Best Tips to Improve Map Awareness in BGMI Mobile

Tips to improve map awareness in BGMI mobile: 

After Krafton greeted PUBG Mobile as Battlefields Mobile India( BGMI), the game has come to an esports sensation in the country. Millions of players tune in to watch BGMI esports events, where players battle it out to earn massive cash prizes and openings for transnational leagues. The competitive nature of BGMI’s battle royale, Team Deathmatch, Domination, and others lead to some violent matches. Like numerous other shooters out there, being a great BGMI player isn’t just about landing headshots on every adversary you see. There’s quite a bit of strategy and a balanced approach needed to master some of the stylish BGMI players.

One of the most introductory effects you can do in BGMI is studying the map you play on. Identify lower crowded locales to drophigh conflict zones, and spots where you get great positioning. When you come apprehensive of all the nuances of a chart, you can produce strategies to move around the chart safely and set up sides during violent gunfights. Moving with one ideal in mind is much better than moving around erratically until the zone closes or until you find an adversary hit. However, you may find yourself in a bad position where you’re being girdled by adversaries if you move around the map with no purpose.

How to improve map awareness?

There are a lot of ways to improve your map awareness when you are in the game. Map awareness is very important for all modes. Be it solo, duo, or, squad a player with good map awareness can ace all kinds of modes.  The map on your BGMI mobile screen plays a very vital role in displaying the enemy’s location, firing marks, and approaching vehicle alert. There are total 4 maps in BGMI mobile all having different topography.

The very first thing to improve map awareness is knowing the map you play on. You should be aware of the topography of the map. Knowing about all the buildings, boulders, and ridges can help you gain an extra advantage over your enemy.

Tips to improve map awareness-

Here are some of the most commonly used tactics to utilize the map and understand the surroundings in a better way in BGMI mobile. These tactics can be applied on all the maps of BGMI.

Tips to improve map awareness in BGMI mobile-

  • Always fix some specific spots for the drop on all maps. Choose at least  2-3 locations spread in all directions of the map. Fixing the drop location will help you enhance your initial run in the game.

Tips to improve map awareness in BGMI mobile

Tips to improve map awareness in BGMI mobile Tips to improve map awareness in BGMI mobile

  • Keep a close eye on the minimap and look out for enemy footsteps on the map. If you are not equipped then always avoid initial gun fights.
  • Always keep a track of the safe zone circle and try to always move with it. The safe zone appears as a white circle on the map and if you are outside the map a dashed white line will show you your shortest distance to the safe zone. You can move along that line to quickly enter the zone.
  • Red zones should be avoided at all costs. Red zones appear as a red circle over the map and it damages players by striking missiles at them.

  • If you are well aware of the topography of the map then look out for higher grounds/ridges/mountains to play on. Higher ground increases your field of view and helps you spot enemies easily.
  • If no higher ground would be available try to play under the cover of trees and stones.

Tips to improve map awareness in BGMI mobile

  • While entering the circle always take a look around the map and make sure no one followed you in the zone. This will help you hold a stronger position in the death zones.
  • If you spot gunshots on the mini-map try to flank and change your position according to it.

These were some of the points that you should always keep in mind while playing BGMI mobile. These points will also help you to improve your map awareness in BGMI mobile and therefore improve your overall game.

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