3 Gaming Problems Users Encounter on Computer Resolved

Playing a game on a computer is more fun than on a console. But not all laptops are meant for gaming. If you are an avid gamer, you may not be able to play high-end games on an average PC. And if you have a Mac, the options are even more limited. 

Even though computers are more robust, they lack standard gaming components as you find on the console. That’s why you experience performance errors, consistent lags, and other problems when playing your favorite game on a laptop. 

The article combines common gaming problems and their resolutions to help you fix these errors efficiently and continue with your gameplay.

Game Freeze

Nothing can be more frustrating than the hanging and stuttering games that stop you from enjoying smooth gameplay. If the game freezes are consistent and you experience them regularly, one or more of the system components is the bottleneck. 

To get rid of the uncertain behavior of the game, consider closing resource-intensive apps running in the background. Now try to close the freezing game. If it’s not possible to close the game normally force stop on mac

Quitting other apps will ensure that they are not consuming the RAM, storage, and most importantly, CPU power. In addition, reducing the visual effects to the minimum can help you troubleshoot the problem. 

Make sure that your computer meets the hardware specification requirement for the game you are playing. Upgrading system specs involves investment, but it will allow you to play any resource-heavy game in the future. 

Replacing the traditional hard drive with an SSD (solid-state drive) can allow for better load times. Moreover, if you have 4 GB RAM installed in your computer, double it to 8 GB and feel the difference. If your budget allows, upgrade the GPU to the latest one.

Graphical Glitches

When you find visual errors such as incorrect textures, inaccurate colors, flickering displays, and similar, graphical technicalities are responsible. Most of the time, the irregular performance of the graphics card and the incapability to process visuals accurately are the reasons.

When the GPU fails to process graphics and send them over to the screen, the first thing that you should do is update the graphics card drivers. If the problem still persists after updating the GRU drivers, try to clean and install the driver as an advanced workaround to fix the issues.

Sometimes, reinstalling drivers leads to excessive heating of the device, so make sure the laptop or the desktop is clean from the inside and outside. Delete all unnecessary apps and ensure that the device has adequate ventilation.

Keep monitoring the temperature of the GPU. The normal temperature ranges anywhere between 30 and 40 degree Celsius while you can expect it to hit the 60 to 80 degrees mark while gaming. 

A stress test on the GPU will allow you to check if there are any visual artifacts or other discrepancies. If you do, the video card might be failing and you need to replace it. If everything seems fine, uninstall and then reinstall the game to get rid of the problem.

Excessive Online Lags

Lags are the delays that are calculated on the basis of actions you take while playing a game and the response time of the server to perform the required action. You can tell that you are experiencing lags when you shoot the opponent at the right time and the bullets hit the wall. 

The primary reason for experiencing lags in gameplay is the slow internet connection. On experiencing such situations, make sure to quit any bandwidth-intensive processes. Stop all video streams and game downloads as they are consuming bandwidth, slowing down the game. 

Another way to avoid lags during gameplay is to configure your router. By doing this, you can ensure optimal gaming performance. Make sure no torrents are active while you are playing a heavy-load game on your computer. 

An Ethernet cable connection can give you a more stable connection than an online WiFi connection. Buying powerline adapters will allow you to connect your computer to the router via Ethernet if plugging in directly is not possible. 

The connection your peers have can also lead to game lags. If you are playing in a P2P (peer-to-peer) setup and your peer has an unstable connection, this will impact the overall gaming experience. This usually happens in the Call of Duty games. 

When playing a game on a computer, gamers expect their devices to perform flawlessly. Not only does it allow them to enjoy seamless gameplay but helps them win and gain points, which is important for an avid player. 

An older device cannot give you the performance you need while gaming. Consider buying a desktop computer as upgrading the hardware specifications of your average computer is not worth spending money on.

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