How Many Archon Quests Are There in Genshin Impact

How Many Archon Quests Are There in Genshin Impact: As the Traveler and Paimon explore Teyvat’s planet in quest of the Traveler’s Lost Sibling, Archon Quests narrate the major story of their journey. Each Act in this narrative is unlocked after the player reaches a specific Adventure Rank (AR).

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We wouldn’t have much background information on why Teyvat’s countries exist the way they do without the Archon Quests in Genshin Impact. Because the producers spend their time crafting each new component of Genshin Impact’s Archon Questline, they are all eagerly anticipated and valuable.

In this article, we have tried to answer the raging question of how many Archon Quests Are There in Genshin Impact. You will find that all of the necessary information is neatly presented. Head on to our website to discover all about Genshin Impacts and the magical world of Teyvat.

What are Archon Quests and How Many Archon Quests Are There in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact has a lot to offer to its players. It is a massively popular MMO RPG game that offers a variety of quests and rewards for players. As mentioned above, the journey for the lost sister by the traveler and Paimon is covered in Archon Quests.

In total, there are about 14 Acts in the game. You need to complete all of these if you want to complete the main storyline of Genshin Impact.

Let us now proceed to explain all of the Archon Quests one-by-one.

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Prologue: Act 1- The Outlander Who Caught the Wind

The story of Genshin Impact begins with you choosing a Character for yourself. You will be given the choice to select which of the Traveler Twins you want to play when the game first begins. However, there will be no gameplay-related effects from this; it will just change the main character’s gender and look.

Prologue: Act 1 contains three different main objectives of the game. These are all then further sub-divided into playable content under the First Act of the Game, these are-

Heading to Mondstadt

How Many Archon Quests Are There in Genshin Impact

You will be given the choice to select which of the Traveler Twins you want to play when the game first begins. This will have no gameplay-related effects; it will just change the main character’s gender and look.

Without any further ado, let us begin our chronological guide to the Archon Quests in Genshin Impact.

Thereafter, the game follows a simple story-guided training to help beginners understand the basic mechanics of the game. You will also be provided with a couple of side quests on your way to Mondstadt. These mini side-quests are imperative for the game, so make sure to complete them too.

Exploring Mondstadt

How Many Archon Quests Are There in Genshin Impact

After a quick chat, you’ll be able to glide, which you must do right away to return to the entrance. Although this battle is surprisingly simple, you will need to defeat the Stormterror dragon. You only need to fly after the dragon and shoot because it never attempts to harm you. After the battle, you must glide down to the headquarters where you will encounter a variety of people, including Kaeya and Lisa, both of whom are made playable before the conclusion of the prologue.

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The Three Temples

How Many Archon Quests Are There in Genshin Impact

You will start the first of Genshin Impact’s tombs after leaving Mondstadt when you follow the marker to the temple. Here, you will have to use all your accumulated skills to break the specified stones in three different Temples that will be marked on the map for you.
Once you clear all three Temples and collect your rewards. At the end of this sections, you will have completed Prologue: Act 1 in Genshin Impact.

Note: The following Act in the prologue requires an Adventure Rank of 10. It is a good idea to speak with Katheryne, the Adventurer’s Guild receptionist, after finishing the three Temples. She will be the one where you can pick up your Adventurer Rank rewards. She will also give you the Adventurer manual. The Adventurer Ranks and their benefits will be listed.

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Prologue: Act 2- For a Tomorrow Without Tears

Speak with Jean beside the Mondstadt fountain to start the second Prologue assignment. The story doesn’t pick up until after you leave the Knight’s Headquarters, where she will ask you to meet with her for a discussion. Similar to Act 1, the second Act also sub-divided into three major events, these are-

Meet-up with Venti

How Many Archon Quests Are There in Genshin Impact

You will need to overcome adversaries of the boss class in Act 2. Be careful since they might be considerably harder and more powerful than typical adversaries. Before taking on these Boss opponents, it is a good idea to level up your characters and equipment.

Heist in Mondstadt

How Many Archon Quests Are There in Genshin Impact

To obtain the Holy Lyre, you must battle Fatui Zamerhoff, although any potent elemental assault will quickly reduce their health. Return to the tavern after grabbing the lyre. After a sequence in which you mend the lyre, you will proceed to the quest’s last and most important phase.

