Which is the hardest mission in GTA V? 5 hardest missions in GTA V

Which is the hardest mission in GTA V: If you have been playing GTA for a long and have been thinking about which is the hardest mission in the game then you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you about the 5 hardest missions of GTA V. So read the article to know which is the hardest mission in GTA V.

Top 5 hardest missions in GTA V

5- Flight School

The Flight School is an exertion in GTA V. Mechanically it’s the same as Minor Turbulence. but 10 times worse. In this charge chain, the players would have to perform all kinds of pushes with different types of aeroplanes while under a time limit and colorful other conditions.

The cumbrous aeroplane control makes the Flight School much more annoying than it should be. still, you should be suitable to use utmost aeroplanes after this.

4- Coyote Cross Country Triathlon

The Triathlons are made up of Swimming, Cycling, and handling. The Coyote Cross Country Triathlon is located on the south sand of the Alamo Sea at Marina Drive in Sandy Shores. This triathlon will last roughly 30 twinkles and is uncorked after the completion of The Alamo Sea Triathlon. 100-player stamina is advised before entering this triathlon.

Overall, it’s a 30 twinkles race that spans nearly the entire chart, with you cycling, swimming, and running each over the place. Having to do the whole thing over again after a single mistake at the end is a commodity you do not want to witness.

3- Did someone Say Yoga?

This is a charge in GTA V for protagonists Michael De Santa. The problem with ‘Did Someone Says[sumably the response-grounded minigame. You would have to do it 3 times and you need to complete all of them faultlessly to get the gold order. Having to retry the lengthy sequence isn’t delightful at all.

One of the hardest missions of GTA V is Did someone say yoga

2- Derailed

Derailed is a charge in GTA V which promoter Trevor Philips performs with the backing of fellow promoter Michael De Santa. You would need to switch constantly between the two to complete this charge.

The most frustrating part about this is presumably Trevor’s jump you have to land a bike on top of a moving train by jumping off an elevation. You’ll presumably need to retry a couple of times. subsequently, you also have to take on adversaries while riding on boats and copters.

1- The Big Score: egregious option(One of the hardest missions in GTA V)

It’s egregious that the final pinch in the game would be hard. and between the two approaches, the loud and violent” egregious” is surely more gruelling. You would have to fight through security, bobbies on position- 5 alert, and copters to get down with your spoil.

GTA’s hardest charge is the thievery of 200 million bones worth of gold. While the combat itself is delightful you need to complete the whole thing in 16 twinkles to get the gold order, which isn’t nearly as delightful.

Seeking the truth is one of the hardest mission of GTA V.


GTA V has some of the hardest missions in the GTA franchise. The missions are difficult due to a lot of factors. The Big Score which is the final mission of the game is considered the hardest by a lot of players.

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