Destiny 2 With Light Comes Dawning Guide

Destiny 2 With Light Comes Dawning Guide: Destiny 2, a widely popular online multiplayer first-person shooter game, has gained a large fan following across the globe. Let us dive in to our Destiny 2 With Light Comes Dawning Guide.

Destiny 2 With Light Comes Dawning Guide

 Each new season of the game brings in exciting and challenging events and activities, with the With Light Comes Dawning event being a prime example from the Season of the Chosen in February 2021. 

This post will provide a detailed overview of the With Light Comes Dawning event and offer a comprehensive guide to help you maximize your gaming experience.

What is the With Light Comes Dawning Event?

With Light Comes Dawning is a limited-time event in Destiny 2 that takes place throughout the Christmas season. The event includes a variety of new activities, objects, and incentives that players may get through engaging in various activities across the game.

The event takes place in the Tower, a new social arena where players may engage with vendors, take part in activities, and win rewards. Snowball battles, gift-giving, and an unique mission dubbed the Dawning Cheer are among the activities offered during the occasion.

How to Participate in Destiny 2 With Light Comes Dawning Event – Guide

Players must first visit the Tower social area to take part in the “With Light Comes Dawning” event. They may engage with vendors and partake in other activities to gain prizes once they arrive.

The Dawning Cheer mission is one of the event’s main attractions. Players must fulfill a number of goals in this mission, including gathering supplies, preparing cookies, and delivering them to various characters in the game. Players can receive benefits such as unique gear and special symbols by completing the quest.

Gift-giving is another significant part of the With Light Comes Dawning event. During the event, gamers can buy presents from vendors and give them to other game players. The presents may include a range of prizes like armor, weapons, and consumables.

Lastly, the event includes a snowball fight activity in which players can compete with other players using snowballs. The snowball battle is a fun and lighthearted activity that may give a welcome respite from Destiny 2’s more serious action.

Essence of Dawning in Destiny 2 With Light Comes Dawning – Guide

Dawning Spirit may be obtained through completing Event Card Challenges, which are daily tasks that grant rewards such as Bright Dust, Enhancement Cores, and Dawning-themed goods. These challenges might include everything from performing specified tasks such as strikes, gambits, or crucible matches to fighting opponents or gathering resources.

Gamers can also use Boons of Friendship, which are consumable goods that provide additional benefits to other players in their fireteam during specific actions. When a player uses a Boon of Friendship, each other player in their fireteam who participates in an activity with them gains additional Dawning Spirit. This is a great method to gain Dawning Spirit while having fun with your friends.

Lastly, players can acquire Dawning Spirit by delivering baked goods to various characters in the game. Each NPC has a favorite treat, and providing it will reward players with a bonus Dawning Spirit.

Where and How to Gather Ingredients for Your Cookies

Farming is one of the simplest ways to obtain ingredients for cookies in the Destiny 2 Dawning event, whether for uncommon or rare ingredients. To obtain the essential components, players must employ specific weapons in specified areas or just destroy specific opponent types.

Completing NPC-provided bounties is another effective way to earn ingredients. By accomplishing these bounties, players can earn Dawning Spirit, which they can use to purchase supplies from Eva Levante. Moreover, achieving some bounties rewards players with specialized ingredients like Cabal oil or Vex milk, making it easier to access the components needed for baking.

Some of the locations and ways to get ingredients are:

Vex Milk- Milk obtained from Vex, which is usually found on Nessus and Europa.

Ether Cane- A Fallen item that may be discovered in the EDZ, the Moon, the Tangled Shore, and Europa.

Chitin Powder- Obtained from the Hive, which can be found mostly on the Tangled Shore, the Moon, and the Dreaming City.

Dark Ether Cane- Obtained from Scorn, which is uncommon in the Tangled Shore and Dreaming City.

Delicious Explosions – Any type of explosive death (class grenade, rocket launcher, grenade launcher).

Sharp Flavor- Sword kills any sort of adversary.

Impossible Heat – Using class abilities or element to get solar kill.

Electric Flavor- Arc kills using either class abilities or weapon elements with Electric Flavor.

Null Taste – Void kills using class skills or weapon elements.

Flash of Inspiration – Use Masterwork weapons or supers to create Orbs of Light.

Personal Touch – melee kills on any sort of adversary.

Precision kills on any opponent type to get Perfect Taste.

Kills using automatic firearms for Bullet Spray.

Eva’s Holiday Oven

Destiny 2 With Light Comes Dawning Guide

Eva’s Holiday Oven is a unique oven in Destiny 2’s Dawning event that allows players to create cookies using materials obtained by defeating enemies and engaging in activities. Each biscuit requires a unique mix of ingredients, and the oven will display all of the ingredients required for each recipe. If a recipe has never been cooked, it will remain unknown until the player bakes it at least once. After discovering all recipes, the player can Masterwork the oven, lowering the cost of ingredients for each recipe. Custom-made ingredient combinations are not permitted, and uncovered recipes carry over to future Dawning events.

Below are the recipes with the ingredients needed and also the characters that favor the cookie. Also note that Essence of Dawning is required with every recipe, so make sure to collect a lot for the cookies.

