Which Genshin Impact Characters are Free

Which Genshin Impact characters are free: In Genshin Impact, you’ll begin with only one character, the Traveler. However, as time goes on, you’ll seek to fill up your roster with additional individuals, each with their own set of powers. You normally do this by creating Wishes on the gacha banners, but if you want to make a lot of Wishes, you will have to pay money. Fortunately, a few characters are available for free to help jumpstart your team’s growth.

Which Genshin Impact Characters are Free

Only six of Genshin Impact’s soon-to-be 44 characters are completely free and without limits. These heroes are god-sent saviors of the early game in a game that is generally thought to be restricting for free-to-play gamers (but not impossible with savvy banner selections). These people controlled Teyvat’s kingdoms and adventures in the early months.

Let us tell you through this article, Which Genshin Impact Characters are Free for you. While on the subject, do check our Genshin Impact complete guide here.

The Traveller (AETHER/LUMINE) — Anemo, Geo, Electro, or Dendro

When you initially start Genshin Impact, you will be able to pick between the male (Aether) and female characters (Lumine). This character is generally referred to as “the Traveler,” and they are the game’s protagonist. You do not need to employ them in your party, although they will appear in the majority of the ensuing cutscenes.

The Traveler begins as an Anemo character, but as you travel through other places, you will be able to uncover the components unique to that region. Going to Liyue will give you access to Geo powers. Visiting Inazuma unlocks Electro powers while visiting Sumeru unlocks Dendro skills. You can alter the elements of the character by visiting a Statue of the Seven in the appropriate location.


Amber is the second character you’ll encounter. Follow the opening quest after meeting Paimon, and you’ll soon encounter Amber. You can’t really continue or explore without Amber, so simply stick to the core plot objectives until you find her.

Which Genshin Impact Characters are Free

Amber is recognized as one of the game’s weakest characters, yet her ability to fire Pyro-infused arrows can help you solve several mysteries in Teyvat.


The third character you’ll encounter is Kaeya. You’ll receive a number of tasks shortly after meeting Amber and entering Mondstadt. Crash Course, one of the tasks, mentions meeting Kaeya at a temple. Follow the objective marker until you reach the dungeon. You’ll complete the mission and add Kaeya to your party after a brief instruction on how Kaeya and Cryo characters function.

Kaeya, like Amber, isn’t extremely strong, but his Cryo talents will aid you in solving early challenges. Furthermore, his Glacial Waltz ability might be useful in certain team combinations.


Lisa’s manner of acquisition is extremely similar to Kaeya’s. When you visit Mondstadt, you will receive the task Sparks Amongst the Pages. Follow the quest marker to the next temple and enter it. As in Crash Course, you’ll receive a lesson for Lisa and then add her to your party once you’re through.

Which Genshin Impact Characters are Free

Lisa, like the other two, isn’t the finest Electro character you’ll acquire, but she’ll be useful in solving any Electro riddles you come across in the early game.


The Spiral Abyss will be unlocked after you reach Adventure Rank 20. This is a floor-based dungeon in which you will lead your group through more difficult floors, receiving perks as you go. If you complete Floor 3, Chamber 3 of the Spiral Abyss, you will receive Xiangling for free.

Xiangling is the greatest of the free characters, and she’s still quite important in the meta because of her Pyronado ability, which allows her to keep up damage even while she’s not on the field. Along with Bennett, another four-star character, she is a mainstay on several teams.


Collei, like Xiangling, will be unlocked for free by just completing Spiral Abyss. You’ll need to clear Floor 4, Chamber 3, which means you’ll have to clean more than you did for Xiangling.

Which Genshin Impact Characters are Free

Collei is a great Dendro supporter since she knows how to use Dendro and can assist you to solve Dendro problems in a pinch (particularly if your Traveler isn’t attuned to the proper element).


Some limited-time events will offer free characters from time to time (or Constellations, if you already have the character). So far, the events have only awarded four-star characters, although this might be handy if significant, powerful characters like Xingqiu or Bennett are missing.

Characters offered through these events are often representative of the location in which the event is taking place. A large event in Mondstadt, for example, may reward Barbara or Noelle, but a large event in Liyue may reward Ningguang or Beidou. In any case, it’s worth paying attention to events if you want to get some complimentary characters.

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