Atomic Heart Chapters and Walkthrough

Atomic Heart Chapters and Walkthrough: The single-player video game Atomic Heart transports players to a dystopian future in which people’s fears regarding artificial intelligence and robots have come true. All of Mundfish’s attention has been directed towards developing a gripping plot skillfully presented as missions and quests.

A sizable chunk of Atomic Heart’s material is set up to be enjoyed consecutively. Nonetheless, having immediate access to the entire list of quests and missions might be a huge advantage. It guarantees that you don’t skip any side quests while traveling. It also gives you a ballpark idea of how long your session might take.

We explain how to beat every boss, finish every puzzle, unlock every ending, and much more in this Atomic Heart Chapters and Walkthrough.

Atomic Heart Chapters List and Detailed Walkthrough

Let us begin our Atomic Heart Chapters List and Detailed walkthrough.

No Rest for the Wicked

Choose the game’s difficulty level at the outset. Go along the marker after the cutscene. The prologue is simple.

Atomic Heart Chapters and Walkthrough

What The F**k Have I Gotten Myself Into

You need a valve, so move towards the door. Spin around, then scale the boxes. Discover the valve and the initial gadget. You will unlock an accomplishment if you collect every device (read in separate guides). Return and use a valve to open the door.

Wanted Dead or Alive: Viktor Petrov

Let’s move on. In the space to your right, you can save. Use the instructions on the screen to eliminate the first foe. Look about the area. To gather all resources, press F. Eliminate the attackers in the hallway, then check out the door to the right. You must make the “Shock” talent available.

First, open the lock. Use your finger to click and drag each component. The direction of the light bulb will vary after each click (clockwise or counterclockwise). You must force each component. The light bulb will shine brighter with each element that is retracted. Examine the Eleanor machine gun now. You can refine weaponry, make items, and unlock skills here. Get the “Shock” required to unlock that specific door. The elevators have lost power, so leave and go down the hall.

Not So Fast Major

Go through a different door to explore the castle. You require a unique key. Return and ascend. Kill adversaries. On the walls, there will be surveillance cameras. Shock can be used to disable them, or you can just use a weapon to kill them. The key can be found on the table in the room to the left. Return and unlock the door.

Any puzzle component on the left wall can be interacted with. Rotate the components such that the red beam hits the red lamps and the blue beam hits the blue ones. On the right are the lasers themselves. Any elevator will do. When the pointer points to the door, fire the shock at the batteries above the door.

Atomic Heart Chapters and Walkthrough

Wanted Dead or Alive: Viktor Petrov (Continued)

Kill the adversaries and then leap onto the yellow bar on the left-hand wall. To circumvent the pit, leap from there to the right, and so on. We are taking our time so that we won’t perish at the hands of a gigantic worm. We enter the final hole on the left. In the space is a corpse. These corpses can be spoken to, and if you do, you will receive an award. Enter the wall opening on your top right and climb up.

Enter the tunnel, navigate the funiculars, and then go to the station. Save your work and leave through the left-hand door. To unlock a new skill, follow the marker and utilize the vending machine. Leao (Shift) avoided being hit by the lasers. Drop by the video and view it.

In Hot Pursuit

Destroy your adversaries and take a look around. You require a particular object, thus opening the door. Drop down, then ascend the stairs on the opposite side. To enter the next room, locate a ventilation hole in the wall of the current chamber. Break the lock on the left as soon as possible. On the ground, there is a Makarov pistol. Get a candle, then walk over to the door. The candle will be put in the slot as soon as you get close to it.

Pass the loaders by. Pass over the boxes as the loader raises them. Locate the polymer on the left side by going down. Go through the polymer to the other side by jumping into it. The enemy will be behind the rack on the other side. Kill him now, then choose a capsule containing lunar soil. At the far end of this hallway with bookcases, look for a room with a puzzle. Three lunar soil-filled capsules need to be installed. One can be found near the entrance to the hallway.