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Retrieving Dvalin’s Tears

How Many Archon Quests Are There in Genshin Impact

The Teardrop Crystals can be acquired in any sequence, just like the temples in the opening act. You may choose the challenge that you wish to begin and conclude with.

Open the chest at the temple’s outermost point before leaving and entering the canyon below to find another chest there. You’ll then need to visit the Dawn Winery to speak with Jean (and Dulic and Venti). Here you’ll learn that Starsnatch Cliff is the perfect location to use the reclaimed lyre, so come here and watch the epilogue disclose some intriguing details about the dragon. This brings us to the end of Act 2.

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Prologue: Act 3- The Song of the Dragon and Freedom

The Adventure Rank required to unlock this quest is 18. Spend as much time as you want in the vast open world of Teyvat until you reach the desired AR. To begin this quest, you must attain Adventure Rank 18, at which point you must go to the Dawn Winery to see Diluc. You must move somewhat westward from here, almost to the edge of this zone, where you must battle some Hydro adversaries. If you wish to avoid getting frozen, you should employ electro strikes on the shield while maintaining your range. Lisa is a good pick in this case.

Let us go ahead and chronologically understand the events that take place in Act 3 of the Prologue.

Into The Stormterror’s Lair

How Many Archon Quests Are There in Genshin Impact

There is a teleporter on the top level of the Dvalin’s tower that you may access by climbing up it; it will come in handy later. Additionally, there is a bright light actuator at the top that you must take and transfer over to the blue column directly across from you. After that, speak with Venti, who will advise you to carry out the same procedure for three other actuator columns nearby.

Any combination of the three is possible. Make sure the teleporter in the tower is operational, though, since it will be much easier to teleport back to the middle and then glide down to the next one once you’ve completed one.

After gathering them all, teleport back to the tower and get ready to face Stormterror.

The higher the character’s level, roughly 26+, the better. However, even if you don’t have a Venti in your party, you may still hire him here and he will be of great assistance. For one of Stormterror’s stages, it’s also a good idea to have a second ranged fighter in case Venti perishes, but you need also to have at least one powerful physical attacker.

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A Hero’s Welcome

How Many Archon Quests Are There in Genshin Impact

However, there are some storyline events to complete once you fight Stromterror. Without giving away the story, you simply need to travel to Mondstadt to speak with Amber, a few of the smaller towns, Kaeya, and Amber once again. You will not have any trouble locating any of them because they are all within 150 yards of one another. Following a cutscene, you must proceed to Windrise to finish the mission to speak with Jean and Venti in the Cathedral beyond Mondstadt.

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Chapter 1: Act 1- Of the Land Amidst Monoliths

Chapter 1 of Genshin Impact Storyline comes after the prologue. You’ll run into stronger foes that might be difficult to deal with if you’re unprepared. For the best odds, try to get the strongest characters, improve them, and enhance your equipment! To go to Act 3, you must reach a specific Adventure Rank.

The event that takes place in this act are as follows-

The Assassination

How Many Archon Quests Are There in Genshin Impact

To start, proceed to Liyue Harbor. You’ll need to speak with three specific individuals nearby, one at a time, while you ascend the stairs. When you go to the terrace above, they’ll explain how to access the Rite ritual. The cliff can be used as a shortcut. Regardless of how you ascend, you must first interact with the two shrines on either side of the fountain before going up to it. These three encounters will all result in brief cutscenes that explain the story.

You will be wrongfully accused and have to flee once more, much as when you were charged with stealing the harp in the Prologue.

You must find the three Adepti and communicate with them after escaping from the Millelith. They can be in any sequence.

Adepti in Wangshu Inn

How Many Archon Quests Are There in Genshin Impact

Visit the inn, then up the stairs for a quick cutscene starring Xiao. After that, speak with the inn’s manager behind the counter before approaching the chef on the balcony. If you examine the kitchen yourself after he tells you there is a ghost there, you will see the ghost. Head upstairs and read the symbol that the boss will mention being painted there. You may see the sigil line up on three rocks if you stand where the earth is shining at the base of the inn. If you use an elemental attack on it, the ghost girl will emerge and go away. If you pursue her, she will take you right into a conflict with a Ruin Hunter.

