Top 10 Best Strategy Games for PC in 2022

Fighting games and shmups are two examples of twitchy video game genres that don’t always offer the challenge you’re looking for. Without a doubt, fast-paced, action-packed games have their place, but every so then, you need the thrill of using your brains to outwit your foes. Games involving strategy and tactics become alluring at that point. If you’re looking for Strategy games 2022, you’ve come to the right place.

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There is a tight line between the strategy and tactics genres. Managing all components of the war, such as gathering energy resources and erecting bases or troops, is a common duty in strategy games. The StarCraft video games are a great illustration. The focus of tactics games, on the other hand, is often on unit movement and other aspects of warfare. Gears of Tactics is a good example of the genre. The games in any category can run in real-time or turn-based modes.

But enough talking—now it’s time to have some fun! According to gameophobic,these are the top strategic and tactical video games.

Table of contents

  • Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock
  • Gears Tactics
  • Halo wars 2
  • Star-Craft: The Legacy of the Void
  • Supreme Commander 2
  • Warhammer 40k: The Dawn of Hammer
  • Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance
  • Imperialism 2
  • Endless Legend
  • Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2

Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock

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The Battlestar Galactica franchise has delighted science fiction fans for decades, with both the 1978 original series and the 2004 revival earning cult classic status. In other words, you are thrust into the first Cylon battle in the Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock video game, which was created by Black Lab Games on territory that none of the two programmes has really explored.

In the turn-based tactics game, you are in charge of the colonial fleet’s whole force composition. Despite the fact that some tactical aspects occasionally feel out of balance, Deadlock upholds the franchise’s reputation by offering fantastic space fights and a fascinating backstory.

Gears Tactics: Strategy games 2022

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The main series of Gears of War games are cover-based shooters where you take control of ripped warriors defending mankind from the Locust monster horde. Amazingly, Gears Tactics from Xbox Game Studios—the franchise’s first foray into the turn-based tactics genre—retains many of the series’ defining characteristics, such as chaotic melee executions, locations with lots of cover, and waves of overly aggressive foes.

The game’s tactical components are provided through action points, travel lines, range cones,and the capacity to enlist fresh soldiers. However, shoddy enemy spawning might be aggravating at times.

Halo wars 2: Strategy games 2022

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A real-time strategy game called Halo Wars 2 is set in the well-known Halo universe, created by Xbox Game Studios. The goal of Halo Wars 2’s warfare system, which is modelled around a rock-paper-scissors game, is to build up bases and troops to fight against enemy alien forces.

It’s simple to develop the appropriate soldiers for the task at hand, whether that is seizing enemy bases, defending your own base, or surviving enemy waves, after you get comfortable with your units and resource production. Halo Wars 2’s straightforward design makes the RTS experience approachable for both newbies and experts, but aside from including the esports-friendly Blitz mode, the game accomplishes little to revitalise the genre.

Star-Craft: The Legacy of the Void

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The third and final StarCraft II expansion is an excellent way to wrap out Blizzard’s real-time strategy story and a perfect way to start playing one of the most challenging yet rewarding video games ever created.

Legacy of the Void does not need you to own any earlier editions of the game, in contrast to the preceding StarCraft II expansion. It is entirely independent. Legacy of the Void is one of the greatest PC games ever made when you take into account its diverse single-player story, beautiful cinematics, and new noob-friendly co-op features.

Supreme Commander 2: Strategy games 2022

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Supreme Commander 2 by Gas Powered Games obviously doesn’t merit the word “supreme” in its title, but altering it would undermine the point of creating a sequel. This game is a good sequel to the one from 2007, but it’s clearly designed for a larger (and impatient) audience.

Supreme Commander 2 is less of a proud member of a distinctive series and more of a standard real-time strategy game with the micromanagement details much reduced or eliminated. Even so, if you can get beyond the altered gameplay, it’s a tonne of fun.

Warhammer 40k: The Dawn of Hammer

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The most recent game in the series, Dawn Of War III, has sadly not yet surpassed Relic’s first Dawn Of War game as one of the best digital representations of Games Workshop’s Warhammer universe, even though Creative Assembly’s Total War: Warhammer II is still one of the most well-known Warhammer games available today. The 40K universe has a considerably stronger lure than the fantasy world of elves and imperials, despite the fact that the game itself is more constrained than T’Warhammer. It is the grimmest, darkest strategy game ever created.

