How To Beat Cancer in Remnant 2?

How To Beat Cancer in Remnant 2? Remnant 2, the sequel to Gunfire Games’ third-person action shooter, pushes you and up to two other allies against swarms of terrible opponents and godlike bosses over multiple shifting planets teeming with unspeakable horrors.

How To Beat Cancer in Remnant 2?

Cancer is one of the essential bosses to be defeated in the world of Root Earth. In this Remnant 2 tutorial, we describe how to beat him, as well as his moves and rewards.

Cancer is the first opponent you will encounter in Remnant 2’s final world, Root Earth. In this article, we will take a deep dive to first understand what Cancer is, and how to beat Cancer in Remnant 2.

Who is Cancer in Remnant 2?

Cancer is largely an up-close and melee Boss. It can, however, use ranged assaults, such as firing roots from the earth. His move set glitches at 60% HP, causing him to “fake” performing an attack.

Let us now look at its Move-sets and Stats:

  • Root Attack – By putting his hands or head into the ground, Cancer creates roots under the surface, which will shoot up after a moment. They inflict damage and make it harder to move around the arena.
  • 3-Hit Combo – near the player, the boss will deliver two punches with the hands and then finish the combo with a head blow.
  • Shockwave – Cancer can return to his initial location by leaping there. After landing, he creates a shockwave that deals damage and knocks you back.
  • Glitch – the boss will start to glitch, trying to make a move. The first one will always try to cheat the players.
  • Jump Attack – if a large distance separates you, Cancer may take a leap to attack you with its hand.

How To Beat Cancer Boss in Remnant 2?

If you get the chance, aim for the boss’s back. A decent strategy is to employ any summon that will draw Cancer’s attention, allowing you to attack the boss’ weak place peacefully. If you run out of ammunition, collect it after you have destroyed the roots. Bullets erupt from them.

How To Beat Cancer in Remnant 2?

Cancer will frequently try to approach you and attack you with its hands. There will be three attacks. They have a long-range, therefore avoiding them is preferable to sprinting away.

If the boss summons a shockwave, simply dodge in front of it. You will take less damage and will not be thrown off balance as a result of this. Meanwhile, shoot at Cancer to take advantage of the rare periods when it will not assault you.

How To Beat Cancer in Remnant 2?

After around 40% of the boss’s health is depleted, it will begin glitching and blinking red. His motions will become more erratic. It is critical to keep in mind that only the first move is a bluff. That is why you should react to what happens during a glitch first, and then to what follows.

How To Beat Cancer in Remnant 2?

Keep an eye on the ground you’re standing on! If you notice evidence of activity beneath the surface, make sure to avoid the growing roots.

How To Beat Cancer in Remnant 2?

Rewards After You Beat Cancer in Remnant 2

Upon defeat, Cancer yields the following rewards:

  • Necroryte Strand,
  • Tome of Knowledge,
  • Lumenite Crystal x3,
  • Scrap x500.

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