How to get Free Diamonds in Free fire

How to get free Diamonds in Free fire:

Free diamonds are one of the most exciting and appealing features for the die-tough fanatics of the Free Fire game. Free fire diamond is a premium in-recreation forex like UC in BGMI. Those diamonds can not be earned because they are top-rate currencies. That’s why in this article we will tell you the ways in which you can get free diamonds in Free fire.

After getting Free fire Diamonds, game enthusiasts should purchase costumes, car skins, guns, and many others. Though those diamonds can’t be earned, there are numerous methods to get those free Free Fire diamonds without spending a dime. Read the article to get more information about the same.

How to get free diamonds in Free fire?

There are multiple ways to get free diamonds in Free fire. All these ways will help you get some free extra diamonds in the game. Diamonds can be earned through an app called Booyah, Google opinion rewards, or the Poll pay app. Here are the details on all methods through which you can get free diamonds in Free Fire.

How to get free diamonds through google opinion rewards?

  • First off, open your Google Play store and seek the ‘Google Opinion praise.’
  • Once you find out approximately the app, download it on your phone.
  • Now, you need to install the app and log in to it by using imparting the information this is required.
  • After installing the app, Google Opinion Rewards will provide you with some surveys.
  • You’ve got to take part in the one’s surveys.
  • The more you take part, the more you get a few Google Play credits and iTunes gift cards.
  • These rewards are useful to shop for free diamonds in the Free fire.
  • This app is available on each, iPhone and Android via Google Play save and App keep.

Way to get diamonds through the Poll pay app?

How to get free Diamonds in Free fire

  • To begin with, open your Google Play keep and seek the ‘poll Pay.’
  • After you find out about the app, download it to your phone.
  • Now, you need to install the app and log in to it by presenting the facts that are required.
  • After installing the app, it’s going to provide you with a few responsibilities and quizzes.
  • You have to finish the one’s responsibilities and answer those quizzes.
  • After participating in those obligations, you’ll earn some cash.
  • These coins will be transferred to your Google Play balance and iTunes present cards.
  • Via the use of this cash, you could buy free diamonds in the game.

Steps to get diamonds through the Booyah app?

Right here is how you may download the app and start earning a few in-game goodies;

Download the Booyah! App inside the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

Step 1: Create an account and bind your Garena account to the App. That is critical so it may detect your free fire account and ship the rewards you got.

Step 2: Inside the important menu, tap on the ‘undertaking centre’ to view all available tasks you can complete.

Step 3: Whole obligations to Earn Rewards: There are two forms of responsibilities, everyday and constrained – Time obligations. Limited – Time duties commonly provide nice rewards however make sure to finish them earlier than they disappear.

Step 4: Tap on the ‘Watch Clips to Win’ occasion.

Step 5: Complete the tasks before they Expire

The app will take you to a phase in which you may watch brief video clips submitted by using other customers and popular streamers. Surely watch a number of these films for 10 minutes so that you can claim the rewards. After looking at videos for 10 minutes, you can head return to the limited-Time occasions tab and declare your free rewards.

Here is the listing of rewards gamers can gain inside the ‘Watch Clips to Win’ occasion;

  • MP40 Sneaky Clown Gun box
  • 10 Diamonds
  • 50 Booyah Tickets

Apart from the above-mentioned steps, diamonds can be gained by redeeming coupons which release weekly or sometimes daily. Also read, How to add friends on Discord.

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