XX

Sunburst wheels (painted titanium white)

Sunburst wheels (painted titanium white)

Venom decal

Standard Boost (painted crimson)

At the seashore

The following design employs light yellow and blue tones, as well as solvent decals, to create the appearance of a slow beach wave. Come on, finished blue sky.

     2. (primary color: sky blue, accent color: yellow) = Dissolver decal

Aero Mage wheels

Venom decal

Tachyon as a boost (painted sky blue)

Rocket League Best Hybrid Cars


The Endo was first released in 2017, but it was reintroduced in 2020 as part of the Endo Starter Pack. It’s my top pick for the hybrid hitbox because it’s easy to learn and has no drawbacks. Regardless of how good it looks, it looks like a cross between a Lamborghini Aventador and a McLaren MP4-12C.

619 Jager

The Jager 619, formerly known as the Jager 619 RS, was released in 2017 as part of the Autumn update. It, like the Skyline, is extremely popular due to its aesthetics and utility on the field. Anyone who looks at this beauty can’t help but notice the resemblance to a Porsche 718 Cayman GT4.

Nissan Skyline 

The Nissan Skyline was first released as a DLC in 2017, but it was retired in December 2019. However, it recently made a comeback in the Fast & Furious Bundle. Obviously, this is a popular choice among players because of its looks first and foremost, but its effectiveness should not be overlooked.


The Nimbus is an import car that was released in 2018 inside the Elevation crate, which now rests in peace. It was very popular back then, and for good reason. The Nimbus supports a variety of gameplay styles while living up to its hybrid hitbox by resembling a cross between a Lamborghini and a Ferrari 458 Italia.


This thing can hit the ball hard, and it has a solid, flat, and medium-height build that makes it dependable when controlling the ball, dribbling, or flying. It has one of the most expansive overall surface areas, allowing you to hit the ball frequently and effectively.



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