Once the first capsule is in place, enter the polymer from the side. The Electrical painting is unlocked in another area of the space. Unlike conventional weapons, energy weapons don’t need a specific type of ammo. If you want to use the rest of the weapon, you require energy that builds up. Grab the second lunar soil capsule from the vending machine, then squeeze through the wall ventilation. The third capsule with lunar soil is located in the ventilation. Install every capsule when you return, continuing along the ventilation.

Visit the warehouse. Kill adversaries and follow the lone path. Go to the marker after riding the elevator up. Hop over to the nearby building, where a cable will assist you to descend to the desired polymer. Simply smash open the correct door if you stumble.

Atomic Heart Chapters and Walkthrough

Chronos Trigger

Attend the algae workshop. When you move the marker, take out fresh foes. Pressing the red buttons will open the doors. Clear up the long hallway and work the puzzle. Take the capsule by standing up in a large hall. Install the capsule by leaping to the other side (Shift to dash in the air). Once you’ve finished, climb up to the control panel using the polymer. Use the red button to start the platform. Charge the controls with shock as you drive by them (V key). Drones that can fly will eventually exist. obliterate them.

Restart. Step over to the right-hand platform (when yours stops). Kill two adversaries while figuring out the wall puzzle.

Everything Illuminated

Grab the flask and place it where it belongs.

From the Birch-lined Hall, enter the right wing through a further crimson door. Right is the only direction that makes sense. The shutters can be moved aside using telekinesis (key F). Ventilation is present in the back chamber. Remove any creatures from the space before passing via different ventilation. Turn all of the valves in the animal-filled hall in the direction of clockwise rotation. If during the interaction you rotated the valve in the opposite direction (to the left), then try interacting with it once more. All creatures must perish.

They Want to Make A Green Mars

Go up the stairs, through the wall opening, and then descend the stairwells. Kill opponents and look about the space.

Into The Fire

The cooling of three boilers is required. There is a jar on the right side that contains blue balls. Pick one up and deliver it to the receiver in the adjacent space. Bring the hot boilers back to the room. To move the sphere over the glass tubes, press the F key. Repeat this process to cool each of the three cauldrons. During each successful cooldown, enemies will spawn.

Once you ascend the stairs, follow the arrow into the hallway. To access the flask containing the heat-resistant polymer, use the pallet on the freight lift. You climb up the sloped panel in the middle and dive into the pipe. Set the flask in position.

In An Overgrown Park

You must locate four flasks in various workshops if you want to leave the Vavilov compound. As the door opens, wait a moment. Go around it. This wing’s flasks can be consumed in any order. To get to the Hot Workshop, turn right along the corridor.

Atomic Heart Chapters and Walkthrough

March of Flowers

We advise expelling foes from the entire hall before taking any action (plants). Solve the wall problem by ascending.

Press the red button after that. Simply kill the adversaries while the flask is filling. In that situation, press “Shock” to turn on the ceiling valves. Go along the marker after picking up the flask. Kill the enemies in the corridor as you down the pipe. Open the door and view the cutscene.

As You Sow, So Shall You Reap

Move left and forward. Go along the signpost for the time being until you notice a sizable yellow can on a flatcar. Step up the steps adjacent to the yellow tank. Climb into a plant-filled revolving cart, then climb up onto the visor over the aisle. From there, leap to the bridge close to the wall, where a plant that allows opponents in is located. To get to the control panel next to the dangling wagon with plants, climb up the platforms. First, rotate the platform by pressing the large round button.

To advance the car forward, press the up arrow. Leap left and backward. The platform underneath you may likely collapse, but keep an eye on the wall since you can climb the yellow beams there. The platform is turned, and the wagon pulling the yellow tank is moved to the right. Jump to the opposite side, walk down the hall, and then proceed along the spinning car to a different console. Using the remote control, tilt the platform and drive the vehicle ahead. Use the other console in the previous hall to move the car forward. Everything in this situation is straightforward; all you have to do is give the car back. Watch the video now. received the last flask! Kill adversaries, then come back.

