Early Carmen Iconic Rifle Phantom Liberty

Early Carmen Iconic Rifle Phantom Liberty: Phantom Liberty is essentially Cyberpunk 2077 version 2.0. It brings a lot of new content with refreshed police AI and much more in the latest update.

Early Carmen Iconic Rifle Phantom Liberty

The Phantom Liberty update also introduces players to a ton of new weapons and quest that they can complete in order to be the unrivaled champion of the Night City.

In this article, we will talk about one such legendary weapon which can be achieved early on in the game, if only you know where to look. Read on to find out how to get the Early Carmen Iconic Rifle in Phantom Liberty.

Early Carmen Iconic Rifle Phantom Liberty

The Carmen Iconic Rifle is one of the best early-game assault rifles in Cyberpunk 2.0. It is obtained during the “Balls to the Wall” gig mission for “Mr. Hands”.

This gig should become available after arriving in Dogtown. Look for a yellow gig marker in the heart of Dogtown. You have arrived if you are entering a Barghest camp.

Sit down and talk to Paco and Babs from here. A Deep Dive drug will be offered to you. Take it, and you will be dropped into a playable sequence as Kurt Hansen. The game is divided into two sections: a fistfight and a gun battle.

Once those sections are completed, Paco and Babs will reveal that they stole some generators from Kurt and need your assistance to escape. You will be presented with three options here.

Early Carmen Iconic Rifle Phantom Liberty

Phantom Liberty: How to Unlock Carmen Iconic Rifle

By selecting the second option in this gig, you will be able to work with Paco to smuggle him out of Dogtown.

You will accompany him to his car, load him into the trunk, and drive him out of the checkpoint. Assuming you don’t cause any problems along the way, this is a straightforward A to B driving section.

Paco will pay you $8k once he is free and will contact you in two days. After two days, he’ll invite you to meet him at Afterlife.

When you visit Paco at Afterlife, he will reveal that he has become a scavenger. After some scolding and mentioning that there is a good chance, he’ll end up in a gunfight with Babs someday, he will gift you a new Iconic weapon: the Carmen Power Assault Rifle.

Carmen Iconic Assault Rifle Stats

It is excellent at damaging limbs, in addition to having a 100% headshot multiplier and 50% armor penetration.

Shots to the arms or legs have a higher crit chance. Furthermore, it is a weapon that encourages you to keep moving. Improved weapon control when sprinting, jumping, or sliding. Furthermore, while moving, weapon damage and bleed damage increase.

The Carmen is your new best friend if you invest skill points in Reflexes and take all the perks that allow you to run and gun.

That is How to Get the Carmen Iconic Rifle Early in Phantom Liberty Cyberpunk 2.0.

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