After your battle with the Ruin Hunter, head back to the balcony and talk to Xiao. This will trigger the next set of events.

The Mountain Shaper

How Many Archon Quests Are There in Genshin Impact

The Cloud Retainer

How Many Archon Quests Are There in Genshin Impact

The ghost will swear not to return to the inn after the Hunter has been killed. Return to the inn and let the chef know; he will now joyfully enter the kitchen and prepare supper for Xiao. Get to the top of the inn with this supper, offer it to Xiao, and once more narrate the tale you were tasked with sharing. Return to the Northland Bank from here and update Childe to complete the mission.

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Chapter 1: Act 2- Farewell, the Archaic Lord

You must visit the Liyue Harbor to speak with the bank employees in order to begin this quest. The Zhongli Childe must be met in order to provide you with a bag of Mora for the following phase of this quest. To purchase the Noctilus Jade from the merchant, you must ride the Mora to Liyue Harbor’s southernmost point. The cooking follows, which must be done in a particular pot rather than on any old burner.

The events that take place in this Act 2 are as follows-

Meeting with Zhongli

How Many Archon Quests Are There in Genshin Impact

Boiling Noctilus Jade

  • Purchase Noctilus Jade from the shopkeeper in Liyue Harbor’s southern section.
  • After getting the Noctilus Jade samples, go to Dadaupa Gorge to locate the enormous pot.
  • Defeat the Hilichurls encircling the pot and proceed to utilize it there.
  • To heat the pot, use pyro assaults. There will be additional Hilichurls while you are boiling the pot. Once you’ve defeated them, start heating the pot again so that the bar is full.
  • Go back to Liyue Harbor and talk to Shitou the trader once more.
  • Place the Noctilus Jade at the designated location on Yujing Terrace.

Perfume Fit for a God

  • Find the flower vendor at the harbor, then approach him to purchase Silk Flowers.
  • Talk to Lan at the Adventurer’s Guild counter.
  • Talk with Qiming.
  • To learn how to manufacture the perfume, talk to Ying’er.
  • Convene at the neighboring eatery with Ying’er.
  • Bring some water to Ying’er that you discovered in a bucket behind the restaurant.
  • Grind the flowers on the crafting table to get their oils. Obtain the essential oils of Golden House Maiden, Valley Weaver, and Fate’s Yearning.
  • Return to Ying’er in the restaurant with the Essential Oils you created.
  • Go to the Statue of the Seven and speak with Zhongli there after receiving the fragrances.

Inside Granny’s Teapot

  • Return to Liyue Harbor and meet with Madame Ping.
  • Tap her teapot to reveal the Cleasing Bell.
  • Bring the scent to Zhongling on Yujing Terrace, along with the cleansing bell.

Flying Kites

  • Buying a kite from Granny Shan is step one.
  • Locate and chat with three employees who can provide you with supplies for a fee. Negotiating pricing allows you to retain the additional Mora, but be careful not to drive the price too low.
  • Talk with Childe.

You can bargain for cheaper pricing while speaking with the job-related personnel. The price can be cut by as little as half, at the lowest. Avoid going too low since it will make them feel worse. The bank is where you may exchange the bag of Mora for Mora.

The Hunt for the Cocogoat

How Many Archon Quests Are There in Genshin Impact

Dinner at the Three Tables

Once the Treasure Hoarders are vanquished, return to Qiqi at the pharmacy before going to the Yujing Terrace to light the Everlasting Incense you recently obtained and to speak with Zhongi once more. You must set the time to after 18:00, go to the restaurant, and then watch the cutscene to complete the objective. Zhongi will then ask you to supper.

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Chapter 1: Act 3- New Star Approaches

It is time to accept your invitation to Ningguang’s Jade Chamber after a little pause spent relaxing with Zhongli at the restaurant. It is floating over Mount Tainheng. If you have it, teleport to the Sea of Clouds waypoint west of Liyue Harbor, fly across, and climb the mountain’s root to start a cutscene. When it’s over, continue climbing the mountain and spin the pinwheel with Anemo.

There are several Millelith waiting for you at the Guizhong Ballista marker on your map.

Defeat three Millelith waves.