Run For Your Life

Install all of the flasks and leave the item on the elevator.

Breath of Fresh Air

Step outside. Get a lot of fresh knowledge. Lookup buildings (optional). Go to the gate since it is locked. To ascend, go along the marker and pause on the platform. attempting to contact Volan

Atomic Heart Chapters and Walkthrough

Country House

Walk downstairs and join Granny Zina’s meeting. Be in touch with her.

SDC2 Volans Cheat Sheet

Connect to one of the cameras at the gate when you get back to the Volan. Turn to the gate and use remote access to open them.

Morning Express

Drive your car to the express train and speak with the robot there. You require a pass.


There is a body with a ticket in the lower right corner. The black lab assistant should be killed and taken. The robot will not accept this ticket if you present it. Visit your local post office. Use the polymer to climb up while approaching from behind. A body with a monthly pass will be present. Take the train farther.

Atomic Heart Chapters and Walkthrough

A Brand-New World

proceed to the location specified. We’re going to lock the gate. Open the room near the water at the end of the pier by using the Shuttlecock (Volan) on the left, and switching to the camera. Use this space to lower the “Griff” flying machine. Grab hold of the yellow pipe as you sprint to the “Griff.” Slide the rope down. Vanquish the hedgehog. With remote controls, you can raise columns from the ground and cause the Hedgehog to collide with them (deals damage). Be still and only gaze at the Hedgehog to escape flying objects. We jerk to the side to dodge the gunfire.

As you descend, use telekinesis to move the right mirror to the right (F key). Something is preventing you from moving to the left.

A Glass, Darkly

Climb up the ledges after going down, shooting the shocker with batteries at the ceiling to reverse the polarity. Shoot the floor in the second room, then advance twice. Reload your weapon and leap ahead and to the right. Jump to the hallway and fire at the ceiling.

Find a riddle on the floor, solve the puzzle, and you can open the next door. You must accurately spin the beams as usual. The door is locked, so drop on your knees. Find the wire’s exit point from the door using ALT. From the load area next to the loader, adjust the panel as necessary before jumping onto the ledge. To reach the puzzle, shoot at the ceiling. Identify the problem, then open the door.

Follow suit in the adjacent space. Although it will be slightly more challenging, it is often simple to handle. Get inside the complex after solving the floor puzzle. Interact with Tereshkova the robot by finding her. need help.

Hands Off

Follow the marker and enter the subsequent chamber through the vents to continue. To remove the hand, open the door to the right, kill the robot waiter, and close the door. Come back and unlock the large door.

Made in the USSR

Look under the counter for a radio receiver after speaking with the robot. Draw the hammer from the statue’s uplifted hand in a different room. You must pull the flower pot in the third room by standing on the scales to the left. Give the robot all three goods, then go. Let’s engage at the base. Examine Clara’s robot’s torso by descending.

The Major, the Witch, and the Warehouse

Enter through the ground-floor door. Follow the marker, unlock the door, and eliminate the adversaries. Flip the space around to face the front. Rotate the room to make room for a second remote control at the bottom. As you turn, notice the front-facing filing cabinets. These will allow you to jump onto the steps.

Make your way to the file cabinets by going back to the first station. Ascend and eliminate the adversaries. Rotate the puzzle so that the floor contains a doorway. Climb the yellow-painted ledges by jumping down. Turn the dial on the red valve puzzle, then ascend the yellow pipe. Take the hand and destroy the robots. Go back to Clara.

Atomic Heart Chapters and Walkthrough

She sells Mustaches on the Seashore

There will be four doors available.

Red Arrow – Locate Clair’s Right Arm

Enter through the second-floor door. Interact with the remote control while cleaning the hallway. It’s a snake game here. Manage the red snake and gather every blue component. After receiving a hand, you defeat fresh foes and go back to Clara.

