How to Prevent Enemy Respawning Atomic Heart

How to Prevent Enemy Respawning Atomic Heart: After the initial hours, when you are confined to a vast underground complex, Atomic Heart takes on a very different character. There will be more enemies to encounter once you get to the surface.

How to Prevent Enemy Respawning Atomic Heart

Due to deployed repair drones, robots constantly respawn, and cameras can raise the alert level to summon reinforcements if you are seen. Exploring on the surface may be quite risky, and if you’re not keeping an eye on your back, you might get attacked by foes that are skulking around. It makes it challenging to break into houses and steal precious stuff.

Fortunately, there is a solution to the unlimited enemies issue. You can find and unlock HAWK Relays, which can be hacked to disable every robot in a big area, by finding security towers. They include surveillance cameras. Disabling the HAWK Relay does provide you with a brief period of time where you can thoroughly explore the grounds without being concerned about any adversaries at all. Nevertheless, the drones will soon repair the HAWK Relay and reestablish all those security measures.

We spent a ridiculous amount of time figuring out how this process works, so let us find out how to prevent enemy respawning in Atomic Heart.

How To Disable Security | Open-World Exploration

After leaving the Vavilov Complex, you’ll have to venture out into a very hazardous open environment. There are enemies practically everywhere, and if you’re spotted on camera, more will join the fray. There is a way to make all the foes in a zone unusable if you’re tired of creeping around.

Let’s first go over how Repair Drones and Security Alerts work in Atomic Heart.

  1. Everything within range of the Hawk tower will receive complete drone repair. Drones will eventually fix anything in this area.
  2. The robot will light blue after eliminating an adversary. This indicates that later a repair drone will be used to fix it.
  3. You just need to stay away from cameras to avoid setting off a warning. Your alert level won’t be increased by enemies. You’re free to create as much noise as you like.
  4. Use [Shok] to temporarily turn off cameras so that you can dodge them. Enhancing [Shok] effectiveness range is very helpful for avoiding battles with foes and turning off cameras.

It can be challenging to fully explore a territory because enemies are always after you. While adversaries are pursuing you, opening doors with puzzle locks is difficult. You can temporarily disable everything in a large area for a number of minutes to avoid a drawn-out battle. Even though it won’t persist forever, deactivating everything will make exploration much simpler.

How to Prevent Enemy Respawning Atomic Heart

How to Prevent Enemy Respawning Atomic Heart

  1. Use the scan option. A line pointing towards the linking tower will show when you scan any camera. A building known as the HAWK Relay keeps watch over a large portion of the map.
  2. Look for a skyscraper by continuing along the line. To ride the lift up and into the tower, stand on the circle at the foot of the tower.
  3. To access all the local security cameras, hack the console inside.
  4. Use a camera that can capture the HAWK Relay. It is a white building with a lockable entrance known as the HAWK Relay. You may interact with the relay and unlock the door from the webcam.
  5. Once the door is unlocked, you can move on to the HAWK Relay and hack it. All enemies and security cameras in the area are turned off after hacking the relay. Even the adversaries will be rendered useless.

NOTE: Before being able to hack HAWK drones, you must finish your first open-world task for Granny. Granny will radio you after leaving the Vavilov Complex to let you know she found the exit. She will also give you a blueprint and an improvement to your hacking skills.


It’s quite helpful to disable security and adversaries in a location, especially so early in the game. Although you won’t be able to do it right away, you will be able to begin hacking terminals once you have left the open-world village area. To make wandering the open world far less perilous, begin doing this as soon as you can.

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