What does the Trader do in Clash of Clans

What does the Trader do in Clash of Clans?

The dealer is the most up-to-date spawn for your Clash of Clans village and he gives daily deals – with offers it’s usually identical, they can be instead good or bad so I did take all of the offers the trader gives and inform you which of them ones you must get and which of them you shouldn’t take plus in what conditions a deal will become a good buy for you.

What does the Trader actually do in Clash of Clans?

The dealer does do exactly two things – selling magical items for gems and now and then additionally freely giving a free magical item to you. After the June 2018 update, the dealer also offers Runes! You’ll also locate an up-to-date model of the entire deal cycle here-

The primary aspect you should make sure of is to look at the offers every day, so you don’t pass over the free object whilst it turns into to be had. All offers of the trader are completely random, also the free magical items – there’s no worldwide listing of offers so checking daily is vital to no longer pass over whatever. The deals you notice at trader follow a fixed forty-day cycle so that you can plan while you recognize what offers will show up in the destiny.

Please be aware: The free training Potions aren’t in a 7-day schedule anymore (i.e. You always have it on Tuesdays, so you ought to simply take it into account)

Trader costs for different magical items

Now we’ve been wrapping up all charges and additionally provide you with some advice on which offers are appropriate and which of them aren’t.

Resource Potion (115 gems)

When boosting all your collectors manually, you will pay (depending on the wide variety of available town halls):

Town hall 10-12: 230 gems
Town hall nine: 200 gems
Town hall 8: 180 gems
Town hall 7: 150 gems
Town hall  6 & below: 120 gems or less

As you may see, this deal is getting higher & better the better your town hall stage is – nicely, so long as you have all of the collectors available at your Town hall level. When searching above, you notice why it makes sense that the trader is not available earlier than town hall eight. You should by no means purchase assets with gems as that is the worst value, so we don’t examine the enhancement rate now to the price while buying the sources with gems – however, here is how much you may get from your collectors after using the potion-

TH 10 & 11: 706k Gold & Elixir + 7,two hundred dark Elixir
TH 9: 706k Gold & Elixir + 4,800 dark Elixir
TH 8: 605k Gold & Elixir + 1,160 dark Elixir

While searching at those numbers, you can see that the training Potion itself doesn’t offer a great deal price except for TH10+ with the dark Elixir.

  • Power Potion (300 gems)

Getting maxed troops for 1 hour for 300 gemstones… we don’t even assume if we want to say something here. The Power Potion itself hasn’t that an awful lot of use besides (except for a few intense engineers), but paying three hundred gems for it makes it a no-brainer.

  • Builder Potion (285 gems)

The Builder Potion will deliver your builders 10 times the rate for 1 hour – so every Builder will end an improved 9 hours in advance (10 hours increase minus the 1 hour it’s usually working). In case you gem upgrade times, you may pay 103 gems for 9 hours, It’s most effective 367 gems for 45 hours.

Now depending on how many builders are busy at a time you will have to pay:

1 Builder: 103 gems
2 Builder: 206 gems
3 Builder: 309 gems
4 Builder: 412 gems
5 Builder: 515 gems

You see that the Builder Potion is most effective having a high-quality impact if you have more than three builders busy with upgrades as a way to run for longer than 10 hours.

  • Hero Potion (300 gems)

We do keep in mind that this potion may be very beneficial for those of you who have just gotten to a new town hall level and want to make a very good overall performance in clan war – but paying three hundred gemstones for it is ridiculous.

Training Potion (25 gems) (The best offer of Trader in Clash of Clans)

One hour of boosting for 25 gemstones, sounds like a bargain? Permit’s see how a lot of boosting costs rely on the amount of Barracks, Spell Factories & Heroes:

Town hall 11 & 12: 55 gemstones
Town hall 9&10: 50 gems
Town hall  8: 45 gemstones
Town hall  7: 35 gems

Boosting your army for one hour is the satisfactory price you may get for gemstones as it permits you to make a minimum of 5-6 attacks on the way to come up with big praise. This makes it a pleasing DEAL FOR ALL Town hall which could use the dealer!

