How to get Prince in Clash Royale?

How to get Prince in Clash Royale: If you have still not got one of the most loved cards of Clash Royale then do not worry you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you how to get Prince in Clash Royale.

Prince is one of the best cards in Clash Royale and is a card of epic rarity and is found very early in the game. Players can use it for offensive gameplay. Prince deals a lot of damage when it charges.

Prince of Clash Royale It’s a card that we can get from the morning of the game in the arena of the training field. It’s a troop of a grand oddity, it has veritably short-range ruckus combat, and its speed is medium.

How to Get the Prince in Clash Royale?

To be suitable to bring it you must pay for 5 catholicons, it’s a card that has an attack speed of 1.4 seconds, and it’s one of the most introductory colors that the game has, but, despite this, it has multiple strategies where you can take it into account in different battle scripts, both to attack and to defend.

From its position 6, it has health points of 1380 and a damage of 270, by being suitable to increase it in position, we can nearly double these statistics, to 2422 health and 475 damage, independently.

The Knight can be independently unlocked by randomly opening chests or can be bought from the shop by paying in-game gold.

Characteristics of the Prince of Clash Royale:

El prince It’s relatively useful in the first cases of combat, we can also emplace it when the opponent has little catholicon to fight him in close combat and he’ll snappily reach the adversary halls. We can combine the Napoleon with a splash unit.  The Knight has a great advantage because he doesn’t consume important catholicon, he can be decisive in any course of the game.

Unlocking Prince in Clash Royale

In a protective position, if they’re hitting you from the left lane, you can launch the Knight in the right lane, so that it goes directly damaging the adversary turrets while you prepare your defense, it can be a parlous system and could beget you significant damage, but Being a minimum catholicon cost card, it can help you save the game.

Prince in Clash Royale

Still, you can push other friendly colors while charging, If you emplace the Knight rightly and at the right time. This allows you to emplace a troop directly in front of one of the tycoons while snappily loading the other cards. However, deal double damage while still in battle, If your Knight in battle is still alive and manages to charge again.

The Knight is an exceptional troop when combined with troops of higher hitpoints.


The Knight is one of the most popular cards of Clash Royale. It can be found earliest in the arena and be unlocked by opening chests. It can also be bought from the shop if you can bear the cost of it. So that is all on How to get Prince in Clash Royale.

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