How To Beat Balteus in Armored Core 6?

How To Beat Balteus in Armored Core 6? If you have encountered the PCA SP autonomous vessel BALTEUS in Armored Core 6, chances are you must have been blown up, grilled, electrocuted, and otherwise trampled.

How To Beat Balteus in Armored Core 6?

If you have just faced Balteus and are looking for a guide to the last fight of Armored Core 6 Chapter 1, you have come to the right place.

Balteus travels quickly, has a strong shield, and can fire missile volleys that even the bosses in bullet hell would envy. It is a difficult fight the first time you face it, but the appropriate AC build makes Balteus much simpler to manage.

Let us begin our How to Beat Balteus in Armored Core 6 guide and also tell you what is the best build to take on this furious final boss.

How to Beat Balteus in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon

Make sure your build is perfect before engaging in this duel with Balteus. You want to strive for 11,000 health, so a medium construction with a mobility focus is the way to go. We found the Tetrapod legs to be beneficial because they let you to hover and easily dodge incoming missiles.

You will also need to close vast gaps to attack, so prioritize faster recharging—if you are too slow in this fight, you will be thrown out.

To tear down Balteus’ bubble protection, you will need to load the Disruptor Cannon. We propose the Plasma Sword for your other arm; it not only provides decent damage, but it also locks on and seeks out enemy targets.

Attacks to watch out for:

  • Balteus will launch an attack of dozens of missiles at you; while it may be tempting to take advantage of this opportunity for a melee attack, the missiles have tracking and will almost certainly hit you during the attack animation. Focus on getting out of the way of the missiles as quickly as possible.
  • When Balteus reaches roughly 40% health, it will recharge its shield in a massive, destructive burst—move away to avoid being hit.
  • Balteus will launch a series of devastating flamethrower attacks immediately after recharging his shield. Prepare to quickly boost away from them.
  • Balteus has one more hazardous strike, a high-damage cannon that will fire immediately after Balteus has moved places.
How To Beat Balteus in Armored Core 6?

Best AC Build for Baltues in Armored Core 6

  • Right arm weapon: Pulse gun
  • Left arm weapon: Plasma blade
  • Back weapons: Missile launchers
  • Legs: Bipedal
  • Booster: Prioritize Quick boost
  • Arms, Core: Prioritize AP

The pulse gun, your right hand weapon, is the most vital aspect of this combat. While it has limited range and quickly overheats, this weapon is designed specifically for taking down shields like Balteus’. Get in close and use this weapon to drain the barrier before unloading with the rest of your damage.

Strategy Tips to Beat Balteus

It is all about your pulse gun in this fight: Close in and use it to destroy Balteus’ shield. Missiles or a sword slash can help seal the deal, but spare some damage for when the shield is down and Balteus is vulnerable.

As soon as Balteus’ shield drops, assault boost into a plasma blade combination for maximum damage.

Back off when Balteus’ health reaches 40% and concentrates on dodging his flame attacks—this is the deadliest part of the fight.

Balteus makes a frightening first impression. Its missile volleys are easy to avoid with a little practice, but when you do get caught in one, boy do you get rocked. The pulse gun, which you probably have not bought or spent much time with before this fight, is the key to defeating this boss.

Use your pulse cannon at close range to completely consume Balteus’ shield. Balteus will be dazed as soon as it pops, which is your cue to Assault Boost in with a pulse blade strike. Fire your missiles as soon as they come off cooldown to deal as much damage as possible while Balteus is stunned. Back off, make sure your boost meter is fully charged, and keep an eye out for Balteus’ cannon strike or a big missile volley.

Keep an eye out for those flamethrower assaults once Balteus’ health dips to 40%. Avoiding them is your top objective, but the strategy remains the same: keep firing your pulse rifle to decrease that shield and then deal some damage.

And with that, you will be able to beat Balteus with relative ease.


It will not be simple, but with some dodging and well-timed assaults, you should be able to send Balteus to the mech graveyard. Don’t be surprised if you’re out of repair kits and low on health; we ended this fight with roughly 3,200 hp remaining.

Praise yourself since, even with a guide, this is a difficult combat that puts your mech piloting talents to the limit.

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