Where to Find Angel of Death in Final Fantasy 16?

Where to Find Angel of Death in Final Fantasy 16? In the captivating realm of Final Fantasy 16, players are not only immersed in a gripping main storyline but also invited to partake in thrilling optional content. Among these challenges are the Notorious Mark bounty hunts, where formidable foes await those brave enough to take them on. The Angel of Death, also known as Aruna, is one such adversary, a C-Rank Notorious Mark that puts players’ combat skills to the test.

Where to Find Angel of Death in Final Fantasy 16?

Venturing through the vibrant landscapes of Valisthea, players can unlock the exhilarating world of Hunts after around 12 to 15 hours of gameplay. As the protagonist, Clive Rosfield, players will find themselves facing dangerous battles in the pursuit of saving the day. However, it’s not just the main storyline that leads Clive into perilous encounters; optional content, such as the Notorious Mark hunts, presents a chance to further hone swordplay and magical abilities against even more challenging opponents.

In this article, we will discuss Where to Find Angel of Death in Final Fantasy 16?, offering step-by-step instructions to find her in the vast expanse of Claireview field area, southwest of the Northreach Obelisk fast travel point in Sanbreque. 

Angel of Death Location in Final Fantasy 16

To begin your quest to face the Angel of Death, Aruna, in Final Fantasy 16, make your way to the Claireview field area, found southwest of the Northreach Obelisk fast travel point in Sanbreque. Once there, be on the lookout for a magnificent, large white bird with angelic wings – that is none other than the Angel of Death, Aruna herself. Prepare for an epic encounter and get ready to put your skills to the test in this thrilling battle.

Recommended Level and Preparing for the Encounter

Before facing off against the formidable Angel of Death, Aruna, in Final Fantasy 16, it is crucial to ensure your party is adequately prepared. Aim to be at least level 25, as Aruna is a level 27 enemy, and having a higher level will give you an advantage in the battle.

To maximize your chances of victory, exploit Aruna’s elemental weakness. Fire and lightning attacks prove to be particularly effective against her, dealing significant damage and hastening her defeat. Equip your characters with weapons and armor that complement their abilities, and ensure your inventory is well-stocked with healing items and ethers to sustain you throughout the intense encounter.

Where to Find Angel of Death in Final Fantasy 16?

By adhering to these strategies and approaching the confrontation with careful planning, you can increase your odds of triumph and claim victory over the Angel of Death

Effective Strategies to Defeat the Angel of Death in Final Fantasy 16

To successfully defeat the Angel of Death, Aruna, in Final Fantasy 16, you must employ a combination of effective strategies and tactical prowess. Firstly, exploit her elemental weakness by utilizing lightning and fire attacks, inflicting substantial damage and gaining an advantage in the battle. Engage Aruna from behind to minimize the risk of her powerful frontal assaults and maintain close proximity for a more strategic offense.

Harnessing your Eikonic Abilities is crucial in this encounter. Trigger these potent attacks to stagger Aruna, momentarily disrupting her onslaught and providing openings for your most damaging assaults. Staying vigilant is of utmost importance, as Aruna wields swift wing and charging attacks that can deal significant damage. Carefully observe her movements and be prepared to dodge or parry her strikes, creating opportunities for counterattacks.

By combining these strategies and maintaining a tactical approach, you can conquer the Angel of Death and emerge victorious in this challenging battle. Your mastery over elemental skills, proper timing of Eikonic Abilities, and swift reflexes will play a decisive role in claiming victory and earning the valuable rewards that await you in this epic showdown.

Rewards to Find Angel of Death in Final Fantasy 16

Emerging victorious against the Angel of Death yields generous rewards:

  • 10 Renown: Boost your reputation as a skilled hunter in Valisthea.
  • 6,200 Gil: Acquire a substantial sum of currency to fund your adventures.
  • 40 Ability Points: Enhance your characters’ abilities and unlock new skills to expand your combat capabilities.
  • Clouded Eye: A valuable crafting material essential for crafting and upgrading the powerful Bastard Sword.


you are now equipped with the knowledge and tactics needed to face the challenging Notorious Mark, the Angel of Death, Aruna, in Final Fantasy 16. As you set forth on this thrilling adventure, remember to stay vigilant and capitalize on Aruna’s elemental weaknesses by unleashing your fiery and lightning-based attacks. Utilize your Eikonic Abilities wisely to stagger her and gain the upper hand in battle.

Your skills as a hunter will be put to the test, but fear not, for with perseverance and strategic thinking, victory is within your grasp. Defeating the Angel of Death will not only earn you renown and Gil but also valuable Ability Points to strengthen your character further. The Clouded Eye, a precious crafting material, will serve as a testament to your triumph over this formidable foe.

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