Where to find Silk Flowers in Genshin Impact

Where to find Silk flowers in Genshin Impact: Silk Flowers are a lovely yet limited resource in Genshin Impact. With a limited quantity and little assistance in discovering them, it might be difficult to acquire enough when you really need them. That is why we’re here today to show you how and where to find Silk Flowers in Genshin Impact!

Where to find Silk flowers in Genshin Impact

What are Silk Flowers in Genshin Impact

Silk Flowers are a 1-star item in Genshin Impact that may be used in a variety of ways. Because they grow in pairs, each shrub will have two Silk Flowers. They also grow in bunches, thus discovering one bush of Silk Flowers implies that there are more nearby. This makes obtaining them a little simpler because players won’t have to sprint, climb, and swim to unusual regions in search of a single flower.

Even though they cluster, Silk Flowers can be quite difficult to obtain because they do not grow in 99% of Liyue. Unlike other regional items, they do not appear to have a favored general habitat. Silk Flowers can only be found in very precise spots. Therefore wandering Teyvat in quest of them is a waste of time. Silk Flowers in the wild regenerate after 48 hours, therefore they can only be collected 3-4 times each week.

Unfortunately, the inability to find them throughout most of Liyue makes farming them difficult. But that is fine; that’s why we have this article. Let us tell you where to find Silk Flowers in Genshin Impact.

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Uses of Silk Flower in Genshin Impact

So far, there are not many uses for Silk Flowers in Genshin Impact. They are not employed in cooking, weapon upgrades, or weapons manufacturing. They can be utilized in some missions, although most recipes just ask for “flowers,” so they do not necessarily have to be Silk Flowers. Most players will use whichever flower they have on hand the most.

If you come across Silk Flowers, we recommend gathering them and scouring the surrounding region for more. They are not easy to come by in the game, so storing up ahead of time means you’ll have to find less in the future.

The amount of Silk Flowers you’ll require will be determined by how you want to use them. You may just require one or two, or you may require hundreds (there is no in-between).

Players that have all of their other resources ready to go and are eager to confront the Spiral Abyss need not fear, as we explore some more ways to obtain Silk Flowers.

Character Upgrades

Where to find Silk flowers in Genshin Impact

Character upgrade is the major application for (and reason for finding) Silk Flowers. Characters that require Silk Flowers to climb will need 168 of them to completely ascend. Given their scarcity in the game, acquiring so many at once may be a nightmare.

We recommend noting the best spots to locate Silk Flowers on your map and going back every few days when they respawn in the wild for gamers working on rising characters like Xingqiu or Hu Tao, who also require Silk Flowers.

Players that have all their other resources ready to go and are eager to confront the Spiral Abyss need not fear, as we explore some more ways to obtain Silk Flowers.

Furnishing Material

After character ascension, the only other purpose for Silk Flowers is to decorate the Serenitea Pot. While there are no furniture plans that specifically call for Silk Flowers, they are the only material that can be converted into Fabric.

A single Silk Flower may be used to create 10 pieces of Fabric, which is an excellent conversion rate. 100 pieces of fabric may be manufactured with just 10 silk flowers. That should be enough to make a dozen different pieces of furniture (depending, of course, on which furnishings are being made).

Fabric may only be obtained from the Realm Depot as of Version 3.0. Fabric may be purchased in quantities of five for ten Realm Currency. However, we recommend reserving your Realm Currency for more difficult-to-find products. Despite the reduced cost of Realm Currency, it is still not worth it. It is incredibly simple to collect enough Silk Flowers for Fabric, thus purchasing it makes little sense.

Best Ways and Where to Find Silk Flowers in Genshin Impact

When looking for Silk Flowers, there are three primary options. The first is when exploring Liyue in the outdoors. They are a Liyue specialty, which means they cannot be found growing anywhere.

Silk Flowers may be purchased from Mora in-game stores in addition to the wild. While these stores are few and far between, gamers in urgent need of Silk Flowers will be able to amass a substantial number.

The last location to look for Silk Flowers is in your own Serenitea Pot. While they won’t grow on their own in your teapot, you may plant and cultivate them yourself.


Where to find Silk flowers in Genshin Impact

One of the finest areas to discover Silk Flowers, like other resources in Genshin Impact, is when exploring Teyvat. Fortunately, if you want to stock up on Silk Flowers, you will not have to go around browsing through different regions.

Silk Flowers can be found in the wild at just two spots in Liyue as of Version 3.0. If you know where to look, taking them becomes a snap.

Wangshu Inn

The first is near the Wangshu Inn. Silk flowers may be seen growing along the walkways leading to the inn, particularly to the north and west. Simply teleport to the Wangshu Inn waypoint and leap down to the ground below to retrieve them.