Tremors – Locate Clair’s right arm (Plyusch Boss Fight)

Enter through the third-floor door. Kill Ivy by going down the hallway. The finest weapons to employ are melee ones. Go back to Clara.

Uneasy lies the Head that Wears a Crown – Locate Clair’s Head

Enter through the fourth-floor door. tidy up the space. Go around in a circle and remove the plants from the walls first. Find a hole in the floor after breaking through the door. Use the elevator, sweep the hallway, and pick the lock on the door. Find a reservoir and a polymer outside. You stand up with the aid of the polymer. Follow the yellow beams up, go into the control room, and keep climbing. Up top, resolve a well-known riddle. Go back down and board the elevator once more.

Clear up the space, turn on the control panel, and board the aircraft. Use a detailed architectural layout to solve the challenge. There is a hole to the left, so you must maneuver the ball there. Not really comfortable, but nothing out of the ordinary. Go down and grab the object. Locate a platform next to the console, then hop across the puzzle and the clouds to the other side. Watch the video and then gather Clara.


Go forward and climb the plane during the vision. To avoid standing on a shaky platform and prevent the rockets from pushing us to the ground, look at our feet. You must reach the very top of the stack.

Atomic Heart Chapters and Walkthrough

Bug In the System

After getting off the elevator, get in the automobile and head to Sechenov’s center. Examine the door once you are inside. One of them will be opened automatically. A cookie key is used to open the other. To find this object, step outside and ascend the building’s roof. Watch the video after entering through the door.

Show must Go on

Kill Belyash in front of the theatre door by driving along the marking. Step back.

Petrov of Opera

Watch the cutscene by going down. Kill the opposition and tidy the hallway. Ivy will be my responsibility. You then force the lock open and ascend through the ventilation. Take the elevator to the top floor after resolving a straightforward problem on a wall in the basement. After you see the marker, leap down.

Sealed with Seven Seals

Kill everyone then solve the wall puzzle on the second floor in the hallway with the stage. Start the performance by interacting with the microphone. This battle will last a while. Take the sphere after eliminating all the adversaries.

Ascending The (Gallows) Stage

Press the controllers and strike the appropriate poses in the ballerina-lined corridor to make the ballerina’s shadow kill the corpse. There are four pedestals with ballerinas in total. It is not difficult. Go to the main stage, view the video, grab Natasha’s head from the drone, get the flask from the flyer, and kill her. Ascend along the rubble to your right and step outside the theatre.

Infirmary – Find the Entrance to The Pavlov Complex

Cross the bridge to the location marked. The enemy is best dealt with by stopping on the bridge. When you go to the building, step inside, and then look in the back room for a staircase leading down to the basement.

Blood Courier

After cleaning the entire floor, take the elevator down. You follow suit. The flowers on the walls must be removed as soon as possible. Locate a red valve in the basement by moving on. Turn it, return to the steps, then descend. Swim over the water beneath the fence to the upstairs and exit. Examine the door after eliminating all foes inside the hospital. One must have a cookie key. Take the key from the closet and place it where Ivy appears (in the middle of this hallway). Unlock the door, use loaders to eliminate one more Ivy in the space, and ascend. Keep following the marker. Just eliminate the adversaries and open the doors’ locks.

Everything Illuminated

Go to the lighthouse and kill Rosa there. We enter the lighthouse and settle into a chair.

Full Bottom / An Inconvenient Truth

Follow Filatova after speaking with her. collect three bobbins (alternately). The other two require you to ascend the steps to the left and right of the entryway. One will be close by. After the discussion, take the elevator up. To reach the escape, crawl through the vents.

The Final

Good Ending

Refuse to assassinate Sechenov after speaking with Grandmother Zina.

Bad Ending

Agree to murder Sechenov, then enter the structure and take the elevator up. Fight with one twin at first, then both at once.


Above you can find the entire story of the newly launched game, Atomic Heart complete with all the available chapters and a detailed walkthrough.

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