Atomic Heart Robots Names

Atomic Heart Robots Names: In Atomic Heart, there are many various kinds of robots. However, very few of them have been specifically created to be feminine rather than male or another gender.

Atomic Heart Robots Names

This cheat sheet lists all the Atomic Heart Robots’ names. This guide will help you understand who they are but not while fighting them.

What Are the Names of All the Robot Girls in Atomic Heart?

In Atomic Heart, there are a few robot girls, so we’ve listed them all below along with their names and where you may find them. Some of them are adversaries, while others will help you on your trip. You’d be smart to pay attention to these details since if you just assault without thinking, you might make a friendly robot hostile.

The Twins: Left and Right

Sechenov’s right and left guard robots are known as The Twins. They are always by his side to keep him safe from harm. Sechenov has given them the insulting titles Left and Right because, as you’ll discover in the game, he has no respect for anything or anybody save himself. Right is the robot on the right in the above image sporting the golden jacket, and Left is the robot on the left in the image above who hands you the key. In the game, Left is fought twice, but the ultimate monster, The Twins, is fought in pairs.

Sechenov tells that P-3’s wife’s psyche was divided amongst these robots before she passed away after you fight The Twins. If you decide to hunt down and murder Sechenov, it makes it challenging for P-3 to combat them, however he does manage to eliminate them in the end.


The red weapon and ability vending machines you’ll use throughout the game include an AI personality named Nora. You’ll run into Nora more than once throughout the course of the narrative after your first, extremely hostile, contact with her. She won’t be as intense as in this first meeting, but there will be following meetings that are equally significant.

Tereshkova robots and Claire

Atomic Heart Robots Names

The kinder version of the more prevalent Lab-Techs that you see practically everywhere are the Tereshkova robots. They were created to resemble a well-known star in Atomic Heart’s universe and had silver hair on their heads. All Tereshkova robots even shared this woman’s voice. While the majority of these robots go by the name Tereshkova, one is known as Claire. In order to reach a more in-depth section of an exhibition, you must rebuild Claire as part of the game’s narrative.


One of Atomic Heart’s key bosses is this enormous robot. The robot is intended to be used in combat and kill people only. As you reach to this stage, P-3 has a bit of an epiphany because all robots are intended to aid people, not harm them.

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