Top 10 Robot games on PC in 2022

What PC robot games are the best? The power fantasy of strapping into a super-powered robot loaded with rockets and lasers is as ancient as anime itself. The mecha anime subgenre was made famous by well-known programs from the 1980s and 1990s, notably Mobile Suit Gundam and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

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For instance, every type of mech lover may find an experience thanks to the long history and variety of robot genres in robot games. Do you consider yourself a gearhead who enjoys meticulously managing mech components and slow, laborious robotic combat? What do you think of the fast-moving, Voltron-inspired anime action? There is a game for you! good news

This list of the top robot PC games was put together with extra attention paid to including games from as many different genres as we could.

Table of contents

  • Battletech
  • Into the Breach
  • Titanfall 2
  • Supreme Commander 2
  • Mechwarrior Online
  • Strike Suit Zero
  • Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair
  • Brigador
  • Front Mission Evolved
  • Super Robot Wars 30


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BattleTech is a 2017 turn-based tactical battle game that is set in a far-off galaxy during a time of political unrest. Companies of mech-piloting mercenaries known as MechWarriors are employed by the aristocratic class to wage war in an endeavour to seize control from one another. You will be in charge of a squad, or “lance,” of mechs in a series of tight tactical engagements as the head of one of these companies.

Overall, many different chassis variants, armour choices, and firepower are available for your lance in this explosive robot game. A well-rounded list will include mechs appropriate for any type of conflict and environment. Therefore, developer Harebrained Schemes makes sure that commanders have a strong feeling of personalization and ownership over their lance by granting you this amount of customization over your mechs.

Into the Breach

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Into the Breach, a tactical turn-based strategy game from 2017, captures the entirety of the robot-on-monstrous-insect combat in a compact and time-effective format. The game incorporates aspects from the roguelike genre and creates a unique run for each effort to complete the plot. Between bouts, you may get mech upgrades and get to pick which pilot you want to stick with you between runs, which gives the experience a little more permanency.

So, this game’s fights take place on a tiny 8×8 grid and unfold more like a puzzle than a game of tactics. Planning your sequence of manoeuvres is nearly more crucial than dealing direct damage to your adversaries because each mech has unique attacks that may move foes across the map in certain ways. In other words, Into the Breach is a stressful and exciting brain-burner of an independent game due to the presence of civilian buildings that you must safeguard.

Titan fall 2: Robot games

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The Titanfall games, created by a team of Call of Duty veterans at Respawn Entertainment, combine heavy-handed robot fighting with quick, arcade-style shooter action. One of the biggest shocks in recent years, Titanfall 2’s outstanding single-player campaign follows the tale of a soldier and his mech that is a mix of The Iron Giant and Singularity in the far future. One of the finest mech-themed stories ever comprises explosive set-pieces, exhilarating platforming segments, and a heartwarming conclusion. However, this game really has no business being as fantastic as it is.

The responsive controls and enjoyable shooting also translate flawlessly to multiplayer mode. Each match feels massive as mechs and pilots battle it out all across the map. However, it turned out that Respawn was working on Apex Legends, a battle royale game set in the Titanfall world but lacking mechs (although there is a robot among the different Apex Legends characters). There had been rumours about Titanfall 3 floating around for a time. Boo. We can’t really complain, though, because Titanfall 2 offers one of the greatest mech experiences available.

Supreme Commander 2

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Although Supreme Commander 2 was launched more than ten years ago, it still holds a firm grip on the standard for mech-based real-time strategy games. The massive battles and the range of soldiers and structures at your disposal in this robot game all scream epic.

In addition to being the follow-up to the 2007 video game Supreme Commander, Total Annihilation from 1997 serves as the inspiration for Supreme Commander 2. It would have been simple for Supreme Commander 2 to take comfort in the accomplishments of its predecessors, given their extensive legacy. Furthermore, all the tweaking turned it into a precise and refined experience that remains the pinnacle of the mech-based RTS game.

Mech warrior online

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Between the 2002 release of MechWarrior 4 and the 2019 release of MechWarrior 5, mech aficionados flocked to the free-to-play game MechWarrior Online, which brings the tactical complexity of brawling in large machines to the PvP arena.