Once there, proceed to the southern bridge to begin collecting. All of the other Silk Flowers in this area will be north of this bridge and should be easy to find. Except for two Silk Flowers, all of the Silk Flowers in this location are located between the northern and southern bridges beneath Wangshu Inn. This place has fourteen Silk Flowers in all.

Yujing Terrace

Where to find Silk flowers in Genshin Impact

The second location to look for Silk Flowers in Liyue is at Yujing Terrace in Liyue Harbor. Silk Flowers and Glaze Lilies may be found growing around the western terrace’s boundary. Because the Silk Flower bushes are simple to detect, they are much easier to find than the ones blooming at Wangshu Inn.

We recommend teleporting to the waypoint west of Liyue Harbor and gliding down to the doorway between the two terrace sections. Then go counterclockwise until you’ve collected all fourteen Silk Flowers in this region.

Players should be able to harvest twenty-eight Silk Flowers in a couple of minutes between Wangshu Inn and Yujing Terrace. Unfortunately, those flowers are the only ones that grow organically in the game, making collecting significant numbers extremely difficult. Fortunately, there are alternative ways to obtain Silk Flowers.


While we typically do not suggest shops as a dependable source of materials. We will make an exception on this occasion. Finding Silk Flowers blooming in the wild is simple, but the amount that players may collect is somewhat restricted.

Fortunately, there are three specific shops where they may be obtained in limited numbers to assist supplement that. Players may buy up to five Silk Flowers every three days from any shop, which means those in desperate need can buy fifteen every three days without having to go pick them up in the wild.

Verr Goldet: Wangshu Inn

Where to find Silk flowers in Genshin Impact

Very Goldet in Wangshu Inn is the greatest place to get Silk Flowers in Genshin Impact. Verr is the proprietor and owner of Wangshu Inn, while her husband works as the innkeeper. While other stores have the same availability and reset times, shopping from Verr is the greatest option because she is so near to one of the few spots where Silk Flowers grow naturally.

Players in desperate need of supplies can teleport to Wangshu Inn, purchase out Verr’s stock, then leap down to the inn’s base and continue gathering.

Verr Goldet’s shop is open whether or not you’ve finished the missions around Wangshu Inn, thus even new players can buy Silk Flowers from her.

Ms. Bai: Qingce Village, Liyue

Ms. Bai’s in Qingce Village is the second shop we suggest for Silk Flowers. You may locate her by teleporting to Qingce Village’s eastern waypoint and traveling southwest. She is usually spotted standing in the watermill’s entryway. Ms. Bai, while not as centrally positioned as Verr Goldet, is still extremely near to a waypoint and won’t take long to visit.

It is Liyue’s final shop that sells Silk Flowers.

Qiuwei: Port Ormos, Sumeru

Where to find Silk flowers in Genshin Impact

There is one more shop to visit for players who are a little farther into their journey and have exhausted all of the shops and naturally growing Silk Flowers.

Qiuwei is a recent NPC in Sumeru’s Port Ormos who also sells Silk Flowers. Simply teleport to the Port Ormos waypoint and proceed south. She may be found by the water, adjacent to her merchant table, selling crystal pieces and three different sorts of Liyue specialties.

Her shop has five Silk Flowers, five Cor Lapis, and five Noctilucous Jade.

Serenitea Pot

Silk Flowers are among the various plants that may be cultivated within the Serenitea Pot for players who want to conduct a little gardening in between missions and domains.

Up to eight plots can be utilized to cultivate Silk Flowers if you have A Path of Value: Luxuriant Glebe. After 2 days and 22 hours, each plot will produce two Silk Flowers (or 70 hours). While this is nearly a day slower than their respawn time in the wild, being able to raise them on your own is still beneficial.

However, in order to plant and cultivate Silk Flowers, you must first obtain some seeds. Silk Flower seeds are widely available, therefore don’t be concerned about their scarcity.

Realm Depot

The first way to get Silk Flower seeds is to use Realm Currency to buy them from Tubby in your Serenitea Pot. Each seed costs 5 Realm Currency. However, don’t rely too much on this because you’re only allowed five Silk Flower seeds every week.

That still implies being able to cultivate at least 10 Silk Flowers on a daily basis. It’s certainly worth it if you need a lot of Silk Flowers. Particularly if you’re attempting to advance a character.

Seed Dispensary 

There is also the option of using the Seed Dispensary for anyone who absolutely needs some Silk Flowers or anybody who just wishes to conserve their Realm Currency for anything else.

To utilize the Seed Dispensary, make sure it is fully equipped before beginning to harvest plants as usual. While picking plants, the dispensary will also collect plant seeds. Up to twenty seeds of each plant species collected can be retained and will be accessible in the Serenitea Pot automatically.

Where to find Silk flowers in Genshin Impact

Players may cultivate two Silk Flowers with everyone they discover by utilizing the Seed Dispensary. Just make sure it’s equipped before you start farming, otherwise, you’ll lose the ability to gather seeds until the flowers revive.

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