Cookie NameNPCIngredient 1Ingredient 2
GjallardoodlesCommander ZavalaEther CaneDelicious Explosion
Traveler Donut HolesIkora ReyCabal OilFlash of Inspiration
Chocolate Ship CookiesAmanda HollidayCabal OilNull Taste
Telemetry TapiocaBanshee-44Vex MilkBullet Spray
Eliksni BirdseedSuraya HawthorneEther CanePersonal Touch
Gentleman’s ShortbreadDevrim KayEther CanePerfect Taste
Infinite Forest CakeFailsafeVex MilkImpossible Heat
Vanilla BladesLord ShaxxCabal OilSharp Flavor
Dark Chocolate MotesThe DrifterTaken ButterNull Taste
Candy Dead GhostsSpiderDark Ether CaneFlash of Inspiration
Ill-Fortune CookiesPetra VenjDark Ether CaneImpossible Heat
Strange CookiesXûrTaken ButterElectric Flavor
Lavender Ribbon CookiesSaint-14Vex MilkPersonal Touch
Hot Crossfit BunsAda-1Ether CaneBalanced Flavors

Dawning Weapon, Gifts and Achievements

Players may earn cash during the Dawning 2022 event to improve their gameplay experience by unlocking additional skills for their character, such as Merrymaker and Abundant Harvest, which can boost the quantity of drops they get. Players may also improve their snowballs to have other effects, such as a prolonged slow effect, immediate freeze targets, or the ability to leave a stasis mine on contact. Those that complete Eva’s Dawn of Dawning Challenge and give in cookies to NPCs will be able to earn the Stay Frosty Stasis Pulse Rifle, the event’s new weapon.

The Stay Frosty Stasis Rifle is a new weapon that may be obtained during the Dawning 2022 event. It has the power to freeze enemies, making it a useful tool. It may be obtained by completing Eva’s Dawn of Dawning Challenge and delivering cookies to NPCs. The rifle’s effectiveness may be increased by upgrading it using Dawning Spirit.

Eva will also teach players about the Dawning Spirit money, and they will be requested to bake a biscuit for each NPC in the game. Eva provides seven upgrades for 40 Dawning Spirit each, whereas snowball upgrades are 20 Dawning Spirit each. The event promises to be a rewarding and thrilling experience for gamers that participate, with a variety of events and awards.


  • Merrymaker —Eva Levante will give daily Boon of Friendship
  • Bountiful Harvest – Dawning bounties give you an extra random ingredient.
  • Dawning Bounties — Dawning bounties award a modest quantity of Dawning essence.
  • Giftwrapped Exchange Ticket – Allows you to focus on the Unity and Edgy Gift Exchange choices.
  • Limited Exchange Ticket – Unlocks the ability to concentrate weapons independently. 
  • The Dawning event can yield Dawning weapons with extra perks, with “Perky Presents” having a chance for an extra perk in the left column.
  • The right column of Dawning weapons can also have an extra perk with “Perkier Presents” during the Dawning event.

Snowball Modifications

  • Long Winter – Extends the length of Snowballs’ slowdown effect.
  • Longer Winter – Increases the damage of the slowdown effect provided to warriors who have been hit by Snowballs.
  • Stay Frozen — When snowballs collide, they drop a Stasis mine.
  • Gift That Keeps Giving — Frozen opponents drop snowballs.
Destiny 2 With Light Comes Dawning Guide

Destiny 2 With Light Comes Dawning Adventures

The Dawning event introduces new adventures and tasks for participants to take on, in addition to exchanging presents and making cookies. These tasks include thrilling challenges as well as prizes like new weapons, armor, and cosmetic items. Players may improve their gaming experience and learn new parts of the game by engaging in these tasks:

Shopping Spree: Purchase all 12 Dawning upgrades from Eva using Dawning Spirit and earn the Hoarfrost Sunrise.

Dawn of the Dawning: Kick off the Dawning event by completing two introduction quests, “Bake a Cookie” and “Give a Gift to Zavala” to receive the Stay Frosty pulse rifle.

Adept Baker: Bake 13 cookies in the Dawning Oven to receive A Gift in Return and Dawning Spirit.

Deep Freeze: Use Stasis weapons or abilities to defeat combatants or Guardians and receive the Zephyr sword and Enhancement Cores.

Snowmelt: Use Solar weapons or abilities to defeat combatants or Guardians and get the Avalanche machine gun and Upgrade Modules.

Amateur Baker: Bake six cookies in the Dawning Oven and earn Dawning Spirit.

Expert Baker: Bake 20 cookies in the Dawning Oven and get an Enhancement Prism and Dawning Spirit.

Snowball Ops: Defeat 100 enemies with snowballs in the Vanguard Ops playlist to receive the Joyful Gift and Dawning Spirit.

Snowball Dares: Defeat 100 enemies with snowballs in Dares of Eternity to get A Gift in Return and Dawning Spirit.

Thundersnow: Use Arc weapons or abilities to defeat enemies or Guardians and get the Cold Front submachine gun and an Upgrade Module.

They Call it Snow: Use Void weapons or abilities to defeat combatants or Guardians and earn the Glacioclasm and Upgrade Modules.

By participating in the Vanguard Ops or Dares of Eternity activities, players can earn rewards and acquire the Essence of Dawning through the Vanguard Eternity program.


The With Light Comes Dawning event in Destiny 2 is a fun and entertaining holiday event that introduces new activities, equipment, and incentives for players to enjoy.

Players may gain significant rewards and enjoy a pleasant and festive experience in the game by engaging in the Dawning Cheer quest, gift-giving activities, and snowball battles. Gather your pals, polish your skills, and prepare to enjoy the holidays in Destiny 2 with the With Light Comes Dawning event.

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