How to Get Empirical Evidence in Destiny 2?

How to Get Empirical Evidence in Destiny 2? Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen is the game’s 13th season, which debuted on February 9, 2021. Battlegrounds, a new activity that players may participate in with their fireteams, is included in the season.

How to Get Empirical Evidence?

The major plot revolves around a new hostile party known as the Cabal and its leader, Empress Caiatl. To halt the Cabal’s ambitions and defend the Last City, players must join forces with Commander Zavala and Osiris. It also has new weapons, armor, and unusual equipment. It was one of the new weapons that players loved.

This is a special sidearm weapon in Destiny 2. It is a light, energy-based sidearm capable of rapidly dispatching adversaries in both PvP and PvE situations. We will go through How to Get Empirical Evidence Destiny 2, as well as Empirical Evidence Drop Rates , god rolls, and Can Empirical Evidence Be Crafted in this article.

Best Way to Get Empirical Evidence

It is vital to know that the weapon may drop at the end of the action. This means that players must finish it to boost their chances of getting the weapon. It’s also worth noting that obtaining Empirical Evidence requires finishing the Silver and Gold tier Battlegrounds. The weapon does not drop in the Bronze tier Battlegrounds.

The following activities have the potential to dump Empirical evidence:

Crucible matches: A PvP game mode in which players compete against one other in a variety of game kinds.

Strikes: A PvE game style in which players work together to fulfill a series of increasingly tough goals.

Nightfall: The Ordeal: A difficult PvE action that rotates weekly and offers unique prizes for completion.

Trials of Osiris: A high-stakes PvP game mode in which three-person teams battle for special rewards.

Iron Banner: A Crucible event that occurs on a regular basis and delivers tremendous prizes for winning matches.

Drop Rates and Crafting

Empirical Evidence has a low drop rate, which means that players may have to grind for it for some time. By completing the Battlegrounds activity, which was added in Season of the Chosen, the weapon has a chance to drop. The drop rate, however, is not guaranteed, and players may need to attempt again or wait for a future update that raises the drop rate. Players may also attempt to complete the task with a fire team to enhance their chances of receiving the weapon.

Sadly, in Destiny 2, Empirical Evidence cannot be crafted. The weapon can only be obtained by finishing the Battlegrounds activity and hoping that it drops at the end of the run.

Empirical Evidence God Roll

This sidearm has several advantages that make it a desirable weapon in Destiny 2. A god roll for this weapon would almost certainly contain perks like Feeding Frenzy, which boosts reload speed after a kill, and Kill Clip, which offers additional damage after reloading. Zen Moment, which boosts steadiness, and Snapshot Sights, which increases aim-down-sights speed, are two more desired perks. The specific god roll for the this weapon depends on personal choice and playstyle, but the combination of Feeding Frenzy and Kill Clip is often regarded as quite powerful. To discover their optimum Empirical Evidence god roll, you may need to spend some time grinding for the correct perks and attempting different combinations.

Empirical Evidence Vs the Game!

Empirical Evidence is a dependable and adaptable sidearm in Destiny 2 that excels at both PvP and PvE operations. When it comes to employing the Empirical Evidence in PvP, its quick rate of fire and good stability allow it to thrive in close-range combat. Its lightweight structure enables fast movement, allowing it to cover gaps and avoid hostile fire. Nevertheless, the sidearm’s advantages, such as Quickdraw and Moving Target can improve its agility and accuracy.

This weapon can be beneficial against lesser foes in PvE activities, especially when combined with a good main or heavy weapon. Its rapid-fire frame can annihilate swarms of lesser opponents like Thralls, Acolytes, and Dregs. However, when it comes to tougher enemies such as bosses or higher-tier enemies, the Empirical Evidence may struggle to deal significant damage.


If you like playing Destiny 2, the Empirical Evidence sidearm is a strong and flexible weapon that you should grab. While obtaining it may take some time due to its low drop rate, the benefits are well worth the effort. Unfortunately, it is not possible to create. Players must work hard to get Empirical Evidence for their Vault.

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