Top 5 Best Witcher 3 Missions

Best Witcher 3 missions: If you want to know about the best Witcher 3 missions then you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you the top 5 best missions in Witcher 3 and what rewards you will get when you complete those missions.

Best Missions in Witcher 3-

5. Through Time And Space

Geralt follows the Elven savantAvallac’h on a trip throughout different worlds, but nothing goes according to plan, as they are forced to separate. Rather than the final battle, however, the most notable hunt in the third act of the game is the charge that sees Geralt traveling through different worlds. And it’s the only occasion in the game to do so.

Each of the worlds is different from one another, so much so that the player does not know where to look first. At the same time, they’ve to be on their guard since none of the places Geralt visits is entirely peaceful.

Best Witcher 3 missions

4. Wandering In The Dark

Chancing Ciri proves no easy task, but luckily for Geralt, he meets several old musketeers along the way who give him a helping hand. One of them is the witch Keira Metz, who is hiding in Velen.
Since numerous players take over this charge at a fairly low position, it can prove a real challenge. The charge itself is atmospheric since it takes place in old underground remains, and indeed, more importantly, it provides Geralt with the tools necessary for unborn gameplay. Eventually, it also starts the possibility of seeing Keira in the future.


3. The Battle Of Kaer Morhen

Once Geralt brings Ciri back from the Isle of Mists, the Witchers and their abettors get ready for the battle with the Wild Hunt that is about to come.

Indeed though players might not anticipate it, this charge has the implicit to make them cry- significantly if they have grown to like the icons, since one, or potentially more, die during the battle. The battle itself is delicate and full of moments when everything can go awry, which makes it challenging for the icons but a largely pleasurable and violent experience for players.

Best Witcher 3 missions

2. No Place Like Home

As one of the strip’s primary operations in the game, No Place Like Home deserves a spot on this list. What makes this charge unique is that it’s the only occasion during the entire match when Geralt has the option to relax and just enjoy himself. The Keep of Kaer Morhen has always been Geralt’s home and it’s then where he reunites with his fellow Witchers and gets to spend a night with his musketeers.

It’s ridiculous to see him get drunk and spend some quality romantic time with Yennefer( or not, if the player gallanted Triss). It might feel a bit silly, but in light of what is to come, the relaxed charge is what both Geralt and the player need at this point.

Best Witcher 3 missions

1.Bloody Baron

Once Geralt arrives in Velen, he discovers that Ciri has visited an original warlord called the Bloody Baron. Geralt needs to help the Baron find his missing woman and son to get important information about Ciri.
What makes the charge so witching is the complex character of the Bloody Baron. On one hand, he loves his son. On the other hand, he is a tippler who used to beat his woman. Throughout the hunt, Geralt has to make some innocently delicate choices that will have long-term consequences. It’s one of the first exemplifications of how complex and open to interpretation the game, is which is the main reason why this charge ranks so high for numerous players.

Best Witcher 3 missions


Witcher 3 is still a game loved by gamers and there are a lot of missions that may be categorized between easy and hard missions. There are also a lot of side quests that can be completed during the game. The article has a list of the 5 best missions of the game.

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