Best Valorant team in India

Best Valorant team in India: If you want to know about the best Valorant team in India then you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you about the best Valorant team in India.

Best Valorant team in the Indian subcontinent-

Well, it’s pretty a proud movement for the Indian Valorant esports scene, when the home-grown talents of the subcontinent sooner or later get to break into the top 10 of the Asia-Pacific scores.

In step with the modern-day census by vrl.Gg, Velocity Gaming is by means of a long way one of the maximum a hit Valorant groups within the location.

No longer handiest did they ‘simply’ spoil into the top 10 of the list, however, are also sitting readily inside the 2nd role (as of writing this newsletter), with an overall rating of 1633.

When evaluating them to the pinnacle Valorant teams of each EU and NA, velocity Gaming doesn’t seem to be all that a long way off.

In NA, Sentinels have overtaken TSM and are sitting with a rating of 1950, with the former having a rating of 1852. The maximum dominant crew of EU, G2 Esports, however, is sitting first with a rating of 2013.

(Disclaimer: as the ratings are constantly being updated with the aid of vrl.Gg, the numbers may constantly preserve converting).

Other teams in the Valorant community:

For this reason, if we recollect the ratings, pace Gaming doesn’t most effectively boast the capability of making it to the pinnacle in just the Asia-Pacific location, however internationally as properly.

Velocity Gaming is the most dominant Valorant roster in South Asia Velocity Gaming signing group Vertigo
Ever since the esports company, Velocity Gaming, took the crew Vertigo roster underneath their wings, Indian Valorant fans have had very excessive expectations from them.

And it is not mendacity when we are saying that the excellent squad has made excellent on each promise. With regards to the Indian Valorant tournaments, hosted via The Esports club, Aorus South Asia, and NODWIN Gaming, pace Gaming was steamrolling thru the opposition.

The best gaming team of India

They have been stomping the opposition for the duration of the match and making the finals appear to be a very one-sided affair.

“Insurrection will find approaches to make it work”: international Esports CEO Dr. Rushindra Sinha on Valorant’s plans for franchising in Asia.
“Valorant has completely taken over esports for laptop gaming in India”: Ronak Gupta, companion, Cosmic Byte” As the scene is developing, I am hoping to peer an Indian group in Masters soon”: Fa2 in AMD Skyesports souvenir Valorant LAN Championship
Below the leadership and shot-calling of Anuj ‘Amaterasu’ Sharma, speed gaming is slowly gaining the recognition of being one of the high-quality Valorant teams in the Asia Pacific.

Boasting abilities which include Tejas ‘rite2ace’ Sawant, Karan ‘excali’ Mhaswadkar, Sabyasachi ‘antidote’ Bose, and Vibhor ‘Vibhor’ Vaid, the roster is ready to achieve exquisite heights as soon as the Indian Valorant esports scene finally takes off.


Valorant has become a popular esport in the Indian Subcontinent and has gained a lot of attention over the year. There are a lot of esport teams but Velocity Gaming is the best team out there.

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