What is CB Radio and Where to Find It in Fortnite?

What is Cb Radio and Where to Find It in Fortnite? Are you thinking about what is CB radio and where you can find it in Fortnite? If your answer is Yes, then you are at the right place as in this article we will discuss the same.

What is CB radio and where to find it in Fortnite

Fortnite has gained a lot of fame over the years. Even after several years of its release, it is still the fan-favorite Battle Royale game. It has a huge fan following on Twitch and millions play it every day. Fortnite has a lot of equipment and things that you can interact with, in the game. These things make the game much more interesting and engaging. One such piece of equipment in the game is a radio.

What is CB Radio in Fortnite?

CB radio is a piece of equipment that a player can interact with to get access to quests. It works like a normal radio and is found only in some locations. Interacting with CB radio helps players to complete the Legendary quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7.

Where to Find CB Radio in Fortnite?

Maps in Fortnite are huge. They are regularly updated to provide fresh objectives and content to regular players. While many are marked and available in the Map itself, some of them show up only during specific events. Same is the case for CB radios, there locations are hidden on the map for players to explore and discover them completely on their own.

What is CB radio and where to find it in Fortnite

There are numerous CB Radios scattered across the chart, which makes this a veritably easy and short hunt. In the companion below we outline where to find the CB Radios in Believer Beach and Retail Row.

You only need to interact with one CB Radio to complete this hunt, so any single position shown above will do. For further detail on where to find the radios, follow the directions below.

Retail Row

  • The first CB Radio is coming to the small pigsty just slightly west of the city’s center.
  • The alternate CB Radio is outside the electrical box area in the northeast corner of the city.
  • The third CB Radio is just outside the wall of the city’s Water Tower.
  • The last CB Radio is near the unheroic how in the southwest corner of the city.

Believer Beach

  • The first CB Radio is to the west of the caravan demesne, across the road from the gas station.
  • The alternate CB Radio is slightly north of the Reboot Van near the center of the city.
  • The third CB Radio is on the walk, near the northern end.
  • The fourth CB Radio is against a wall on the eastern edge of the sand.

Head to the above-mentioned locations to easily find the CB radio and complete your quests to move on to other quests.

How to Use CB Radio?

When you land and are safely in Retail Row, track down a CB Radio according to the locales we gave over. You don’t need to head straight for Retail Row if you prefer to complete the hunt latterly in a match.

The radios are placed so that only you can interact with the objective in your game. Opponents cannot affect your match (unless they kill you before you complete it, but they wouldn’t be so rude right?)
Unlike most in-game items, they are just blue figures until you approach and interact with them. The CB Radio is a solid item so easier to spot! You only need to interact with one CB Radio to complete the objectives!

CB radio is easy to locate on the map and can be interacted with easily. Once you interact with CB radio you can complete quests and gain a lot of XP.

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