How Much Storage Space Does Genshin Impact Take

How much storage space does Genshin Impact take? If you want to install Genshin Impact on your smartphone or have faced storage-related troubles while playing the game, you should not miss MiniTool’s post. You solve two issues here: How much storage space does Genshin Impact require; how to resolve Genshin Impact’s limited storage space?

How Much Storage Space Does Genshin Impact Take

Genshin Impact has progressively risen to the top of the mobile gaming business, surpassing titles such as PUBG, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, and Candy Crush. The game’s huge size, on the other hand, has become a major concern for many gamers.

New material is introduced to Genshin Impact with each update, taking up more toll on players’ smartphones. The amount of storage required to operate the game on Android and PC devices in the newest edition is shown below. Because the game is free to download, downloading it is a pretty simple operation on all platforms.

Genshin Impact provides its players with a comprehensive open-world experience, and every six weeks, a new content update includes new characters, events, missions, and places, among other things. While additional material is extremely sought, it also results in a significant increase in the total size of the game.

How Much Storage Space Does Genshin Impact Take

Genshin Impact has a large mobile community, however, many players have been unable to enjoy it properly due to its excessive storage needs. Even high-end devices struggle to maintain a consistent frame rate, and the issue worsens when gamers lack sufficient storage.

If you have similar worries, read on to learn about the space that Genshin Impact occupies on PCs and other devices.

Why does Genshin Impact Require Large Space on Devices?

Genshin Impact has a very vast world. The world of Genshin Impact is full of surprises and magical artifacts.  There are many characters and the storyline of the game is long. Combined together, these things make the size of the game large. Adding more to the size are the stunning graphics of Genshin Impact. The game offers some state-of-the-art graphics which are really a treat to the eyes. When a game has great graphics definitely its size will be increased by a great percentage. So these were some of the reasons behind Genshin Impact’s large game size.

How Much Storage Space Does Genshin Impact Take on PC?

We’d like to preface the rest of the post by mentioning that owing to the aforementioned modifications, figures can change in the blink of an eye. However, depending on the PC game version, Genshin Impact requires the following amount of storage:

Downloader for the official Genshin Impact game

Genshin Impact requires 118 MB for the installation and 300 MB once the software extracts the data if downloaded from the official website. Before you can begin playing, the program will take 33.65 GB of your computer’s resources when you run the launcher and begin downloading. According to the game creators, you should allow roughly 7 GB of free space for any potential future upgrades and fixes. They’re gradually changing the official requirements to 40 GB as well.

The game’s Epic Game Launcher version

Unless you already have the Epic Games client, you must allocate 151 MB for the installer package and about 1.2 GB after installation. Going to the game’s website within the client implies that you must have 30 GB of free storage, which is false. Epic Games will only download the official launcher, so sum up all of the file sizes listed here. As a result, we recommend avoiding this choice if you’re concerned about space and don’t have a compelling reason to do so.

Storage Requirements for Genshin Impact on Consoles?

The game, as you are surely aware, is exclusively available for PlayStation platforms, namely the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The title is now unavailable on Xbox systems or the Nintendo Switch, but the technological capabilities exist, so we’ll leave the possibility open. As of patch 2.5, Genshin Impact required 35 GB of storage space on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The content in patch 2.6 will raise the scale to around 36 to 37 GB. Furthermore, the creator suggests that gamers have at least 40 GB of storage space accessible.

Storage Requirement for Genshin Impact Take on Mobile Devices?

As you may be aware, this well-known open-world RPG is also accessible on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. As a result, the following is the Genshin Impact game file size dependent on the mobile platform:

For Android smartphones

Genshin Impact requires just 349 MB of storage space to download on Android. However, after running the game and downloading all of the necessary content updates, its size soars. As a result, the developer, Cognosphere Pte. Ltd., recommends that gamers set aside up to 10 GB on their smart devices.

How Much Storage Space Does Genshin Impact Take

iOS and iPad OS

It’s a different scenario when it comes to playing Genshin Impact on mobile devices that run the iPadOS and iOS operating systems. Players must set aside 3.4 GB of storage space for download and installation. However, the amount of space it takes up quickly grows and may soon exceed 10 GB. As a result, Cognosphere Pte. Ltd. advises Apple device owners to expect up to 20 GB of free space to be used.

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