What does the Trader do in Clash of Clans

  • Clock Tower Potion (75 gems)

The most effective real use of this potion is for finishing the one clan game’s responsibilities so one can require 900% destruction, 24 Stars, or something like that. What do you want to do with a 30-minute raise in Builder Base besides? You simplest can get your three every day rewarded attacks and that’s it and you could do the maximum of the time inside your 10-minute Clock Tower boost.

  • Book of Heroes (500 gems)

The dealer also gives the ebook of Heroes for 500 gems, so it’s 50% of the fee of skipping the hero upgrade of 7 days which charges 999 gems. Mainly if you’re going to war plenty, do not forget to have a book of Heroes at your availability because we best get them every 2 clan games.

  • Book of Spells, Fighting, Building (925 gems)

The other Books, except the book of everything, will cost 925 gems and may be a good deal or not – permit have a examine at the costs of skipping an upgrade relying at the time on:

Home Village:

14 days: 1863 gems
13 days: 1740 gems
12 days: 1616 gems
11 days: 1493 gems
10 days: 1370 gems
9 days: 1246 gems
8 days: 1123 gems
7 days: 1000 gems

Builder Base:

6 days: 1750 gems
5 days: 1500 gems
4 days: 1250 gems
3 days: 1000 gems

As you could see, the Books are pricey, however, can still save you a ton of gems when you have the gemstones to skip upgrade instances.

  • Wall Rings (100 gems)

Relying on what portions and levels you upgrade, you will want greater or fewer rings to do it. After the June 2018 update, the prices and price of the Wall rings were notably modified:

Home Village:

Wall level 1-10: 1 ring
Wall level 11: 2 rings
Wall level 12: 4 rings
Wall level 13: 5 rings

Builder Base:

Wall level 1-4: 1 Ring
Wall level 5: 2 rings
Wall level6: 4 rings
Wall level 7: 6 rings
Wall level 8: 8 rings

In case you translate it, it’s 1 million Gold/Elixir well worth for a ring.

  • Shovel of obstacles (500 gems)

They’re surely beneficial as now you don’t need to forcibly spawn obstacles on the edge of your village at the cost of losing your trophies and resources. However, 500 gemstones for it?! Critically, Supercell, you know how hard we love our seasonal obstacles however 500 gemstones are too much and you must handiest get them when they seem to be available in clan games.


With the June 2018 update, the trader also offers Runes:

Rune of Home Village Gold/Elixir: 1,400 gems
Rune of Builder Gold/Elixir: 1,500 gems
Rune of Dark Elixir isn’t available on the trader

If you take a glance that filling them up with gems for 3,867 gems that are a pleasing bargain but still quite high priced – the deal is an adequate deal truly due to the fact the cut price is excessive but most effective worth it for those who don’t farm regularly. With numerous assaults every day, you may have your builders busy all the time without problems. So what does the trader do in Clash of Clans does not matters if we talk about runes?

I individually best save Runes handiest in conjunction with a book to pass a vital upgrade – as an example upgrading my Eagle Artillery I save up the Gold for the upgrade and start the upgrade, use the book to bypass the upgrade, and then use the Rune of Gold to make the next upgrade so I haven’t any downtime in Builder and no painful time even as the Eagle Artillery is upgrading.


I recognize many obtainable assume the trader is a cash grasp, however, he simply gives the mystical items we will get from the clan games without spending a dime with a 50% discount on the regular Gem fees. In case you’re now not buying gems, I’d recommend you to day by day look at him for the free giveaways and also purchase the 25 gems Training Potion which is indeed a pleasant value.

So that was all on what does the trader do in Clash of Clans. Also read, how to add friends on Discord.

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