Best Legends for Beginners in Apex Mobile 2022

Best Legends for beginners in Apex Mobile 2022: Apex Legends Mobile is set to revolutionize the battle royale genre for the mobile gaming landscape. While there have been other good battle royale games, such as BGMI and Garena Free Fire MAX, Apex Legends Mobile significantly transforms the battle royale scene. This hero shooter contains a variety of heroes with unique skills that you may tailor to your preferences. Furthermore, the game’s movement mechanics are unlike anything you have ever seen before. In this post, we’ll go through the best Legends for beginners in Apex Legends Mobile 2022 so you can get a head start on the game.

Best Legends for beginners in Apex Mobile 2022

Veteran Apex Legends console and PC players will be pleased to know that characters such as Wraith and Caustic have returned to the mobile edition. More importantly, new characters have been added, such as Fade. There is a significant likelihood that as the material is updated in the future, the roster will be changed as well. We’ll make sure to update this article to suit even the good new characters. Aside from that, this game has character tiers. They begin with the best tier, S, and progress to the A, B, C, and D levels.

So here we are, with our top 5 suggestions for you to play as in Apex Legends Mobile. For more exciting content, refer to our blogs on Apex Legends here.

Gibraltar (Best Legend for Beginners in Apex Mobile: Defensive)

  • Passive Ability: Gun Shield
  • Tactical Ability: Dome of Protection
  • Ultimate Ability: Defensive Bombardment
Best Legends for beginners in Apex Mobile 2022

Gibraltar is a defensive tank that can provide newbies an advantage in a conflict, allowing them to understand the shooting techniques offered by Apex Legends Mobile. When staring down the sights of a weapon, his passive ability, Gun Shield, provides him with an upper-body shield. While the shield can be dispelled if enough damage is dealt to it, it can offer rookie players more time to practice their reflexes before entering a gunfight. The increased security is just enough for them to figure out what’s going on while still feeling protected.

Gibraltar’s tactical ability, the Dome of Protection, casts a massive shield over an area, allowing players to remove themselves from the heat of a conflict for a few seconds in order to recover or reorganize. The dome does not allow bullets to flow through it in any direction, but be warned: it also allows your foes to regroup. Having said that, it’s a useful skill for people still learning Apex’s shooting. The character’s ultimate ability, Defensive Bombardment, acts as an airstrike, forcing adversaries to redeploy and relieving time pressure if you’re under assault. It’s a terrific method to give oneself some breathing room for a few minutes.


  • Passive Ability: Combat Medic
  • Tactical Ability: D.O.C Heal Drone
  • Ultimate Ability: Care Package
Best Legends for beginners in Apex Mobile 2022

Because of her tactical ability, the D.O.C. Healing Drone, Lifeline is an excellent character to play while first learning Apex Legends Mobile. When triggered, Lifeline will drop her drone, which will heal the player and their team. This is ideal for newbies since, other than waiting for the cooldown timer to expire, the ability may be utilized indefinitely. When playing Apex, you are likely to take some damage at some point, thus being able to swiftly heal oneself is really useful for beginners. It also frees up space in your backpack because you don’t need to keep extra healing goods on hand. This enables new players to get more treasure and experiment more frequently.


  • Passive Ability: Tracker
  • Tactical Ability: Eye of the Allfather
  • Ultimate Ability: Beast Of The Hunt

Bloodhound is the ultimate tracker in every manner, and their powers reflect that. Players who pick Bloodhound may deploy Tracker, a passive ability that allows them to see where foes’ footprints are and how long they have been there. It may tell you whether there are adversaries in the vicinity and where they went, giving you a wonderful opportunity to get the upper hand on them.

Bloodhound’s tactical, Eye of the All-Father, shows you and the rest of your team opponent positions in the nearby region. This provides you with a significant edge because you can track down opponent teams and predict their maneuvers depending on their location. Take note: when scanning, players are alerted if they are being monitored, thus you should be aware that they may predict your future attack. Bloodhound’s Beast of the Hunt ultimate ability spotlights adversaries in their vision as well, but it also makes them considerably nimbler, allowing them to swiftly rush into an opposing unit and deliver significant damage.


  • Passive Ability: Voices From The Void
  • Tactical Ability: Into The Void
  • Ultimate Ability: Dimensional Rift

Wraith is a wonderful Legend to start with because her passive ability detects when an adversary is aiming at her. This skill allows the player to flee to safety or check around for enemies. Her passive ability will also notify the rest of their squad that adversaries are nearby. Her tactical talent is also useful because it allows her to dash across a void for a few seconds. This ability enables her to go a short distance without taking any damage. The sole disadvantage is that when she uses her ability, a blue/white streak appears, allowing foes to predict where she will finish up.

The wraith may be the best pick for you if you enjoy running and gunning. Wraith allows you to play a little more aggressively and break past the defenses of opposing teams. Of course, if you decide to proceed, you will require the support of your team. Wraith is the finest legend for a playstyle that combines furious action with a moderate level of stealth.

Bangalore (Best Legend for beginners in Apex Mobile: Offensive)

  • Passive Ability: Double Time
  • Tactical Ability: Smoke Launcher
  • Ultimate Ability: Rolling Thunder
Best Legends for beginners in Apex Mobile 2022

Bangalore is excellent for novices to employ because her defensive qualities mirror her attacking powers. You should pick her for a little bit of both. Bangalore’s passive skill is rightfully called Double Period. Whenever an adversary shoots at her, she obtains a speed boost for a limited time and can flee the scene. Furthermore, her tactical skill, Smoke Launcher, allows her to camouflage herself and her comrades. This skill may be utilized to either distract or launch an assault. Then there’s Rolling Thunder, her ultimate talent. When she charges her ability, she may fire an artillery strike that covers a short area, effectively obliterating anybody in its path. The havoc that this ability may create is fantastic for rookie players. It can provide them with some easy kills and get them out of a jam. Bangalore is regarded as one of the top characters among seasoned gamers.

Much like Wraith, Bangalore is a terrific offensive Legend. Bangalore is less cunning, but it has far greater firepower. You should select Bangalore if you believe you have the finest aim on your squad and can do high-tier damage. She is also an obvious pick for squad commander because her skills are combat-ready and she can effectively control engagements with them.


It is ultimately up to you, like with any game, the character you use. People will like playing diverse characters since some will suit them better than others. If you know your favored playstyle or class in other multiplayer games, you may simply locate a Legend tailored for you. If you are new to multiplayer gaming, you should check out all of these Legends. Keep in mind that each Legend has both strengths and weaknesses. As a result, if you play to that Legend’s strengths, your skill level will soon improve.

This is all we had to offer on The Best Legends in Apex Legends Mobile for beginners 2022. Being fresh to a game like Apex Legends requires a lot of trial and error. You’ll finally find the appropriate Legend for you. If you persevere, you will collect enough Legend tokens to unlock some of the other characters, each with its own quirks and features. If you persevere, you will become Legendary in your Apex Legend talents and knowledge.

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