The events that follow this brief battle are-


  • Find the ingredients Paimon needs by following the marks.
  • After destroying a Hydro Slime, the first component may be located.
  • You’ll come across a caged person being held by a bunch of Treasure Hoarders while searching for the second component. Get the cage’s key, open it, and speak with the man inside after defeating the Treasure Hoarders.
  • The second component is included in one of the Sweet Flower pots.
  • Get the last component at Minxing Jewelry at Liyue Harbor.
  • To go to the Jade Chamber, follow the signpost and speak with the guide.
  • Speak with Ningguang once you’ve arrived in the Jade Chamber.
  • Enter the Jade Chamber and speak with Ningguang once again.
  • Engage the board in conversation in Ningguang’s chamber.

Solitary Fragrance

  • Use the teleport waypoint next to the Statue of the Seven in the Sea of Clouds, then adhere to the marking.
  • Use the right elemental response to easily destroy the numerous Fatui skirmishers you will encounter here.
  • You can look into the Fatui’s research once you’ve defeated the Fatui.
  • To meet Zhongli, travel to Dihua Marsh via the teleport waypoint at Luhua Pool.
  • Find some Glaze Lilies by going to the place on the map that is marked.
  • You must battle the Cryo Whopper blooms that will afterward appear. To easily fight them, avoid getting wet and employ pyro and electro strikes.
  • Talk to the Fatui agent by going to the Liyue Harbor entrance highlighted on the map.
How Many Archon Quests Are There in Genshin Impact

Heart of Glaze

  • Make your way to the Golden House by teleporting to the alternate Liyue Harbor waypoint.
  • Examine the Exuvia as you make your way to the room.
  • A boss encounter against Childe will be required of you. Every time his health is depleted, one of his three forms will change.
  • First Form of Childe: He makes long-range Hydro strikes with a bow. Be careful to avoid his AoE strikes.
  • The second incarnation of Childe uses electro-melee attacks.
  • Childe’s final shape combines elements of his first two forms.
  • You must defend the Adepti and fend off Osial, Overlord of the Vortex, once you have vanquished Childe.

Turning Point

For six minutes, you must defend the three Ballistas from the Fatui foes.

You will receive various upgrades that will make you quicker, stronger, and more resilient while you are fighting the Fatui.

The Fond Farewell

  • Make your way to the marker by using the Liyue Harbor teleport waypoint.
  • Return to the marker and go to Northland Bank.
  • Go to the markers on Yujing Terrace and climb up there to hear the rumors.
  • To hear his announcement, move towards the direction of the Millelith.
  • The Rite of the Parting is within; keep going.
  • Speak with three of the significant NPCs. It is acceptable to speak to Madame Ping, Ningguang, Ganyu, Keqing, Ying’er, or Shitou.
  • Talk to Zhongli towards the end by moving there.

Act Three of Chapter One: A New Star Approaches will come to a close after you let him know you’ve had enough. You should now own the last component for their Constellation if you set the Traveller to Geo and purchased the Geo Sigil store. The Genshin Impact 1.1 Archon narrative arc comes to a close here.

To move on to the Monoceros Caeli Chapter, you must have an Adventure Rank of 40. Next on Archon Quests in Genshin Impact we have-

Chapter 1: Act 4- We Will Be Reunited

We Will Be Reunited is only open to players who have attained Adventure Rank 28. To rapidly gain Adventure Rank, think about doing World Quests and Daily Commission Quests.

  • Speak with Ganyu and Lan in the Adventure’s Guild in Liyue.
  • A Dungeon will be transported to you.
  • Fight the Abyss Herald and follow the battle.
  • Track the Abyss Herald by following the quest arrows.
  • Visit Barbara in the Mondstadt Abyss Cathedral.
  • Head to Wolvendom after speaking with Dainsleif.
  • Kill the enemies at the quest markers.
  • Retaliate against the Abyss Herald.
  • Interact with the Ruin Guard there by going to the Stormterror’s Lair.
  • Go back into the ruins and slide past the bubbles.
  • Take the Abyss Herald on.

How to Defeat the Abyss Herald?

You must three times vanquish the Abyss Herald during the quest’s narrative. Hydro is the element of the Abyss Herald, making Cryo characters particularly powerful against him. Cryo elemental reactions may be used to freeze the opponent and do a lot of harm to him.

