Remnant 2: Ring of Omens

Remnant 2: Ring of Omens: Remnant 2 is a gripping third-person shooter RPG set in a post-apocalyptic universe that features the powerful Ring of Omens, which improves evasive movements with great health mechanisms.

Remnant 2: Ring of Omens

The Ring of Omens is an odd object with deeper secrets than its ability suggests. However, it is also an item that may only be gained when a specific weather condition exists. In Remnant 2, here’s how to obtain the Ring of Omens.

How to Get the Ring of Omens in Remnant 2

There is a Cathedral of Omens deep in the Yaesha wilderness. Who knows what services were held in this once-holy building. All that is left is a massive puzzle that, when correctly solved, can reveal a sequence of doors that conceal a variety of goods.

But there is one item that asks you to go above and above. That’s the meaning of the Ring of Omens. The Cathedral of Omens must be under the Blood Moon to obtain it. The Blood Moon is a random weather event in Yaesha that shines a scarlet light on everything underneath it.

You must enter and exit the checkpoint to activate it. For example, returning to Ward 13 and then visiting the Temple of Omens. It took me five rapid trips to summon the Blood Moon. By passing past the checkpoint and gazing up, you can see if the Blood Moon is in the region. Because the ceiling is damaged, you should have a good view of it.

After that, you will need to solve the Blood Moon puzzle, which is the door on the right as you enter. 

Ring of Omens Door Not Opening

When the Blood Moon is active, find the door on the right as you enter the Cathedral. The Blood Moon puzzle door is located here. Let us understand how to unlock it.

Interact with the lever in front of the checkpoint only once. Then, four times, interact with the lever in front of the Blood Moon puzzle door. This will open the door for you.

The door in front of you will open after this sequence of lever contacts.

Remnant 2: Ring of Omens

There are two regular chests within the opened door. However, when the puzzle was solved during the Blood Moon, the floor revealed a hidden route.

The secret passageway leads to a hidden room containing valuable Blood Moon essence and, more significantly, the desired Ring of Omens.

Remnant 2: Ring of Omens: Uses

If the Ring of Omens is combined with one of six certain talismans found in Yaesha, it contains a secret characteristic that turns the user’s dodge roll into a misty step. These are talismans that include the same symbols as the various omens.

It possesses the ability to get around the armor weight restrictions for evasion. This means that your evasive movements will be unaffected even if you are wearing heavy armor, such as the Leto MK II. Instead, you’ll be able to roll effectively, giving you superb fighting mobility.

These are the various talismans and how to obtain them:

Talisman of the Sun – Found by chance in The Expanding Glade or Forgotten Field.

Full Moon Circlet – Discovered in The Imperial Gardens beneath a trapdoor that only opens during the Blood Moon.

Necklace of Flowing Life – Found inside a sarcophagus at the end of a route hidden behind an illusory wall in either The Chimney or The Lament.

Death’s Embrace – Purchased for 1,000 scraps from Bedel of The Vaunnt at The Forbidden Grove.

Red Doe Sigil – Given to the Eternal Empress in exchange for an unopened Ornate Lockbox.

Ravager’s Mark – Acquired by killing the Doe when given the chance.


Now that you are aware of this unique object in Remnant 2 and where to find it easily, what is your next move?

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