Dawn of War manages to add enough thematically appropriate modifications to the RTS formula to make the setting more than just a fresh coat of paint. It is soaked in the blood and strange religious war cries of the 40K world. Better still, it has seen a long and rich life with both official and fan-made expansions, adding races, modes, units, and even entirely new rules galore. In large part because of this, this Games Workshop RTS remains the best, even after 14 years.

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

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At first, Total Annihilation was present. 1997 marked the launch of Duke Nukem Forever as a video game. Large-scale sci-fi warfare and base construction were woven into Cavedog’s RTS around a central Commander unit, which serves as the player’s army’s beating mechanical heart. It was Supreme Commander ten years later. Chris Taylor, the creator of Total Annihilation, took charge of the spiritual successor and concluded there was only one course of action. larger. However, the size is what first strikes you as impressive. As orbiting lasers tear the battlefield to shreds, starting troops quickly become (literally) buried in the shadow of giant spider bots.

Supreme Commander has a lot of strategic complexity hidden beneath the eye-popping bot fights, but spectacle alone wouldn’t elevate it to the status of one of the finest RTS games ever made. The greatest players in this game create their own adaptable end objectives rather than just trying to climb the leaderboard. There is a push for larger and better troops, but there are a variety of ways to win, including amphibious tanks and giant experimental attack robots with spectral residual energy fingerprints. Nowadays, we do suggest playing Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, a stand-alone addition to the original game. This is a better sequel than the original sequel since it includes several additional units, a completely new faction, new terrain, and a new single-player storyline.

Imperialism 2: Strategy games 2022

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Finding the challenge and enjoyment in activities and topics that don’t initially appear appealing or amusing is one of the challenges that strategy games frequently encounter. War games and running theme parks both have their clear pleasures, but when taxation and logistics seem to be the norm, a game may rapidly resemble a job. A game like this is Imperialism 2.

However, SSI’s game concentrates on labour and resource management and is mostly about addressing supply and economic problems, despite its tremendous breadth and the potential excitement of leading a nation and creating an empire. Because of the effectiveness of the design, it is able to make these governing principles both interesting and reasonably simple to understand. Instead of focusing on figures and intricate spreadsheets, Imperialism and its sequel become games about the larger picture that the tiny elements are a part of. Important national-level choices have firmly replaced micromanagement.

Endless Legend

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The beauty of Endless Legend is unfathomable. It was meticulously constructed with a focus on making a sometimes predictable subgenre intriguing, unusual, and alluring. Every country discloses and every group piques interest. Then there are the strange cultists with their one, enormous city, who fanatically raze all they conquer after learning what they can from it. One of our favourite groups, the Roving Clans, makes use of the grim Broken Lords, who are haunting suits of armour incapable of using food but capable of reproducing using “dust,” the game’s enigmatic magical currency.

Moreover, they are nomads who are driven to gather dust in order to discover its ultimate potential. They are completely unable to declare war, but they may recruit the greatest mercenaries and receive a portion of every market deal. Subsequently, there are story arcs to pursue in addition to the growth and conquest, which itself can lead to war or political bickering, by dispatching soldiers to the appropriate locations. Everything about Endless Legend works to improve strategy games, from the faction-specific units to the turn-based tactical battles to the complex faction laws that even allow roleplaying.

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2

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After the Total War template was adapted to the Warhammer fantasy setting, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 from 2019 showed once more that not all Games Workshop licenses tend to veer dangerously toward mediocrity. Many of the same controls from Total War are used here. On a campaign layer, you assemble tenacious multi-unit armies, place them on a tactical map, and ram them into the opposition in an extended, arduous round of micromanaged devastation. The distinction is that you are engaged in combat with ornate, city-sized starships manned by millions of insane people.

Of course, that’s nothing like what 2D space fighting on an actual battlefield would look like; rather, it resembles battleship combat from WWI that has been enlarged to meet Warhammer 40K’s maximalist style. However, it still has that degree of internal consistency that makes it impossible to believe anything. If anything, the strategic game is a little light, but not so light that it feels stripped down, and each of its three playable factions—the obvious humans, the Very Very Hungry Caterpillars, also known as the Tyranids, and our personal favourites, the miserable ancient Egyptian space terminators known as the Necrons—has an impressive level of narrative customization. You’re certain to see a spectacular light show whatever and whatever you decide to play.

Let us know which one of these strategy games of 2022 you liked the most.

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