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Chapter 2, Prologue: Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves

A thorough tour of the Chapter Two Prologue, Autumn Winds, and Scarlet Leaves, is provided here. You are stranded in Liyue for this mission, trying to find a means to get to Inazuma. Fortunately, Kazuha and Beidou are on hand to assist.

Make sure your characters are well-armed because this is the introduction to the second chapter and the creatures in Inazuma differ from those in Mondstadt and Liyue. Additionally, you must have completed all prior archon missions, including “We Will Be Reunited,” and have attained Adventure Rank 36.

The set of quests in this Prologue is-

A Path Through the Storm

  • To start the task, go to the Teleport Waypoint located above Liyue Harbor.
  • Head to the port in Liyue Harbor after the Traveler and Paimon have finished speaking.
  • Find Atsuko there, then speak with her.
  • You need to proceed to the Domain of Guyun to reach Beidou’s ship.
  • When you get in the domain, climb the walls to gain height so you may glide to the ship.
  • You will start a conversation with a crew member as soon as you step foot on the ship.
  • After the dialogue, you may speak with Beidou by just taking a few steps to the left.
  • The tournament arena may be found southwest of Guyun Stone Forest.
  • Once there, speak with the three contenders shown on your minimap.

The Crux Clash

To begin the competition, speak with Zhuhan, the front desk agent. You won’t be allowed to utilize your elemental abilities in this competition, and the only character you may employ is the Traveler. As you advance farther in the competition, the number and difficulty of the matches would rise. You can proceed if you coordinate your dodges and attacks well.

Till you have qualified for the Finals, attentively follow the quest. You should now search the highlighted area of your minimap for Kazuha. Once you’ve located him, speak with him; he’ll want you to show off your prowess by taking on slimes. Defeat them, then speak with him again.

Follow the Wind

  • Return to the arena with Kazuha for the decisive battle.
  • Go where the wind is blowing.
  • Travel to the next little island by riding the wind current.
  • Investigate the hint presented by a pinpoint on your minimap to find the next wind current.
  • Take advantage of the wind current to reach the next little island.
  • Defeat the hoarders of treasure.
  • Get in touch with the Treasure Hoarder who took the Masterless Vision.
  • Takedown Fei the Flyer. Keep your distance from him as you begin to assault him.
  • Return to the competition site.
  • To complete the task, speak with Zhuhan.

After everything has occurred, Kazuha and you will return to the competition grounds. To complete the Archon Quest, speak with Zhuhan.

Chapter 2: Act 1- The Immovable God and The Eternal Euthymia

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough of this Archon Quest in Genshin Impact.

  1. Consult Katheryne.
  2. Get on the Alcor and locate Beidou.
  3. Complete the mission step and speak with Thoma.
  4. Go to the following location and speak with Kurisu.
  5. Return to Thoma for assistance with Intel.
  6. Give Werner a Mondstadt Specialty and a Liyue Specialty in conversation.
  7. Move on to the next scene pointer in the quest.
  8. Hide under Keijirou’s shadow.
  9. To view a cutscene, follow the marker.
  10. Speak with Thoma once again.
  11. Go to the following Area.
  12. Continue on the quest’s path and wait until dusk.
  13. Guide the Trasport Balloon to its target safely.
  14. Go to the Komore Teahouse by following the quest point.
  15. Go to the Statue of the All-Pervading God.
  16. Follow the cutscene instructions to Kamisato Estate.
  17. Speak to the group of folks here.
  18. Examine the quest markings at the little shrine indicated on the map.
  19. Follow the light and employ Elemental Sight.
  20. Speak with Tejima.
  21. Defeat the Treasure Hoarders before moving on to the following location to speak with Aoi of General’s Goods Shop.
  22. Consult Kurosawa.
  23. Go to the next quest location and speak with Nanako and Junya.
  24. Wait till after dark before speaking with Junya again.
  25. Examine the three points on the map, then speak with Anzai there.
  26. Speak with Yae Miko at Grand Narukami Shrine.
  27. Return to the Kamisato Estate and speak with Ayaka there.
  28. Speak with Yoimiya at the Naganohara Fireworks
  29. Move on to the next area and take down the adversaries’ dungeon.
  30. Visit Komore Teahouse once more.

