Remnant 2: Void Heart | Location and Uses

Remnant 2: Void Heart | Location and Uses: The Void Heart is a consumable item with a finite number of charges that gives your character a potent benefit for a brief period of time and is one of the more difficult Relics to get in Remnant 2. This artifact, which is available in both campaign and adventure mode rolls, can cure you when used. Support builds will aim to locate the Void Heart because they perform best in cooperative groupings with a healer archetype.

Remnant 2: Void Heart | Location and Uses

After completing Remnant 2’s tutorial phase, a unique item will be permanently equipped in the bottom left corner of your screen. It has three charges by default and is referred to as a Relic. Every time you engage with a Worldstone or lose a combat, these charges reload.

What is Void Heart | Location And Uses in Remnant 2

One of these Relics is called Void Heart, and it can only be obtained by starting a particular story quest in the N’Erud universe. Even though you are certain to visit this world during your playthrough, a different story arc could prevent you from obtaining this Relic.

In Remnant 2, every random planet, including N’Erud, has two entirely distinct plotlines. There is only a 50% chance that you will receive the correct Void Heart tale when you arrive on the planet. If the first place you come to is called “Seeker’s Rest,” you are on your way to finding this Relic in Remnants 2.

As you advance through the mission, a Custodian will appear and instruct you to get the core. Prior to facing the Sha’Hala boss in the Sentinel’s Keep region, you must first locate three Seeker’s Keys. When you return to the Custodian after defeating the boss, he will ask you to complete any unfinished business at N’Erud.

Wait 12 hours after the boss has been eliminated before returning to the Ward 13 hub area. If you used the Override Pin quest item on the terminal just before the world boss or when you were fed at the Nightweaver’s Web event in Remnant 2, you would never be able to view this secret area.

You should now be able to use a Worldstone to quickly travel to the Alepsis-Taura location on N’Erud. If you do this, you’ll find yourself in an empty void of space with no N’Erud in sight. Near the Worldstone, you should notice a purple object. Go over and take it; it’s the Void Heart Relic you require.

Remnant 2: Void Heart | Location and Uses

Void Heart Uses in Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, the Void Heart is a potent relic that, when triggered, grants your character immense life regeneration and reduces incoming damage.

After usage, cuts incoming damage by 50% for four seconds. restores 100% of lost health over 0.75 seconds after the buff expires.

For Support archetype builds in Remnant 2, those seeking a potent healing Relic should give the Void Heart top priority and invest in the necessary upgrades.

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