What is the best team for Pearl Map in Valorant?

Pearl is one of the newest addition to the challenging maps of Valorant. It was recently added to the game by removing the Split map from the competitive mode. A variety of team combinations can be played on Pearl. In this article, we will tell you how can you make a good team combination on Pearl map. We will tell you now what is the best team for Pearl map in Valorant.

Best Agents for Pearl map in Valorant

Breach( One of the best agents to play in the team on Pearl)

Breach excels in maps wherein he can take benefit of his AoE abilities in Fault Line and Rolling Thunder. With Pearl looking like a map presenting a ton of tight corners, slim lanes, and cubbies, Breach can cover a large amount of area along with his skills to pave the manner for his teammates on Pearl on assault.
The equal goes for defense, in which Breach can use his Aftershock and Flashpoint potential to discourage or forestall an Attacking-team rush into his lane.


Stim Beacon, Incendiary, and Orbital Strike are going to be very robust on a decent map together with Pearl.

However, the most effective tool in Brimstone’s kit for gambling on Pearl may be his Sky Smoke.

Best team combination in Valorant

The VALORANT Protocol Commander is the only Agent in-game with 3 smoke charges that he can use to cover 3 exceptional entryways concurrently. Brimstone’s group will want all of the smoke cowls they are able to get on Pearl, in particular on the Attacker-side because the A-web page and B-site feature more than one rotation lane that the Defenders can use to sandwich the Attacking group on Retake.

Killjoy (Best sentinel to play in the team of Pearl)

The chamber might have been a much stronger Sentinel choice on Pearl if it weren’t for the current nerf that took away one among Chamber’s Trademark costs. One of these disgraces, as Trademark expenses might have been recreation-converting on Pearl.

Nonetheless, Sentinel retailers will be a hot select on Pearl, way to their insane bombsite lockdown and flank watch talents. Killjoy can do both and then some.

Killjoy’s Alarm Bot and Turret can effortlessly cowl a couple of lanes and entryways across the map. The particularly small bombsites on the map mean Killjoy can take benefit of Nanoswarm + Alarm Bot traps which could help with website protection (defending) and post-plant (Attacking.)

Finally, her Lockdown capability should be able to cover complete bombsites on Pearl without difficulty, thanks to its huge radius.

Cypher (Best team agent for Pearl)

Cypher is going to be a terrifying Agent to go in opposition to Pearl.

On protection, Cypher players can pass loco with combos of trap Wires and Cyber Cage setups that can be placed almost anywhere on Pearl. With such a lot of turns and corners across the map, catching the Attacking group players off guard will come right down to how nicely players can study the enemy group and set up Cypher’s lure twine for this reason.

On assault, Cypher can at ease flanking lanes along with his lure twine and Spycam setups, making Cypher a terrific pick on Pearl for both Attacking and defending.

Best team combination  for Pearl Map

Neon (The best agent to play in a team on Pearl)

Pearl is going to be a playground for pro Neon mains for more than one reason:

First, Neon’s insane pace will allow her to cowl a ton of ground around the map. And with lots of covers available across the map, Neon can without difficulty slide out into protection whilst the situation calls for it.

However, Neon can use Relay Bolt to clean out Pearl’s tight corners and more than one cubbies. Neon also can comply with up along with her effective final ability on the way to work nicely around Pearl’s on the whole close-medium range engagements.


Pearl is the newest addition to the amazing maps of Valorant. There are a variety of agents that can be played on Pearl. Teams should consist of duelists initiators and sentinels among other agents.

So that was all on What is the best team or Pearl map in Valorant? Also, read How to add friends on Discord.

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