Choose the response you believe best fits the situation because it will not change the outcome of the narrative.

Chapter 2: Act 1 quests will have been accomplished if you followed the instructions.

Chapter 2: Act 2- Stillness, The Sublimation of Shadow

The only players who may access Stillness, The Sublimation of Shadow are those who have attained Adventure Rank 30. To swiftly raise your Adventure Rank, think about doing World Quests and Daily Commission Quests.

  • Complete the Ayaka Story Quest.
  • Finish Yoimiya Story Quest.
  • Visit the Omnipresent God Statue, where a ceremony for the Vision Hunt will be placed. (An additional edited scene will be shown.)
  • Gather information by going to Tatarasuna and the Sangonomiya Clan on Kannazuka Island.
  • Ask people again to get more information.
  • Go to Nazuchi Beach to aid the opposition in taking down the Shogun’s forces.
  • Go to Yoshiori Island’s Fort Fujitou and meet Gorou there.
  • Follow Teppei, an NPC.
  • Give Teppei a Wolfhook or an Onikabuto item.
  • Take Teppei and the other NPC with you.
  • Obtain a rope and a board. Once obtained, assist them in repairing the obstacles.
  • Return to Gorou
  • Return to Nazuchi Beach.

Chapter 2: Act 3- Omnipresence Over Mortals

Omnipresence Over Mortals necessitates a minimum AR level of 30, just like previous Archon Quests do. If you want to raise your Adventure Rank rapidly, think about completing World Quests and Daily Commission Quests.

Sword, Fish, Resistance

  1. To meet Teppei, teleport to Fort Fujitou.
  2. Board a boat and head west to the camp of the resistance.
  3. Get out of the boat and head west. To eventually reach the settlement, you’ll have to ascend a sizable cliff.
  4. After speaking with Teppei, proceed to Sangonomiya Shrine in the northwest.
  5. If you haven’t already, unlock the Statue of the Seven here. To go to the next location, move eastward from the statue.
  6. Travel southwest and teleport back to the Statue.
  7. Defeat the south-facing creatures in the area.
  8. Make your way to the island’s eastern edge.
  9. Get rid of the creatures there. After finishing, go back to Sangonomiya Shrine.

Those Who Yearn For The Gods’ Gaze

  1. To go to an island close to Fort Mumei, travel by teleport to Fort Fujitou and then southwest.
  2. The three totems may be activated here using electro-powers. You must combat a massive Lawachurl that will be summoned as a result.
  3. Visit Sangonomiya Shrine once again.
  4. Go straight to Bourou village in the south.


  1. Speak with Sangonomiya Kokomi in the community.
  2. To reach the Factory, teleport to the left of the Jakotsu mine and leap from the cliffs.
  3. Go into the compound and collect the three amulets to open the door.
  4. Finish down the three opponents in the last chamber, then kill the Factory Superintendent when she shows up.
  5. Make your way to Grand Narukami Shrine.

The Servant’s Path

  1. Jump off and glide from where you are now to the training area at the base of Mount Yougou.
  2. The Anti-Raiden Shogun Training is over.
  3. Finish the second Anti-Raiden Shogun Training.
  4. Finish down the three opponents in the last chamber, then kill the Factory Superintendent when she shows up.

Proof of Guilt

  1. Check out the cream-colored Daruma by teleporting to Guijiu Forest.
  2. Visit the Komore Teahouse and speak with Thoma there.
  3. Move on to the following area and speak with Yoimiya.
  4. Set the time to the specified period and proceed to the Tenryou Commission’s main office.
  5. Light the fireworks, go into the air, and seek refuge in Komore Teahouse.
  6. Speak with Thoma and Ayaka.

Blind Loyalty, Reckless Courage

  1. Return to Grand Narukami Shrine’s Yae Guuji.
  2. Follow Sara into Inazuma Castle after teleporting there.
  3. Overcome your adversaries at Internal Affairs Head.
  4. Go to Tenshukaku and engage Signora in combat.
  5. Leave the Tenshukaku to view a cutscene.
  6. Combat Raiden Shougun.

This was all the Archon Quest Chapters that have been introduced so far in Genshin Impact. We hope to have helped provide you with all the necessary details. Also read, How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

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