How to get Bots in Clash Royale?

How to get Bots in Clash Royale: If you have been thinking about playing with bots in Clash Royale then you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you the ways in which you can be matched with bots in the game.

How to play with Bots in Clash Royale?

Clash Royale is a veritably popular game for mobile bias that we can play against people from all over the world and also with and against our musketeers, who we can add to the game or by linking our account with Facebook to play with our connections. We can also join a clan o produce a clan in Clash Royale so that we can share in the different events that are exclusive to clans in Clash Royale and admit better prices.

A bot lobby in Clash Royale

While it’s true that we can play against numerous people, it’s also true that we can occasionally play against people who appear to have a low or analogous position but who have a high position of play with veritably good cards, which could complicate us fully. our way of drinks if we’re in that period. If you want to play against bots in Clash Royale There are a number of effects you can do and then we will tell you what they’re so that you can fluently get some palms.

Ways to get matched with bots-

One way to get mugs in the game is by getting palms that add glories and this allows us to advance on the path of mugs, but the verity is that at times it can be delicate to achieve a path of palms when there are so numerous high- position players who they constantly play Clash Royale.

To get bots touched on Clash Royale you must do the following-

  • Log in to Clash Royale.
  • Press the button battle and also snappily cancel the battle.
  • Do this several times until an alternate counter doesn’t appear.
  • When that counter doesn’t appear, you’ll automatically be matched against a bot.

This trick has been shown to be non-bannable, but it isn’t known whether it works impeccably moreover since many claims to have used it and that it has completely worked for them, some others misdoubt that the other stoner is really a bot and numerous others say that the trick just does not work, so what we recommend is that you get a little tolerance and give it a pass.

Winning in the bot lobbies of Clash Royale

The flashback that this trick is a kind of error or bug in the game and thus it may be corrected at any time by Supercell, so if it doesn’t work for you, nothing happens, you’ll have to keep trying to advance on your path of glories following some other advice from Clash Royale other than playing against bots.


Bots are not easy to find in the game. However, you can follow the steps given in the article to play against This is all you need to know about how to play against bots in ClashRoyale.

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