There’s no questioning the game’s fidelity to the tried-and-true MechWarrior gameplay, despite the fact that it’s not a simple one to approach and that being free-to-play comes with its own set of expectations to overcome. In the end, there are several things to monitor, such as how hot your system is running and how far you can rotate the torso of your mech. However, as MechWarrior 5 is mostly single-player, MechWarrior Online is the finest way to battle your buddies in the BattleTech universe. Playing only online may not be the best MechWarrior experience for purists.

Strike Suit Zero: Robot games

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If MechWarrior is the methodical, leisurely mech experience, Strike Suit Zero from 2013 is the complete opposite. What starts off as a very typical spacecraft dogfighter rapidly transforms into a Gundam-style action shooter thanks to the titular Strike Suit. It’s a mech/spaceship combination that can change and unleash a terrifying array of destructive forces. Rarely is it so rewarding to focus on a wave of foes and eliminate them all at once?

Strike Suit Zero, a space combat game developed by Born Ready Games in an effort to revitalise the genre, features intense space game action comparable to Freelancer and Freespace with a fair dose of Gundam tossed in for good measure. However, there aren’t many products like it available right now. By avoiding this robot game, fans of space warfare and mecha anime games would be doing themselves a disservice.

Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair

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With this title, we may be extending the definition of a mech game, but it’s difficult to deny the fascination of Walking Fortress Balam, a towering robot that exceeds the height of any building on Earth. The majority of the game is fast on-foot shooting against waves of adversaries that resemble insects, although occasionally greater firepower is required. Here comes the Air Raider with their power to call Balam. Piloting the Walking Fortress is a power trip unlike any other. It is mostly employed to fight the massive Godzilla-inspired monster Erginus.

A remake of Earth Defence Force 2025, which was released in 2014, is Earth Defence Force 4.1, which was released in 2016. For the remaster, the game’s creator, Sandlot, made a number of enhancements and even included a brand-new expansion, which significantly expanded the basic game’s content given that it already had over 700 weapons. Therefore, the exaggerated Jaeger action of Walking Fortress Balam is a significant factor in the Earth Defence Force series’ subsequent cult-like appeal.

Brigador: Robot games

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How about razing a metropolis with a cyberpunk theme from the 1980s? Brigador is a twin-stick shooter where you control a tank or mech to destroy waves of foes and any buildings that get in the way of the action. It’s not all mindless killing, though; you must be mindful of people and prioritise your targets lest they call in reinforcements. This cyberpunk game’s intentionally grainy and low-fi graphics wonderfully capture the neon-noir of films like Total Recalls and Blade Runner, while the synth-heavy soundtrack creates the ideal atmosphere.

Additionally, there are certain tactical components in play. Because the ammo is limited and some terrain may delay your vehicle, for example, you must pay close attention to your surroundings. A lot of different weapon and vehicle combinations in Brigador keep the game interesting as you go through each new neon level.

Front Mission: Evolved

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In its 2010 release, Front Mission: Evolved transformed the tactical turn-based gameplay of the series earlier titles into an action-packed third-person shooter. It’s also the first game in the series to appear on the PC, apart from a port of the 2005 PlayStation 2 title Front Mission Online, so that must be worth something.

Comparisons to MechWarrior may appear accurate at first look, but Front Mission Evolved is a considerably quicker game. Using a Wanzer as your vehicle, you must rush, hover, and shoot your way to victory in a series of missions that are each crowded with firing ranges for opponent mechs. However, you don’t need to be familiar with the backstory, which stretches back to 1995, to appreciate all the characters and storyline twists because the story of Evolved functioned as a relaunch for the series.

Super Robot wars: Robot games

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If you’ve never heard of Super Robot Wars, it’s probably because the tactical role-playing game was previously only accessible in Japan. However, 30 years after the series’ first release, Super Robot Wars 30 is now available worldwide.

There is a sizable roster of well-known mechs and robots to recruit right out of the finest mecha anime, like Mobile Suit Gundam, Mazinkaiser, and Code Geass, as the commander of a robot army on a quest to rescue the earth. To assemble the best mecha squad, you’ll enhance your roster outside of the game’s turn-based tactical fights.

Wrapping up

To sum up, the top robot games are those that cause the most havoc. However, the finest stealth games for PC will quiet the pernicious tinnitus if you need a break from all that action and prefer a more sedate approach. Of course, the top PC games now on the market are always a good choice. However, if you’ll pardon us, we need to polish some combat outfits.

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