Tips to Improve Map Awareness in League of Legends

Tips to Improve Map Awareness in League of Legends: 

Map mindfulness is one of the more important effects in League of Legends – without it, you’ll see yourself dying more frequently and falling far before. Still, if you learn the map and understand what’s going on, it’s largely salutary. In this article, we will go over multitudinous ways you can help ameliorate your map mindfulness without buying wards.

These chops aren’t a commodity you can improve overnight. It takes lots of practice and works overtime for it to be at a high level. However, you may find yourself floundering to interpret and understand what the map is telling you if you’re still new to the game. Still, the game becomes much easier and you’ll be suitable to make better opinions which lead to further overall triumphs if you know and understand what’s passing in all lanes and at any given time the game will become very easy and you will be able to make decisions that will lead you to many victories.

So here we will discuss some tips that will help you to improve your map awareness in League of Legends.

Tips to improve map awareness in League of Legends-

There are some basic tips that everyone should follow in the game like muting all other players in your game to increase concentration and pay more attention to the map. We will talk about 3 important tips that will help you improve your map awareness in League of Legends.

1. Control your sound to improve map awareness in League of Legends-

League of Legends has an erected- sound editing system where you can choose how loud you want certain effects. One of the numerous choices you can make revolves around reverberating. In real life, if a strange noise happens, your attention gets diverted and you’ll move your attention towards it- this is what can be in League too. Having an annoying noise like a clunk will force your attention to go onto the chart and look at what’s passing.

Tips to Improve Map Awareness in League of Legends

2. Increase Map Size in League of Legends

To improve map awareness, you can increase the chart size. In the settings tab during a game, you can change multiple interface settings and size them at your pleasure. One of them that needs to always be at 100 is the mini-map size. Interface settings I suppose it’s enough tone explicatory as to why you should have the map at 100 but if you’re really doubtful; the bigger the map, the more you can see what’s going on around you and the further the little effects you can see happening. However, or the adversary Jungler shows for a brief second, you’ll be suitable to see them on the map if an area is warded. However, you may miss it when things get hectic if the minimap was smaller.

3. Never forget to Ward in League of Legends-

The coming tip is to try to use your wards as frequently as you can and buy Vision Wards! It isn’t important of a point to look at a map that won’t show you anything. Getting deep wards into our opponent’s Jungle will allow you to play around with the adversary Jungler much more effectively.

Still, don’t be hysterical to go into the adversary Jungle and shut them down! This is much easier to do when you increase your map awareness and effectively use your wards if you find that you’re enough far ahead. Keep an eye on how numerous wards you have and try to use them enough much right when they’re off of Cooldown.

You want to get the most out of your wards so effectively placing them is the key! Don’t just place your wards at the side of your lane to give you a little redundant vision to dodge a gank. That isn’t to say these are bad spots to ward, especially if you’re being forced to play defensively, but you can get further from them.

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